The Work: New campaigns - UK

Project: Problem playground
Client: Ian Armstrong, manager customer communications, Honda UK
Brief: Showcase Honda's environmental credentials
Creative agency: Wieden & Kennedy
Writer: Sam Heath
Art director: Frank Ginger
Planner: Paul Colman
Media agency: Starcom
Media planner: Martin Lalich-Newman
Production company: Partizan
Director: Antoine Bardou-Jacquet
Editor: Bill Smeadley
Post-production: The Mill
Audio Post-production: Parv Thind, Wave Studios
Exposure: TV


Wieden & Kennedy's new TV commercial for Honda is the centre of its 2008 brand campaign.

The 90-second spot (supported by three 30-second variants) demonstrates how Honda is overcoming the problems in making its products more environmentally friendly.

It opens on an army of Honda workers, who, in quick-motion, build a sculpture of its hybrid engine using thousands of Rubik's Cubes. They then head outdoors to tackle further puzzles, such as building energy-efficient solar panels. Even adding sugar to their cups of tea proves an exercise in problem-solving, with the chain reaction of the sequence showing shades of "cog".

Finally, the workers begin building a gigantic jigsaw model of the first hydrogen-powered zero emissions vehicle. The voiceover explains that when you love solving things, "every problem becomes a playground".

Project: Commentators
Client: Rita Broe, European head of brand, MasterCard
Brief: Increase brand awareness of MasterCard by leveraging its
sponsorship of Euro 2008
Creative agency: McCann Erickson London
Writer: Johnny Skinner
Art directors: Jason Stewart, Ben Brazier
Planner: David O'Hanlon
Media agency: Universal McCann
Production company: Smiths & Son
Director: Ulf Johansson
Exposure: TV


To support its sponsorship of Euro 2008, MasterCard has enlisted a pair of lively football commentators.

Commentating on a match, the duo speak furiously in a variety of European languages. When a goal is scored and the crowd cheers, the supposedly impartial commentators join in the celebrations.

As one leaps up and spills coffee on his computer, the caption reads "laptop £800". When the other does a little dance, the caption reads "salsa lessons £150". The final line reads: "A fan first and foremost: Priceless."

The TV spot will run across Europe until the end of June.

Project: Orange "gold spot"
Client: Rachel Macbeth, head of advertising and design, Orange UK
Brief: Remind cinema-goers to turn their mobile phones off before the
start of a film
Creative agency: Mother
Writer: Mother
Art director: Mother
Planner: Mother
Media agency: Initiative
Media planner: Sean Pattison
Production company: Hungry Man
Director: Brian Buckley
Editor: John Smith
Post-production: Glassworks
Exposure: Cinema


The American rapper Snoop Dogg stars alongside the Orange Film Board's Mr Dresden and his sidekick Elliot in the mobile network's latest "gold spot" from Mother.

The spot opens on Snoop rapping into a microphone in a recording studio, until interrupted by Dresden. He explains that instead of lyrics about sleeping with girls, Snoop should perhaps consider rapping about calling them on their mobiles.

Snoop takes issue with the suggestions, and a face-off between his hip-hop posse and the movie executives ensues.

The ad ends with the line: "Don't let a mobile phone ruin your movie."

Project: Cloud hopping
Client: Dorian Leroy, global communications manager, Freelander 2
Brief: Reflect Freelander 2 consumers' attitudes to life and the
capability of the vehicle
Creative agency: Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R
Writer: Adrian Lim
Art director: Steve Williams
Planner: Jason Lonsdale
Media agency: MindShare
Media planner: Ed Fall
Production company: Knucklehead
Director: Jonny Green
Editor: Paul Watts, The Quarry
Post-production: Barnsley, The Mill
Audio Post-production: Parv Thind, Aaron Reynolds, Wave Studios
Exposure: TV


Land Rover's new global campaign for the Freelander 2 shows a Freelander driver and a hot-air balloonist taking different routes on the same epic journey.

Shot in Vancouver, the ad opens in an urban landscape late at night. Spectacular aerial shots show a hot-air balloon soaring above high-rise buildings and into the clouds, before reaching mountains and lakes. Meanwhile, a Freelander travels along city roads and beyond.

Both the driver and balloonist (who turn out to be a couple) meet on the other side.

The strapline is: "Freelander 2. Go Beyond."

The campaign is supported by digital and direct marketing by Wunderman.

