The Work: New campaigns - UK

Project: BBC Wimbldeon
Clients: Louisa Fyans, head of marketing and communications; Karen
Potterton, marketing manager, BBC Sport
Brief: Promote the BBC's coverage of the world's most famous tennis
Creative agency: Red Bee Media
Writer: Jim Dezoete
Art director: Marcus Jones
Planner: n/s
Media agency: n/a
Media planner: n/a
Production company: Bang
Director: Justin Klarenbeck @ Great Guns
Editor: Tim Hardy, Cut & Run
Post-production: Framestore CFC
Exposure: BBC TV channels


By using some crafty editing techniques, Red Bee Media has created an ad in which Roger Federer and other tennis greats appear to be playing each other in a continuous rallly.

The 30-second TV spot, promoting the BBC's coverage of the Wimbledon lawn tennis tournament, is directed by Justin Klarenbeck and features tennis stars including John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg, Serena Williams and Boris Becker among others. It seamlessly patches together shots of young Wimbledon hopefuls and footage from the great matches of yesteryear.

The spot replaces an ad that pitched Britain's Andy Murray, who pulled out of the tournament through injury, against the greatest in tennis talent.

The new version, which will be airing on all of the BBC's channels, ends with McEnroe delivering the strapline "Where greatness awaits" to highlight that the TV and radio coverage begins on the 25 June.

O2 - THE O2
Project: The O2
Client: Sally Cowdry, UK marketing director, O2
Brief: Relaunch the Millennium Dome as a leading entertainment
destination and the greatest manifestation of the brand strategy, that
O2 gives its customers better experiences by offering them priority
tickets to events at The O2
Creative agency: VCCP
Writer: Ken Taylor
Art director: Gavin MacDonald
Planner: Sophie Maunder
Media agency: ZenithOptimedia
Media planner: Lucy Mullan
Production company: Blink Productions
Exposure: National TV


O2, together with the entertainment company AEG Europe, is spending £6.5 million on advertising to back the relaunch of the Millennium Dome as The O2. The cross-media campaign will target O2 customers to inform them of the benefits they can receive at the venue. It will also raise awareness of the site and upcoming events.

Teaser ten-second TV ads have set the scene to be followed by a 40-second spot that mixes the O2 brand image with film and photography of London. This is backed by a press campaign, instore presence and taxi activity.

O2 is also introducing The Big Blue Ticket Hunt, which involves getting people to find blue tickets which will be placed across locations in London. People finding tickets will be offered VIP experiences at The O2.

Project: C-Class launch
Client: Richard Payne, communications manager, Mercedes-Benz Passenger
Cars UK
Brief: Launch the new C-Class, following the campaign idea of "serene
Creative agencies: Zulu, Agency Republic
Writer: Alistair Campbell
Art director: Richard Hale
Planner: Alex Huzzey
Media agency: BJK&E
Media planner: BJK&E
Exposure: Online


Agency Republic has created a website,, promoting the launch of the new C-Class Mercedes. The campaign aims to position the marque as the ultimate driving experience by using interactive games based around the car's individual qualities.

The website opens on a black screen and in the centre are six overlapping circles in a rainbow of bright colours labelled "space", "energy", "simplicity", "interaction", "confidence" and "balance".

Clicking on the circles takes you through to different games. The "energy" game encourages users to fling a red ball at four other balls in a line, much like the Newton's Cradle desk toy. Once the balls have finished moving, text appears explaining the benefits of the marque's range of fuel-efficient engines.

In the "interaction" game, promoting the car's voice-controlled multimedia system, the user has to navigate an orange circle around an invisible maze assisted by directions from a computerised voice.

Project: Believe in Children
Client: Andrew Nebel, director of marketing and communications,
Brief: Launch Believe in Children
Creative agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty
Writers/art directors: Nick Gill, Mark Reddy, Caroline Pay
Planner: Catriona Berry
Media agency: John Ayling & Associates
Media planner: Deidre Macnair
Production company: Rattling Stick
Director: Andy McLeod
Editor: Jim Allen
Post-production: Big Bouy
Audio Post-production: Wave
Exposure: Online


Bartle Bogle Hegarty has created a provocative online campaign to launch Barnardo's new "Believe in Children" brand positioning. The online film and supporting press and poster ads aim to promote the Barnardo's philosophy of supporting the UK's most vulnerable children.

The online film, entitled the "F**k Off Story", focuses on a conversation between a counsellor and a child. During the discussion, the child stares at the floor and we discover that he's been through numerous foster parents and social workers, all of whom he's told to "F**k Off." The counsellor then asks: "But what about Barnardo's?" The boy replies: "I told them to f**k off too." He then looks up and says: "But they didn't."

