The Work: New campaigns - UK

118 118 - WINTER
Project: Winter
Client: Catherine Boyd, senior marketing manager, 118 118
Brief: Illustrate 118 118's range of services, including its new text
service, in a winter-themed campaign
Creative agency: WCRS
Writer: Steve Hawthorne
Art director: Katy Hopkins
Planner: Lynette Poh
Media agency: OMD
Media planner: Rebecca Burke
Production company: La Pac
Director: Maurice Barthelemy
Editor: La Pac
Post-production: Golden Square
Audio Post-production: Wave
Exposure: TV, outdoor, radio


The eccentric 118 118 duo are bringing in the New Year on the slopes of the French ski resort, Serre Chevalier. The campaign comprises five TV spots, which illustrate the range of new 118 118 services, including the two-way text facility that allows users to correspond with the service via text message.

This is demonstrated in one execution, in which the duo attempts to settle a debate by calling the number. They then spot a sign warning of a potential avalanche and requesting silence. Texting 118 118, they eagerly wait for their response. But the mobile phone's loud beeps set off the avalanche, leaving the pair scrambling for cover.

The main campaign breaks this week, and is supported by radio and outdoor.

Project: How to make a smoothie innocent
Client: Sarah Gamble, campaign manager, Innocent Drinks
Brief: Show all the things that go into an Innocent smoothie: the
product, the people and the principles
Creative agency: Lowe London
Writers/art directors: Steve Paskin, Dan Germain
Planner: Tracey Follows
Media agency: Rocket PHD
Production company: Another Film Company
Director: Blac Ionica
Post-production: Another Film Company
Exposure: TV, press, digital


Innocent Drinks starts the year with a new campaign entitled: "How do you make a smoothie innocent?"

The campaign focuses on the number of fresh ingredients that go into the smoothies, the new recyclable bottle they come in, and also features the characters of those who source the fruit.

The endline, which was previously "nothing but nothing but fruit", has been replaced by "innocent by nature".

The campaign breaks in January, and features two 30-second TV spots, as well as print and digital advertising.

Project: Regional campaign
Client: Graham Gordon, local marketing manager, Waitrose
Brief: Encourage people to visit their local Waitrose branch and promote
health and wellbeing throughout January
Creative agency: Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw
Writer: Simon Martin
Art director: Des Morgan
Planner: Chris Ridd
Media agency: Manning Gottlieb OMD
Media planner: Caroline Clear
Photographer: Steve Hoskins
Photographer's agency: Angela Woods
Retouching: company Steve Hoskins
Exposure: Press, online banners


Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw has unveiled its first work of 2008 for Waitrose. The press ads tap into the detoxifying spirit of January, promoting health and wellbeing. Using a theme of colours in the work, the press ads draw distinctions between colours of fruit and vegetables, and their health effects on body and mind.

The campaign is supported by radio, point of sale and a website (, where customers can download a healthy diet pocket plan and get discounts on relevant foods until 29 January.

Project: Celebrity breaks
Client: Dave Goodchild, managing director, Bauer Publishing
Brief: Maintain Take A Break's position as number one in the women's
weekly market
Creative agency: Mustoes
Writer: John Merriman
Art director: John Merriman
Planner: Andrew Leavy
Media agency: Mediaedge:cia
Media planner: Will Saunders
Production company: Feel Films
Director: Matt Carter
Editor: Louise MacGregor, Peepshow
Post-production: Prime Focus
Audio Post-production: Envy
Exposure: National TV


Mustoes' new campaign for Bauer's Take A Break sees the celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott rock up to a greasy-spoon cafe and take over cooking duties, leaving the usual cook to relax with a cup of tea and a copy of the magazine.

The other execution features the How Clean Is Your House? stars Kim and Aggie turning up to relieve an office night cleaner of her duties.

This campaign is focused on loyal and occasional readers, as well as targeting newcomers to the sector. It aims to help Take A Break retain its position as a leading women's weekly publication.

