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Virgin Atlantic...In-flight book
Virgin Atlantic...In-flight book



Project: Wake up to Tropicana
Client: Ben Curtis, Tropicana brand manager, PepsiCo International
Brief: Tell everyone that Tropicana is the most important ingredient for a good breakfast, the world over
Creative agency: DDB
Writer: Steve Hall
Art director: Danny Seager
Planners: Vicki Holgate, Georgina Murray-Burton
Media agency: OMD
Media planner: Angus Bannerman
Production company: Rogue Films
Director: Sam Brown
Editor: James Rosen, Final Cut
Post-production: The Mill
Audio Post-production: Munsie, Grand Central
Exposure: National TV


DDB's new spot for Tropicana picks up where the IPA Effectiveness Award-winning "breakfast in New York" commercial left off. Rather than restricting Tropicana's popularity to New York, the new campaign shows how it is the breakfast juice of choice all over the world.

Accompanied by the soundtrack Good Morning from the musical Singin' in the Rain, the ad shows people from different countries all over the world tucking into a range of breakfast dishes from pancakes and croissants to Dim Sum. Their drink of choice? Tropicana.

There are, of course, the images of the morning sun piercing through most of the shots, reinforcing the brand's breakfast and freshness credentials.

The ad concludes with the voiceover: "Hundreds of cities, thousands of breakfasts, one juice preferred by far. Wake up to Tropicana."



Project: Parts
Client: Jonathan Wignall, national advertising manager, Renault UK
Brief: Build on Renault's sporting heritage
Creative agency: Publicis
Writers: Stuart Farquhar, Alastair Ross
Art directors: Stuart Farquhar, Alastair Ross
Planners: Anton Reyniers, Jonathan Campbell
Media agency: Carat
Media planner: Stephen Hadfield
Production company: Partizan
Director: Michael Gracey
Editor: Ben Harrex
Post-production: The Moving Picture Company
Audio Post-production: Wave
Exposure: National TV


This new spot for the Renault Megane is the second in its campaign based on the thought that everything in life is a competition.

The ad, created by Publicis, sees thousands of car parts, from spark plugs to tyres, in a frantic race through the factory to become part of the Megane Renaultsport 230 F1 Team R26.

The soundtrack, from Vivaldi's Four Seasons, is interjected with screeches and motor sounds. Sparks emanate from the parts as they tear through the factory.

Once the components are in their rightful place, the race ends with a mechanic adding the finishing touch of a Renault badge on the front.

The campaign, which first launched last year, targets young, affluent and sports-minded drivers.



Project: Save the Children
Client: Joe Barrell, head of communications, Save the Children
Brief: Make Save the Children "unignorable"
Creative agency: Wieden & Kennedy
Writers: Ray Shaughnessy, Dan Norris
Art directors: Ray Shaughnessy, Dan Norris
Planner: Stuart Smith
Media agency: Carat
Media planner: Marco Ramos
Production company: Nexus Productions
Director: Simon Robson
Exposure: TV, radio, Sunday press, Transvisions, Bluetooth, online, cinema


"If" is the second TV spot in the Save the Children campaign from Wieden & Kennedy. Through its simple icon and graphic style, it explains how investing in mosquito nets could save the lives of nearly ten million children. The voiceover says: "The world has the power to change things if it decides enough is enough. We save the children. Will you?"

The three-year campaign challenges the traditional model of hitting people with hard "guilt" statistics and monthly donation pleas. Instead, each execution details one of seven life-saving solutions, each costing between £1 and £5.

The campaign is supported by a website and a direct response campaign by Partners Andrews Aldridge.



Project: Meet the Kickers
Clients: Simon Jobson, marketing director; Hugh Sweeney, marketing manager, Kickers
Brief: Launch Kickers' SS08 collection and create a brand campaign that aims to break the stereotype for the footwear sector, while building on the "feelgood" essence of Kickers
Creative agency: ODD
Writers: Nick Stickland, Simon Glover
Art directors: Stuart Bailey, Richard Stevens
Planners: Ben Milligan, Dan Burgess
Media agency: Naked Communications
Media planner: Ben Milligan
Photographer: Jenny Van Sommers
Photographer's agency: CLM
Retouching: company Jon Hempstead
Exposure: National press


ODD, the creative arm of Naked Communications, has launched its first campaign for Kickers since scooping the creative account last year.

The brand, that has a heritage which dates back to 1970, has updated its endline of "do something" (developed by Karmarama) to "meet the Kickers".

Each ad in the campaign shows sets of paper-legged characters to reflect different personalities in the shoe range. One shows a male pair of legs lifting a girl on tiptoes with a speech bubble from both reading: "Happiness stitched in."

The campaign, which breaks at the start of March, will appear across national press.



