The Work: New campaigns - UK

Project: Joyride
Client: Opel/Vauxhall
Brief: Develop the new Corsa launch campaign
Creative agency: Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners
Writer: Jon Elsom
Art director: Keith Terry
Planners: Ed Warren, Dan Shute
Media agency: ACT/Carat
Media planner: Helen Adcock
Production company: Outsider
Directors: Dom & Nic
Editor: Struan Clay, Final Cut
Post-production: Framestore CFC
Audio Post-production: Grand Central
Exposure: National TV


The hyperactive cast of stuffed toys are back in Vauxhall's latest campaign for the Corsa.

The 30-second TV ad, created by Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners, focuses on the lengths the pint-sized characters will go to for the car.

The ad opens on a woman sitting in one of the puppet's flat, while the young, knitted bachelor takes a shower. However, when he emerges from the bathroom, he finds that his conquest from the previous night has driven off with his Corsa.

After a rallying "c'mon" cry to his pals, the characters embark on a quest to retrieve the vehicle.

"White" sprints through the sewers, while "Blue" makes his way along a wall. "Moo" and "Cherri" jump on a milk float. "Red", the car's owner, finally takes the lead, but in a rather undignified fashion. He stands in front of the car to stop the thief, but his pants fall to the floor.

Project: Never leave a man behind
Client: Kathryn Swarbrick, Foster's
Brief: Help Foster's win the "cold war" as we head into summer by
refreshing the "shadow" campaign
Creative agency: M&C Saatchi
Writer: Luke Boggins
Art director: Dan McCormack
Planner: Jacqueline Biggs
Media agency: Starcom MediaVest
Production company: RSA
Director: Nick Livesey
Editor: Tony Cairns, Peepshow
Post-production: Framestore CFC
Audio Post-production: Boom
Exposure: National TV


M&C Saatchi's latest campaign for Foster's Super Chilled continues the theme of keeping the beer in the shade to maintain its super-chilled state.

The spot opens on a man standing at a beach bar having just bought a pint of Foster's. In order to keep it cold, he seeks out a path to the beach that will keep his drink in the shade.

In an Indiana Jones-style sprint, he places his beer in the shade of a surfboard. He then leaps over the board, uses the shade of a "no dogs" sign, and then picks up a frisbee with one of his toes, flings it in the air and uses its shadow to get the beer safely to his mates sitting under a beach umbrella.

The spot ends with the line: "Well you wouldn't want a warm beer, would you?"

Project: Gold spot
Client: Darrell Wade, brand communications manager, Pizza Hut
Brief: Create a 60-second cinema spot to place Pizza Hut at the heart of
family fun time, and show that families have more fun when they connect
Creative agency: Wieden & Kennedy London
Writer: Ray Shaughnessy
Art director: Dan Norris
Planner: Stuart Smith
Media agency: Starcom
Media planner: Josie Lyons
Production company: Nexus
Director: Smith & Foulkes
Editor: Smith & Foulkes
Post-production: Nexus
Audio Post-production: Nexus
Exposure: Gold spot cinema ad running before all "U" certificate films
across the UK for one year


Instead of focusing on the actual pizzas, Pizza Hut is celebrating family fun and the experience of spending time at Pizza Hut in its latest campaign.

The 60-second cinema commercial, created by Wieden & Kennedy, uses a quick succession of shots of family photos to depict the fun that families can have in a range of scenarios. The different photos show families enjoying their time together on holiday, playing sport, scuba diving, even beekeeping, and are accompanied by an upbeat soundtrack.

The spot ends on photos of a family enjoying dinner together at Pizza Hut. The strapline, "Family fun since 1958", aims to highlight the role the restaurant has played in bringing families together over the decades.

The commercial will run in UK cinemas before all "U" certificate films.

Project: Mobile internet
Client: Dominic Chambers, head of brand and marketing communications,
Brief: Demonstrate that the internet is now mobile by literally folding
up site and portal homepages all across the web and dropping them into
mobile phones
Creative agency: Dare
Writer: James Cooper
Art directors: Eduardo de Felipe, Dennis Christensen
Planner: Nick Emmel
Media agency: OMD UK
Media planner: Gaetano Squillante
Designers: Will Rose, Steve Whittington, Gavin Leisfield
Exposure: Homepage takeovers, expandables and standard ads across
several sites including Tiscali, MSN, Lycos, and MySpace


Dare has created a digital campaign to promote Vodafone's mobile internet service, which launched last week with a road-block above-the-line campaign.

The campaign includes a website, banner ads and homepage takeover ads to demonstrate how websites can be used via Vodafone handsets.

The takeover ads fold up whole web pages including Yahoo!, and Tiscali and then drop them into an image of a mobile phone to show visitors how the service enables them to "take websites with you".

The banner ads promote Vodafone's tie-ins with media owners including MySpace and Google by using colourful cartoon animations to explain that customers can use the services from their mobile phone.

Finally, the website offers a tour of a fictional street in London. As visitors scroll over the scene, text appears explaining the benefits of mobile internet in everyday life.

