The Work: New Campaigns - UK

The latest creative featured in The Work section of this week's Campaign magazine.

Tiger Beer...new campaign
Tiger Beer...new campaign



Project: Dog
Client: Sarah Luckraft, communications manager, Volkswagen
Brief: Reinforce the emotional benefit of Polo's established build
Creative agency: DDB
Writer: Feargal Ballance
Art director: Dylan Harrison
Planner: Chris Wood
Media agency: MediaCom
Media planner: Rob Birch
Production company: Independent
Director: Noam Murro
Editor: Tim Thornton-Allen, Marshall Street Editors
Post-production: Framestore CFC
Audio post-production: Clearcut
Exposure: TV


A singing dog demonstrates the confidence that comes from sitting in a Volkswagen Polo, in DDB's new TV campaign for the model.

Set to the song I'm a Man by The Spencer Davis Group, the ad opens on the white puppy confidently singing along at the top of its voice while seated next to its owner in the passenger seat of a Polo.

However, when the dog leaves the vehicle to join the queue in a bank, it starts shaking with nerves and is barely able to produce a note.

Normal service is resumed when the dog, back on the road, again exhibits its vocal abilities by singing full pelt. The ad ends with the strapline: "Polo confidence."



Project: Adults - spring, summer 2008
Client: Rosemary Carr, brand director, Clarks
Brief: Get people to choose shoes with their feet as well as their eyes
Creative agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
Writer: Milo Campbell
Art director: Sonny Adorjan
Planners: Clare Hutchinson, Jacquie Chick, Natalie Sims
Media agency: Universal McCann
Media planners: Richard Aldiss, Jennie Woods
Production company: Thomas Thomas
Director: Kevin Thomas
Exposure: TV, press, in-store, online


Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO promotes Clarks shoes as footwear that can help you "enjoy every step" in its first TV campaign for the company, which comprises one 30-second and two 60-second executions.

Each ad is seen through the eyes of someone on a journey, as they take in the surroundings in between stealing downward glances at their Clarks shoes.

In "reunited", a woman leaves her apartment to board a train, while her sweetheart drives his scooter through cobbled streets, before they eventually meet across a crowded playground.

In "sea", a young woman walks from a city centre to the ocean, while "party" features a woman hunting for a party dress before dancing the night away.



Project: Festival of winter
Client: Peugeot
Brief: Communicate the current offers available on the Peugeot range, and borrow a classic art-deco styling approach in order to bring to lifethe beauty of these deals
Creative: agency Euro RSCG
Writer: Jamie Colonna
Art director: Dominic Gettins
Planner: Karen Waring
Media agency: OMD UK
Media planner: Garrett O'Reilly
Production company: Bermuda Shorts
Director: Filipe Alcada
Post-production: Bermuda Shorts
Exposure: National TV


Peugeot is promoting its winter car offers with an animated art-deco style TV spot.

The 20-second ad, created by Euro RSCG, uses imagery reminiscent of 40s ski posters to highlight its various seasonal deals. In it, men and women ski around the cars, while an old-fashioned voice encourages viewers to "enjoy a festival of style this winter".

Each car is accompanied by the finance and price information shown in vintage typefaces.

The ad, which was created using a combination of illustrations and CGI, ends with the strapline: "Drive a beautiful deal."



Project: Tiger beer UK
Client: Steven Greaves, marketing manager, Tiger beer UK
Brief: Establish Tiger as a premium beer and dramatise the brand's rich and unexpected heritage
Creative agency: CHI & Partners
Writer: Wayne Robinson
Art director: Matt Collier
Planner: Neil Goodlad
Media agency: CHI & Partners Media
Media planner: Duncan Smith
Illustrator: Yuko Shimuzu
Typographer: Kylie McLean
Exposure: UK outdoor


CHI & Partners pays homage to Katsushika Hokusai, the Japanese artist best known for producing "The Great Wave", in a new outdoor campaign for Tiger beer.

Each execution depicts a ship carrying crates of Tiger across a stormy ocean. The vessels carry different warnings painted on their hulls to discourage those who may be tempted to steal the cargo.

One warning reads: "No Tiger beer left on board overnight." Another states: "Cargo is securely locked. Crew have no access to keys."

To highlight the heritage of the brand, each poster carries the text: "The Far East's most desirable export since 1932."



Project: Earthquake
Client: Katie Lindridge, UK brand manager, Unilever
Brief: Drive awareness of the brand philosophy through topical work
Creative agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty
Writers/art directors: Dan Bailey, Brad Woolf
Planner: n/a
Media agency: MindShare
Media planner: Lisa Stevenson
Photographer: n/a
Typography: Sharon Chong
Exposure: thelondonpaper


In response to the earthquake that shook the country last week, Bartle Bogle Hegarty has created a tactical press campaign for Lynx.