Project: Wind tunnel
Client: Jeeve Gupta, strategic communications manager, TDA
Brief: Ensure a continued supply of quality secondary school teachers
Creative agency: DDB London
Writers: Sam Oliver, Steve Hall
Art directors: Shish Patel, Daniel Seager
Planners: Elisa Edmonds, Georgia Challis
Media agency: Mediaedge:cia
Media planner: Ian Edwards
Director: Benito Montorio
Exposure: TV, cinema, online, outdoor radio, press


DDB's latest campaign for the Training and Development Agency for Schools features real teachers showing the role they play in inspiring pupils.

One spot features a class learning about the forces of aerodynamics. Rather than didactically teaching her pupils, the teacher watches on as the groups interact and build their own flying models.

A voiceover explains: "As a teacher, if you think something's interesting, it's up to you to prove it."

The ad aims to demonstrate that the response of children to the efforts of their teachers makes the profession an incredibly rewarding career.

The campaign will run on TV and cinema, with support online, outdoor, on radio and in local and national press.

Project: Domestic violence
Client: Steve Connor, chairman, National Centre for Domestic Violence
Brief: Create awareness for the NCDV
Creative agency: JWT London
Art director: Ross Callow
Writer: Simon Bullett
Production company: Annex Films
Director: Paul Andrew Williams
Editor: Mike Baldwin
Post-production: Prime Focus London
Sound: Angell Sound
Exposure: TV


JWT's shocking campaign for the National Centre for Domestic Violence highlights the number of abused women who disguise the truth of how they sustained their injuries.

Directed by Paul Andrew Williams, the director of last year's acclaimed UK film London to Brighton, it features a woman in a dressing gown who goes downstairs, picks up the post and ventures into her kitchen.

Suddenly a cupboard door flies open, smacking her across the head. She falls to the ground and is soon hit again by the door of another cupboard.

The screen fades to black, revealing the endline: "Cupboard doors get the blame for an estimated 325,000 injuries every year."

The ad will air on a number of satellite channels, including MTV and VH1.

Project: Wood
Clients: Karen Hendry, marketing executive; Julian Baker, head of
marketing, Ann Summers
Brief: Encourage men and women to buy Ann Summers products for
Valentine's Day
Creative agencies: Nitro, Good Stuff
Writer: Jessica Oudot
Art director: Matt Leach
Director: Paul Shearer
Designer: Jeremy McWilliams
Editor: Ted, The Quarry
Post-production: Prime Focus London
Exposure: Online


Nitro is the first winner of Anne Summers' Viral Academy competition launched by Goodstuff Commmunications last year. It has created a raunchy film in which three scantily clad women give gifts to men.

The first temptress makes her way through a dimly lit hotel corridor, placing a wooden peg on a man's pillow as he sleeps. The second hands a carved duck to a man before making her exit and revealing a thong. The third seductively approaches an office worker and hands him a carved shoe, before revealing a pair of raunchy knickers.

The last take shows the trio carving wooden gifts.

The viral ends with the titillating strapline: "Give him wood this Valentine's."

Project: Urbanista diaries
Client: Arto Joensuu, global e-marketing director, Nokia
Brief: Demonstrate the GPS and photographic capabilities of the Nokia
N82 camera
Creative agency: R/GA London
Writer: Neil Starr
Art directors: Nicolas Le Pallec, James Temple
Planner: Darren Savage
Media agency: MediaCom
Media planner: MediaCom
Designer: Viktor Blanke
Exposure: Online


To demonstrate the clarity of Nokia's five-megapixel camera, the N82, R/GA London has created a website detailing the travel experiences of four bloggers as they flit around the globe in a relay race.

The journey begins in New York and ends in London, with 22 stops in between, including Las Vegas, Bangkok, Singapore, Mumbai, Goa, Berlin and Paris.

At every destination, the bloggers - or "Urbanistas", as they have been pretentiously termed - will upload their snaps to the website for public viewing.

The quartet includes a law student and an artist. One member comes from Texas, another from the Caribbean island of Curacao.

The website, which is a beta launch, can be found at

Project: Bring beauty to ugly places
Client: Matthew Button, CRM and database marketing manager, Lexus
Brief: Generate test-drive requests for the RX 350 by romanticising the
looks of the car
Creative agency: Partners Andrews Aldridge
Writer: Richard Horne
Art director: James Fairburn
Planner: Sameer Modha
Designer/photographer: Angus Fraser
Exposure: Direct mail


Lexus is highlighting how its RX 350 SUV marque can "bring beauty to ugly places" in its latest tongue- in-cheek direct marketing campaign.

The pack, created by Partners Andrews Aldridge, features photographs depicting the car in mundane and ugly surroundings, such as a petrol garage forecourt, outside a school, in a supermarket car-park and at a waste-disposal depot.

In each photo, the car is lit so it stands out dramatically from its everyday surroundings.