Project: Choozers
Client: Stuart Woollford, UK sugar segment leader, Mars
Brief: Launch the new Starburst Choozers and drive trail and awareness
Creative agency: TBWA\London
Writer/art director: Tom Chancellor
Planner: Kate Winter
Media agency: MediaCom
Media planner: Natalie Lee-Joe
Production company: MJZ
Director: Lenny Dorfman
Editor: Richard Orrick, Work
Post-production: The Moving Picture Company
Audio Post-production: Grand Central
Exposure: National/satellite TV


Starburst is tapping into the summer tradition of mucking about in the park to promote its new Choozers brand, and, in particular, the sweets' sticky centre.

The 20-second spot, created by TBWA\London, opens on some teenagers sitting on a bench. By holding their fingers close to their eyes, they create the illusion of their giant digits actually moving people, shrunk by perspective, around the park.

One of the group takes out a Choozer and positions it above a man's head in the distance. When he squeezes the sweet, the liquid centre actually ends up covering the man in red goo. A police warden approaches the man, before licking off the goo. His police radio announces: "New Starburst Choozers, the chews that ooze."

Project: Bar Amstel
Client: Toby Shaw, brand manager, Heineken UK
Brief: Make Amstel famous for encouraging Britain to experience
Amsterdam's egalitarian drinking culture
Creative agency: Karmarama
Writer: Will Flack
Art director: Aaron Wilmer
Planner: Alison Stewart
Media agency: MindShare
Media planner: Simon Lonsdale
Photographer: Ewen Spencer
Photographer's agency Marco Santucci
Retouching: companies Stanley's & Son, Goldenshot
Exposure: National outdoor


Amsterdam's egalitarian drinking culture is the subject of the latest campaign for Amstel.

Karmarama has created a series of posters featuring some oddball characters, which aim to encourage the British to re-enact the uninhibited drinking habits of those in the Dutch capital.

Each poster depicts a scene from a bar, with a neon sign above the revellers flashing "Bar Amstel Welkom". In all three executions, an eclectic mix of drinkers are shown enjoying the beer.

In one, an elderly man is seen enjoying a joke with a busty peroxide blonde. In another, a dolled-up elderly lady is shown with a pint in her hand, while young twentysomethings are chatting in the background.

The posters all carry the line: "Chilled from Amsterdam."

Project: Wrapstar
Client: Jennelle Tilling, vice-president, marketing, KFC
Brief: Launch the Wrapstar as a mess-free lunch
Creative agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty
Writers/art directors: Will Bingham, Victoria Daltry
Planner: Ed Booty
Media agency: Walker Media
Media planner: Louise Roberts
Production company: Another Film Company
Director: James Haworth
Post-production: The Mill
Exposure: National TV, posters


KFC is targeting young city workers who eat lunch on the go with its latest chicken innovation, the Wrapstar.

The meal is backed with an ad that promotes the mess-free Wrapstar as the ideal lunch snack for those whose lives are messy enough already.

The 30-second spot, created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty, focuses on an accident-prone man enduring a particularly disastrous day. First, a flower pot falls on his keyboard, then he gets ink on his face during a presentation, before he spills his coffee after being distracted by an attractive co-worker.

Seeking respite from his disastrous day, the man enjoys a mess-free Wrapstar - before realising he has been eating it while sitting on a freshly painted bench.

Project: Miniature
Client: Vickie Passingham, direct marketing manager, Virgin Trains
Brief: Persuade business customers to take the train next time they
Creative agency: Craik Jones Watson Mitchell Voelkel
Writer: Rob Kavanagh
Art director: Tony Clements
Planner: Claire Croft
Exposure: 50,000 business customers


Virgin Trains is pushing rail travel's green credentials in its latest direct marketing campaign. The mailer is aimed at persuading business customers to do their bit for the environment by taking the train.

Craik Jones Watson Mitchell Voelkel has produced a pack to promote the assertion that train travel is far less harmful to the environment than flying or driving. Each of the pack's elements appear in miniature, from the small red envelope to the pint-sized letter and leaflet inside.

The envelope reads: "Shrink your CO2 emissions big time." Inside, a letter informs readers why trains are a greener way to travel, and explains that "you'll see your CO2 emissions drop by an astonishing 76 per cent".

Project: Beck's Fusions
Client: Richard Ingram, Beck's marketing manager, InBev UK
Brief: Announce the Beck's Fusions event in Trafalgar Square, where fine
artists will perform with recording artists
Creative agency: Leo Burnett London
Writers/art directors: Nick Pringle, Clark Edwards
Planner: Damien McKeown
Media agency: Starcom
Media planner: Terri Youngman
Exposure: National press


Leo Burnett has created a print campaign to promote events commissioned by Beck's and the Institute of Contemporary Arts. Projections from new artists will be shown alongside tracks from up-and-coming musicians.

Each execution focuses on a different genre of music and features characters made up of objects from the worlds of art (such as paint and easels) and music (such as guitars and microphones) to highlight the fusion of the two creative fields.

The posters carry the text "music and art unite" and give details of the events.