The Work: New campaigns - UK

Project: Droplet
Client: Joao Campos, marketing director, Unilever
Brief: Launch the new Surf Essential Oils
Creative agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty
Writer: Justin Moore
Art director: Steve Robertson
Planner: Ben Jenkins
Media planner: Nick Beford
Media agency: MindShare
Production company: Passion
Director: Pete Candeland
Editors: Dan Greenway, Jamie Foord, Passion Pictures
Post-production: Moving Picture Company
Audio Post-production: Wave
Exposure: TV in UK, Republic of Ireland


Tranquil shots of colourful flowers, flapping butterflies and dripping water droplets make up Bartle Bogle Hegarty's latest TV spot for Surf, which ends with the line: "Indulge your washing."

The ad promotes Surf's latest product launch: Essential Oils. The detergent, which is infused with oils to make the washing aromatic, comes in three lines: Lavender, Oriental Blossom, and Tropical and Sunshine.

Viewers are introduced to a scene of colour and beauty when the ad opens in a Japanese garden, which is resplendent with trees, little streams and picturesque bridges. As the shot blurs, it becomes apparent, as the camera pans back, that it was filming from inside a water droplet.

Project: Smile inside
Client: Helen Russell, brand manager, Procter & Gamble
Brief: Launch Fibresure in the UK holistically
Creative agency: Publicis
Writer: Roger Rex
Art director: Roger Sealey
Planner: Stacy Takaki
Media agency: Starcom
Media planner: n/s
Production company: Watertight Productions
Director: Mark Silk
Editor: Joel Miller
Post-production: Rushes
Audio Post-production: 750mph
Exposure: National TV, in-store, online


Procter & Gamble is launching a dietary supplement called Fibresure with a campaign by Publicis London.

The tasteless vegetable fibre supplement dissolves completely in water and can be added to almost any food or drink.

The campaign positions the product as part of a daily wellbeing regime, rather than as a corrective health supplement. The 30-second ad shows a series of happy, energetic women floating in water and dancing in time to the track I Could Be Happy by Altered Images.

Carre Noir, the Publicis Groupe design agency, also created the packaging design and the point-of-sale for the brand.

Project: Wonder Room
Client: Sally Scott, marketing director, Selfridges
Brief: Launch the Wonder Room at Selfridges
Creative agency: Beattie McGuinness Bungay
Writer: Pat Burns
Art director: Gav McGrath
Planner: Aimee Luther
Media agency: MediaCom
Media planner: n/s
Illustrator: Florence Manlic
Exposure: Local newsagents, press, outdoor


At the end of August, Selfridges is launching a luxury emporium called the Wonder Room.

The department store is promoting the opening with a campaign from Beattie McGuinness Bungay that is billed as the largest classified campaign ever created.

It includes hundreds of hand-written cards, which will be placed in local newsagents, appealing for mythical items, such as a pair of breeding unicorns, magic beans and a phoenix egg, for the department.

The newsagent campaign is supported by a series of illustrated press ads, and will peak with a special-build poster site on Cromwell Road in London.

Project: Launch campaign
Client: Adrian Troy, head of marketing, AG Barr
Brief: Strathmore will invigorate your mind and body
Creative agency: The Leith Agency
Writer: Mark Davies
Art director: Michael Kinlan
Planner: David Amers
Media agency: PHD North
Media planner: Karen Light
Production company: MTP
Director: Martin Wedderburn
Editor: Simon Cull, Serious Facilities
Post-production: Smoke & Mirrors
Audio Post-production: Savalas, Red Facilities, Jungle
Exposure: National TV


This launch ad for Strathmore spring water is a cross between the music video for It's Like That by Run DMC vs Jason Nevins and a rhythmic gymnastics routine, with a little bit of Braveheart thrown in for good measure.

The 30-second spot shows a group of young people, many of whom are wearing tartan, standing around a dance mat.

As they look on, a girl brandishing a bottle of Strathmore begins to perform an energetic routine to a stomping bagpipe soundtrack. Amid a flurry of spins, skips and leaps, a constant stream of water, resembling a gymnast's ribbon, pours from the bottle and leaves a trail. The watching gang then join in and perform their own explosive moves.