The spot ends with the strapline: "If we don't give up, it's because we believe in children."

Project: Oh so origami
Client: Helen Nott, marketing manager, Whiskas
Brief: Illustrate that Whiskas' "Oh so" range contains whole chunks of
meat or fish
Creative agency: TBWA\London
Writer: Ollie Kellett
Art director: Alex Holder
Planner: Kate Winter
Media planner: ZenithOptimedia
Media buyer: MediaCom
Photographer: Rankin
Retouching: company E Graphics
Exposure: National press, in-store, online, DM


Whiskas, the brand that famously once claimed it was the meal of choice for eight out of ten cats, is back with a national print campaign by TBWA\London.

The "Oh so" campaign comprises five intricately folded origami animals, each made from the packaging of a different flavour of Whiskas.

Photographed by Rankin, the animals are set against a plain, softly tinted backdrop, with delicate touches including a daisy in the mouth of the cow and a nest for the chicken. The ads aim to show how feeding your feline tasty food is part of a loving relationship between a cat and its owner.

The campaign launches on 29 June and will run for ten weeks across press, in-store, online and DM channels.

Project: Product of the year
Client: Nathan Homer, brand manager, Fairy
Brief: Create an ad that celebrates Fairy Active Bursts' winning of the
Dishwasher Product of the Year and demonstrate its brilliant cleaning
and commitment to innovation
Creative agency: Grey London
Writers/art directors Graham Painter, Raf Donato
Planner: Ollie Gilmore
Media agency: ZenithOptimedia
Media planner: Tony Robinson
Production company: Production International
Directors: Paul Shammasian, Ludwig Shammasian
Exposure: TV, press


Fairy is promoting the fact that its Active Bursts dishwasher tablets have been voted the 2007 Dishwasher Product of the Year in its latest TV ad.

The 20-second commercial features distorted images of some of the consumers who voted for the product reflected in various items of glistening silverware.

The spot opens on a man's image gleaming on a spoon. A succession of other reflections then follow, with various people appearing on sparkling clean crockery, pans and cutlery.

A voiceover then says: "Thousands of people have seen the brilliant cleaning power of Fairy Active Bursts ... and in an independent survey, voted it 2007 Dishwasher Product of the Year. Have you tried it yet?"

Project: Feel right at home with MFI
Client: Michael Greenhalgh, marketing director, MFI
Brief: What actually goes on in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. MFI's
ideas and designs help people get more out of their homes
Creative agency: M&C Saatchi
Writer: Dave Williams
Art director: Richard Conner
Planner: Bridget McCann
Media agency: ZenithOptimedia
Media planner: Adrian Marks
Production company: Happy
Directors: Richard Farmer, Guy Shelmerdine
Post-production: The Moving Picture Company
Exposure: National TV


It's all kicked off at MFI. These spots from M&C Saatchi are several stratospheres away from the sofa shots and price cuts we're accustomed to from furniture store ads. Instead, we see gritty real-life domestic drama unfold.

One of the ads opens on a couple in a bathroom. A topless man looks sheepish as his wife berates him for leaving the toilet seat up. The frenzied dialogue reaches a climax when, all of a sudden, a salesman walks in and the camera pans back to reveal the rest of the store.

In another ad, a teenage girl is interrogated by her mum after arriving home late. Only when she retires to her room do we realise that the set is more rickety than an episode of Crossroads and the drama is taking place inside an MFI showroom.

The final message is: "At MFI, you'll feel right at home."

Project: Best of British
Client: Neil Stead, marketing manager, direct marketing, Waitrose
Brief: Increase summer sales, especially of seasonal British produce
Creative agency: Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw
Writer: Ben Golik
Art director: Phil Wyatt
Planner: Amanda Griffiths
Photographer: Gerrit Buntrock
Exposure: Direct mail to primary, secondary and warm Waitrose customers


Waitrose is promoting its seasonal summer produce in its latest DM campaign. The picnic-themed pack is designed to encourage customers to enjoy the supermarket's food in the great British outdoors.

Included is a poster of a picnic blanket adorned with images of homegrown seasonal produce from Waitrose. On the reverse side of the poster, there is a montage of the best picnicking spots in the UK.

The mailer also invites targeted customers to take part in a competition to win Waitrose hampers, as well as driving recipients to, where they can enter the competition and sign up for updates of the supermarket's latest seasonal produce.