The Work: New campaigns - UK

Project: Mum's own recipe
Client: Louise Radcliffe, marketing director for infant feeding, HJ
Heinz Co
Brief: "Mum's own recipe" is inspired by mums, but cooked by Heinz
Creative agency: McCann Erickson
Writer: Cameron Mitchell
Art director: Elliot Harris
Planner: Nikki Crumpton
Media agency: Vizeum
Media planner: Paul Hutchison
Production company: MJZ
Director: Lenny Dorfman
Editor: Leo King, Cut & Run
Post-production: The Mill
Audio Post-production: 750mph
Exposure: National TV


Heinz has collected hundreds of recipes from mums across the UK, and has used them as the inspiration for its new range of "Mum's own" baby foods.

Backing the launch of the new line is a 30-second spot created by McCann Erickson.

The ad begins with two mums pushing their prams through a park. As they pass each other, their babies exchange a note. The ad progresses with a series of rapid-cut vignettes, in locations such as buses, alleys and shop doorways, all of which show toddlers exchanging these folded pieces of paper.

The ad ends with a woman using one of the recipes, while a voiceover intones: "The best recipes are always passed around."

Project: Ben & Jerry's heritage
Client: Antonia Kaul, European Union marketing manager, Ben & Jerry's
Brief: Celebrate the brand's rich history of ice-cream
Creative agency: Fallon London
Writers/art directors: Dan Watts, Rory McCaskill
Planner: Gareth Goodhall
Media agency: MindShare
Media planner: Gary Jones
Production company: BBOX
Director: Lenny Dorfman
Editor: Matt Kitchin
Post-production: Big Buoy
Audio Post-production: Tony @ Wave
Exposure: Cinema


When Fallon was briefed to create work that celebrated Ben & Jerry's rich history, it was lamented that it couldn't get the entire history of the company into a 30-second ad. Fallon, however, viewed this as a challenge.

So, in this spot, the agency uses extremely fast cuts of still images, which vary from pictures of the founders (as babies in the beginning) to pictures of cows, sandwiches and the cow mobile, while a speedy American-style voiceover blasts short snippets of company history over the top.

Project: Tango's been in rehab
Client: Sally Symes, senior brand manager, Britvic Soft Drinks
Brief: Communicate that Tango is now free from artificial colours and
Creative agency: CHI & Partners
Writer: Ed Edwards
Art director: Dave Masterman
Planner: Ben Southgate
Media agency: MindShare
Media planner: Darius Karvassioun
Designer: Kylie McLean
Exposure: National weekly and monthly magazines


Following in the footsteps of a great many "celebrities", from Pete Doherty to Lindsay Lohan, Tango has been in rehab. The brand, which was always a little bit of a wild child, has been out of our consciousness for a while undergoing some cleansing changes. But now it is back, and wants us to know that it no longer uses artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives.

Supporting the changes to the Tango recipe, CHI & Partners has created a set of poster executions that take the form of rehabilitation certificates from three separate drying-out clinics.

For example, Orange Tango has been to The Beryl Ford Clinic. It is now a certified "reformed character, and is no longer using artificial colours or flavourings".

Project: Moisturising shaving system
Client: Gary Raucher, vice-president and head of marketing
communications, Philips
Brief: Encourage guys to discover more about Philips' moisturising
shaving system
Creative agency: DDB London
Writer: Dave Newbold
Art director: Mark Thompson
Planner: Matt Dyke
Media agency: Carat
Media planners: Matt Bamford-Bows, Leo Lucas, Jodie Stranger, Kevin
Production company: Short Films
Director: Bruno Aveillan
Exposure: TV


Coming on like a state-of-the-art Hollywood take on a Manga cartoon, the most recent Philips ad, created by DDB, promotes the company's latest innovation, an electric razor that moisturises.

The 60-second spot features a female robot, complete with protuberant robo-boobs, who sensually caresses the hair from a man's face while he takes a shower.

The campaign, backed by online, experiential and point-of-sale promotions, is aiming to prove to lads in their twenties electric shavers are not just for old men.

The ad begins with the "fembot" fixing the razor into her hand. She turns on the shower and awaits the hunk's appearance. Once he is wet, she rubs his face in a less-than-erotic fashion. He emerges clean-shaven.