The execution, which is a play on the romantic expression "he made the earth move for me", carries a snippet of an article torn from a newspaper.

The headline from the cutting reads: "Millions of Britons feel the earth move."

In a bid to imply that wearing the deodorant will have the same earth-shaking effect on the female population, the poster carries the familiar strapline "The Lynx effect" in text that appears to be wobbling.



Project: Doodles
Client: David Jackson, advertising and promotions manager, Nissan
Brief: Support the Nissan Qashqai with a series of ads that build on the car's urban-proof positioning
Creative agency: TBWA/London
Writer: Erik Tell
Art director: Marie Voss
Planner: David Frymann
Illustrator: Marie Voss
Media agency: Manning Gottlieb OMD
Media planner: Iwona Lukaszewicz
Exposure: Four double-page spreads in London's Metro and Time Out


The latest campaign for the Nissan Qashqai model sees TBWA/London doodle all over London's entertainment listings pages.

Rather than a big, glossy, full-page ad, the press campaign features free-hand drawings scribbled over the editorial copy of the London edition of Metro and Time Out, in a bid to interrupt and engage younger consumers who would otherwise ignore car ads.

The doodles depict the car among stick figures, who are engaged in various activities, from shouting through a megaphone to walking on stilts.

The body copy of the ad sits in the bottom right-hand corner of the page, and is also in a hand-written style to add to the authenticity of the surrounding doodles.



Project: Army
Client: Julian Nichols, vice-president of international marketing, VO5
Brief: VO5 Extreme Style allows you to express your individuality
Creative agency: Euro RSCG
Writer: Kyla Elliott
Art director: Ben Beazley
Planner: Alice Schaffer
Media agency: Carat
Media planners: Luke Duffy (TV), Stephanie Arlett (press)
Production company: Partizan
Director: Barney Howells
Editor: Leo King, Cut & Run
Exposure: TV, magazines


VO5 is continuing its theme of championing rebellious youngsters in its latest TV campaign for its Extreme Style hair products.

The ads, created by Euro RSCG, feature a cheeky bunch of young army recruits railing against the system in a bid to promote VO5 as the styling brand of choice for a non-conformist youth audience.

The ad opens on the recruits queueing to get their hair cut. A girl slips the boy in front of her in the queue a pot of VO5 hair gel. The action then cuts to the army line-up, but instead of military-style crops, the soldiers are all sporting spiky hairdos and self-confident expressions.



Project: GL-Class
Client: Richard Payne, marketing communications manager, Mercedes-Benz
Brief: Create a site to explore the power and refined qualities of the Mercedes-Benz off-roader
Creative agency: Agency Republic
Writer: Agency Republic
Art director: Agency Republic
Planner: Agency Republic
Production company: Agency Republic
Director: Agency Republic
Editor: Agency Republic
Post-production: Absolute
Exposure: Online


Agency Republic continues its run of websites for Mercedes-Benz, with a site that promotes the off-road capabilities of the GL-Class model.

The site is split into two sections. The first part, called "Power", allows visitors to drag and drop various terrains on to a timeline to create a bespoke online test-drive.

CGI sequences then play, showing the car traversing the terrains. Accompanying text explains how the model's various features enable it to deal with the conditions.

The second section, called "Refined", allows users to click on parts of the car to reveal text that explains the hi-tech features of the GL-Class vehicle.



Project: Waitrose Easter campaign
Clients: Neil Stead, marketing manager, direct marketing; Nicky Gamble, assistant marketing manager, direct marketing, Waitrose
Brief: Create a campaign to support Easter sales
Creative agency: Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw
Writer: Liz Franklin
Art director: Rob Ferrara
Planner: Chris Ridd
Designer/photographer: Brad Saunders
Exposure: Direct mail and e-mail to 600,000 Waitrose customers


Waitrose is helping consumers out with their hunt for the perfect Easter egg through its new direct mail campaign.

The mailer, created by Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw, contains a booklet illustrated in the style of a nature guide. It contains detailed images of chocolate eggs, in the habitats you would usually find real birds' eggs, such as in nests, under cliffs and in long grass.

The eggs are labelled anatomically, highlighting features such as "a distinctive dark splash".

One egg carries the description "often found in shopping baskets around early to mid-March".

The nature book pastiche even includes a map of the egg's natural habitats, ie. Waitrose shops.