Project: Change the world at 35,000 feet
Client: Lysette Gauna, head of brand, Virgin Atlantic
Brief: Create an in-flight book for Virgin Atlantic passengers in the style of Change the World for a Fiver, outlining a range of initiatives that can change the world
Creative agency: Antidote
Writers: Steve Henry, Tim Ashton
Art directors: Tim Ashton, Jim Chambers, Anna Fidalgo
Photographers: Simon Weller, Anna Fidalgo, various Flickr
Exposure: In-flight book (500,000 copies) on Virgin Atlantic flights


The creative agency Antidote and We Are What We Do, the creators of the bestselling book Change the World for a Fiver, have launched a new in-flight book for Virgin Atlantic: Change the World at 35,000 Feet.

The book suggests ways travellers can bring about change. They range from packing less luggage, to reducing their carbon footprints and speaking to people abroad in their own language. Other brands, including Nokia, Honda and Puma, outline their suggestions in different ads throughout the book.

It will be a one-off publication of 500,000 copies and will be available to Virgin Atlantic passengers on board the airline.



Project: Full of even more lovely stuff
Client: Mary Newcombe, head of marketing, Skoda
Brief: Attract interest in the new Skoda Fabia Estate, underlining its spacious interior
Creative agency: Archibald Ingall Stretton
Writer: Andy O'Carroll
Art director: Spencer White
Media agency: MediaCom
Media planner: Chris Pullon
Designer: Jay Booth
Exposure: Online (Times Online, AOL, What Car, The Independent)


Archibald Ingall Stretton has created an online campaign for Skoda's new Fabia Estate model that builds on the "full of lovely stuff" creative route developed by Fallon.

The ad opens on an infinitely long tube of hundreds-and-thousands, inviting users to "help themselves" by rolling their mouse over the lid. As they do so, the tube explodes, and the sweets pour out in a rainbow of colours. The ad details the specs of the Fabia, with the endline: "The new Skoda Fabia Estate. Full of even more lovely stuff."

The ads will appear this month on a series of car sites as well as on Times Online and The Independent's website.



Project: Space rebalancing
Clients: Alia Ahmad, marketing manager; Lucy Taylor, assistant marketing manager, Waitrose
Brief: Create a suite of marketing assets that can be used to communicate to Waitrose customers when their local shop is undergoing a refit. To communicate this change with wit, charm and warmth
Creative agency: Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw
Writer: Simon Martin
Art director: Des Morgan
Planner: Chris Ridd
Photographer: Gerrit Buntrock
Designer: Brad Saunders
Exposure: Multiple point- of-sale formats, ambient, outdoor, direct marketing, doordrop and local press


The latest Waitrose campaign from Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw alerts customers to the interior changes taking place in a number of its local stores.

Using the rich photographic style synonymous with Waitrose, the campaign shows a pod of peas with a range of fresh fruit and vegetables tucked inside. The line reads: "Now there's more choice inside."

The campaign will appear in a range of relevant local media, including point of sale, outdoor, direct marketing and local press.



Project: Huddle
Client: Naresh Ramchandani, co-founder, Green Thing
Brief: Inspire people to help fight climate change by turning down their heating
Creative agency: Play
Writers: John Kelley, Jesper Varlen, Nick Hamilton, Jon Sharpe
Art directors: John Kelley, Jesper Varlen, Nick Hamilton, Jon Sharpe
Planner: Leanne Hammill
Production company: Irresistible Films
Directors: Nick Hamilton, Jonny Grant
Post-production: Irresistible Films, Framestore CFC
Exposure: Viral


Nude men and women resemble penguins wandering around the Antarctic in this new viral for Green Thing, the online community that encourages greener activities.

Guided by a Sir David Attenborough-style voiceover, a group of naked people behave like penguins, eating raw fish, leaping from water to land and fighting over mates. Eventually they huddle together, using one another's body heat to combat the cold. The ad suggests using less heating, saying: "Do as Penguins do. Use body warmth."

Green Thing was founded by the former Karmarama creative director Naresh Ramchandani and Andy Hobsbawm, the European chairman of Agency.com.



Project: Bialetti cookware
Client: Paolo Bonsignore, marketing director, Bialetti
Brief: Establish Bialetti in the UK as Italy's number-one cookware brand
Creative agency: WFCA Integrated
Writer: Pete Rowden
Art director: Mats Persson
Media agency: WFCA Integrated
Media planner: Del Randhawa
Photographer: Graham Tooby
Retouching: Hank Gidney, MnkyLdn
Exposure: National press


Bialetti, the cookware company, plays on its sleek Italian heritage in this new campaign by WFCA.

Each execution in the series takes items from the company's cookware range and rearranges them to resemble Italian icons.

One execution uses a casserole dish and saucepans to imitate a classic Vespa. In another, eight saucepans are arranged to look like the leaning tower of Pisa.

The final ad uses frying pans and spaghetti spoons to represent gondolas. The campaign is tied together by the endline: "An Italian icon since 1919."

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