Project: Are you sexy enough to be in the new ITV1 soap?
Client: Jackie Randhawa, brand controller, drama and soaps, ITV1
Brief: Create a buzz online about ITV1's two unique new shows
Creative agency: Dare
Creative team: Laura Fisher, Miranda Abbs
Planner: Nathaniel Hill
Designer: Will Rose
Producers: Mizzy Harris, Joe Rae Chodan
Production company: Dare
Director: Dave McNulty


Dare's new website for ITV1 coincides with Bartle Bogle Hegarty's first work since winning the account in October. It is based on the channel's two interlinked dramas Echo Beach, a new soap, and Moving Wallpaper, a satire about the writing of the soap.

The website allows users to upload a photo of themselves to appear on the show's poster alongside Jason Donovan and Martine McCutcheon. Once uploaded, the poster is inspected by the show's truculent producer Jonathan Pope, who barks his thoughts in no uncertain terms before unceremoniously removing the poster. A sign-off appears, reading: "You've had an audience with the Pope."

Project: Beautiful destruction
Client: Mike Tildesley, marketing director, Direct Line
Brief: Reinforce Direct Line's leadership in the personal insurance
market by tapping into the emotional need for insurance
Creative agency: M&C Saatchi
Writer: David Anderson
Art director: Ian Brassett
Planner: Howard Miller
Media agency: MediaCom
Media planner: Nigel Robinson
Production company: SERIOUS
Director: John Pardue
Editor: The Moving Picture Company
Post-production: The Moving Picture Company
Audio Post-production: Jungle
Exposure: UK National TV


Gone is the chirpy red phone on wheels in Direct Line's latest work from M&C Saatchi. Instead, a soft jazz remix of its jingle plays as a ton of bricks fall from the sky and destroys a car underneath it. The voiceover explains the terms on offer for motorists suffering car destruction, vandalism and uninsured drivers.

In another ad, a demolition ball gently smashes through a brick wall in slow motion. The ad explains why Direct Line is not on any price-comparison websites.

The ads are part of a wider campaign that will run throughout the year alerting people to the importance of car insurance, marking a move away from traditional market price comparisons.

Project: Global Berocca
Client: Bayer Consumer Care
Brief: Show how Berocca is a multivitamin effervescent that helps you
think smarter and act faster
Creative agency: JWT London
Writers: Greg Martin, Mike McKenna
Art directors: Mike McKenna, Greg Martin
Planner: Jennifer Baldwin
Illustrator: Nishant Choksi
Exposure: Business press, including F160 Celebrating 60 years of Formula


JWT's new ad for Berocca runs as people return bleary-eyed to their desks after the Christmas holidays. It shows a mouse outwitting a scientist after sampling the substance under lab conditions. The message projects how Berocca makes you think more sharply. Designed as a two-frame comic strip, the ads will run globally in the business press.

Project: Chocolate letter
Client: Anthony Miller, head of media development, Royal Mail
Brief: Demonstrate direct mail's unique ability to engage the senses
Creative agency: Proximity London
Writer: Marcus Iles
Art director: Duncan Gray
Planner: Mark Hancock
Designer/photographer: Alex Normanton
Exposure: Business-to-business direct mail to 1,000+ UK businesses

THE LOWDOWN Proximity London's new work for Royal Mail is a mailout made entirely out of chocolate.

The pack consists of a chocolate letter containing a carefully engraved, personalised message and a brochure with a heat-sensitive cover. The pack will be sent to 1,000 top UK businesses and their creative agencies, and aims to demonstrate how direct mail can be more effective than other channels in engaging all five senses.

Project: Style Slam
Client: Carolyn Managh, brand director, eBay
Brief: Regenerate awareness of eBay among its existing users
Creative agency: Albion
Writer: Aime Lewis
Art director: Liz Moss
Planner: Matt Harrison
Production company: Harmony Park
Designers: Joe Holt, Camille Bozzini
Exposure: Facebook users


Albion has developed a campaign for eBay that aims to reconnect with existing users who have not used the service in some time. It consists of a Facebook application making sure that users "don't forget eBay".

The application, called Style Slam, allows users to create an avatar and then dress them using items that are up for auction on eBay. Users can then share their wardrobe taste with other friends in their network and connect directly to eBay through a link.

The application aims to highlight how eBay is at the forefront of the latest technological and social interaction, and follows on from last year's TV work, which advertised eBay products in real time.