Project: Early bookers
Client: Vicky Hales, 1-2-1 marketing manager, Virgin Holidays
Brief: Encourage existing and potential Virgin Holidays customers to
request a brochure or book a holiday for summer 2008
Creative agency: Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw
Writer: Jim Dye
Art director: Roxie Messenger
Planner: Amanda Griffiths
Illustration: Gary Newman
Exposure: Direct mail sent to 65,000 existing and potential customers


This year's summer has been a bit of a washout thanks to the shoddy weather, which is why Virgin Holidays is now encouraging families to book next year's summer holidays early in its latest direct-mail drive.

The pack, created by Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw, highlights the added extras available on a Virgin holiday, in order to encourage holidaymakers to go to the website ( or call for a brochure.

The pack contains a sheet of stickers of assorted holiday paraphernalia, including a car, cocktails, shopping bags and a speedboat. Consumers are encouraged to "create their ideal 2008 holiday" by peeling and arranging the stickers on the beach scene provided.

Project: Microbounce
Client: Frith Hucks, global media manager, Adidas
Brief: Show the benefits of the new Adidas shoe
Creative agency: Glue London
Writers/art directors: Adam King, Lewis Raven
Planner: Stuart Parkinson
Media agency: Isobar
Media planner: Roly Elliot
Designers: Matt Verity, Joe Burke
Exposure: Online


Glue London has created a digital campaign for the launch of the new Adidas Microbounce shoe.

A series of interactive banners and skyscrapers on social networking, lifestyle and sports sites allow visitors to interact with animated characters that are styled on the small air pockets found in the soles of the trainers.

Using the mouse, users can make the characters bounce and shake around on the page. One execution features a game that is similar to the old arcade classic Breakout, in which the shock absorbers must be prevented from hitting the floor via the use of a paddle.

Client: Razvan Bosomoiu, marketing manager, Dunlop EU and EMEA, Goodyear
Dunlop Tyres Europe BV
Brief: Redesign website to elevate content and improve user experience
Creative agency: Agency Republic
Writers: Abe Baginsky, Tarn Gordon-Rogers
Art director: Richard Hale
Planner: Agency Republic
Designer: James Dow
Exposure: Online


Dunlop is relaunching its website, which provides petrolheads with an online resource of driving clips. The campaign promotes Dunlop's range of high-performance tyres by engaging driving enthusiasts with high-octane video footage.

The site, which was designed by Agency Republic, allows users to upload and view their own videoclips, as well as download and rate the bitesize videos that are streamed on the site. The portal offers a wide range of clips, including car stunts, motorcycle crashes and interviews with racing champions. In one clip, a stuntman locks a car into a spin, jumps out and changes one of the tyres while the vehicle is still spinning.

Project: AW07 brand campaign
Clients: Jeremy Hackett, chairman and founder; Michael Sondag, creative
director; Rachel Day, marketing manager, Hackett
Brief: Launch the autumn/winter 2007 clothing range
Creative agency: In-house
Writer: In-house
Art director: In-house
Media agency: ZenithOptimedia
Media planner: Alice Brady
Photographers: Magnus Reed, Stephen Hayward
Photographers' agency: Ellison Lee
Exposure: Outdoor in 15 territories worldwide


Hackett London is launching its autumn/winter 2007 clothing range with a poster campaign complete with tennis theme and a new face of the brand.

The company has enlisted the talents of the British actor Matthew Goode, who has appeared in films such as Woody Allen's Match Point, as well as being cast in a lead role in the upcoming remake of Brideshead Revisited.

Shot in the grounds of a Georgian estate in Hampshire, the ads were inspired by images of the "smart set" from the 50s and 60s that were taken by photographers such as David Bailey and Terence Donovan.

Project: Launch the Nissan X-Trail All Mode 4x4i
Client: Oliver Spalding, interactive manager, Nissan
Brief: Illustrate what the Nissan X-Trail All Mode 4x4i is capable of in
hazardous driving conditions
Creative agency: Weapon7
Writer/art director: David Howlett
Planner: Mark Brown
Media agency: Manning Gottlieb OMD
Media planners: Claire Marker, Vicky Knapp
Production company: Mikros
Director: Albert Kodagolian
Post-production: Weapon7
Audio Post-production: 750mph
Exposure: National TV


Weapon7 has created an interactive TV campaign for the launch of the Nissan X-Trail All Mode 4x4i. While the TV ad demonstrates what the vehicle can do, the interactive element allows viewers to find out more about the driving experience the new model provides.

When viewers press the interactive button on their remote controls, they are taken to a piece of film that shows the X-Trail as it descends ravines, traverses tundra and powers over muddy ground. As the film progresses, viewers can use the buttons on their remotes to access further information about how the Nissan handles in extreme driving conditions.