Project: Edge
Client: Vanessa Miner, marketing and communications director, Edge
Brief: Challenge parental prejudices on the choices children make
Creative agency: Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy
Writer: Richard Stoney
Art director: Dave Hobbs
Planner: Mary Tucker
Media agency: PHD
Media planner: Julian Smith
Production company: Sonny London
Director: Fredrik Bond
Editor: Tim Thornton-Allan, Marshall Street Editors
Post-production: The Mill
Exposure: National TV, print, online


Edge is a government-backed scheme attempting to re-educate parents on the opportunities for higher education that are available to school-leavers.

It challenges the perception that university is the most important post-school education path by highlighting other vocational qualifications available.

Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy has created the first campaign for the business, which launches with a TV spot. The work begins with a clearly worried teenager taking a driving lesson with his dad, who is telling him what to do.

As the ad progresses, the father's directions get more erratic as he tells his son to jump lanes, nudge cars out of the way and cut up other drivers.

It ends with the lad driving the wrong way up a dual carriageway as lines of text explaining Edge's service pop up on screen.

Project: Privilege sponsorship TV idents
Client: James Sturrock, Privilege car marketing manager, RBS Insurance
Brief: Promote Privilege car insurance through the tagline "You don't
have to be posh to be privileged", and through its association with
Jamie at Home
Creative agency: M&C Saatchi
Writer: Alan Jarvie
Art director: Alan Jarvie
Media agency: SponsorCom
Production company: Wanted Films
Director: Anthony Easton
Editor: Joel Miller, Cut & Run
Post-production: The Moving Picture Company
Audio Post-production: Jungle
Exposure: National TV


M&C Saatchi has produced a set of idents for Privilege car insurance for its sponsorship of the new cookery programme featuring Jamie Oliver, called Jamie at Home.

Starring Nigel Havers, the ten-second spots show The Charmer star and his glamorous wife sitting at a huge posh-looking dinner table in a posh dining room enjoying a "posh meal". However, as soon as Havers opens his mouth, it becomes apparent that he's a cheeky cockney and not a toff.

In "fois gras" he complains of being sick of the delicacy and would prefer a pie with mushy peas.

Project: BT Directories Outdoor
Clients: Nicky Stannett, senior advertising and communications manager;
Emily Goldsmith, advertising and promotions executive, BT Directories
Brief: Promote the new BT Phone Book
Creative agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
Writer: Gary Walker
Art director: Huw Williams
Planner: Aileen Ross
Media agency: Source
Media planner: Barry Louth
Photographer: Sue Parkhill
Exposure: National posters


Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO has created six poster executions for BT's Phone Book.

Each focuses on a situation where making the right phone call is of the utmost importance. Some of the posters, such as "eating out", which shows a plate with alphabet spaghetti spelling out the question "how about eating out?", focus on the smaller services that the book offers.

However, "plasterer", which shows a ceiling with the question "need a plasterer?" cracked into it, highlights some of the larger emergencies that people face.

Project: The X Factor sponsorship
Clients: Tristia Clarke, director of comms; Dominic Rowell, UK marketing
director; Lauren Vosper, sponsorship manager, Carphone Warehouse Brief
Promote Carphone Warehouse's sponsorship of ITV's The X Factor.
Creative agency: CHI & Partners
Writers: Rick Standley, Tom Skinner
Art directors: Rick Standley, Tom Skinner, Thiago De Moraes (digital)
Media agency: Matters Media
Exposure: Online, national TV


CHI & Partners has taken the idents format a step further for Carphone Warehouse's sponsorship of ITV's The X Factor by making them interactive.

The ten-second spots are based around a bunch of animated characters called "mowblies", who are designed to look a little like pop stars.

After the first show, viewers will be encouraged to visit a microsite, www.carphonewarehouse/xfactor, where they will be given the lyrics to a popular song and a freephone number, on which they can record their own rendition. The 16 best entries will be synced to the mowblies in the idents as the programme progresses.

Project: Citroen cool special editions
Client: Neil Starling, direct marketing manager, Citroen UK
Brief: Promote Citroen's cool special editions range
Creative agency: Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw
Copywriter: James Vigar
Art director: Paul Davies
Planner: Phil Cragg
Designer: Brad Saunders
Exposure: Direct mail


As summer finally makes it to England, Citroen is promoting special-edition "cool" versions of its C1, C2, C3 and C4 models.

The cars have a number of added extras, including automatic headlamps and wipers, electric windows, alloy wheels and air-conditioning.

Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw has created a direct marketing pack that is shaped and wrapped to look like an ice-lolly. The pack, which is being sent to Citroen owners and prospective buyers, offers test drives and the chance to win a £3,000 holiday voucher.