The Work: New Campaigns - UK

Project: City living
Client: Jean-Pierre Diernez, marketing communications general manager,
Brief: Ensure Qashqai owns the compact crossover category it has created
through the "urbanproof" positioning
Creative agencies: TBWA\London, TBWA\G1
Writers: Adam Chiappe, Matt Saunby
Art directors: Adam Chiappe, Matt Saunby
Planner: Filippo Dell'Osso
Media agency: Manning Gottlieb OMD
Production company: Rattling Stick
Director: Danny Kleinman
Editor: Steve Gandolfi
Post-production: Framestore CFC
Audio Post-production: Owen Griffith, Jungle
Exposure: Pan-European TV and online seeding via automotive and viral
entertainment sites; 32-sheet, 48-sheet and 96-sheet posters, press


In previous ads, the Nissan Qashqai has been used as a skateboard or as the car for a lifestyle of extreme sports.

Now the tough little crossover SUV is showing its street credentials with some inner-city driving moves.

In the latest ad, directed by Danny Kleinman, the car nips around an urban jungle as the buildings come to life and try to destroy it.

Set to an operatic soundtrack, the car wheels its way around, dodging descending bricks and falling buildings. In one scene, a robotic-style building attempts to drop a load of other vehicles on the Qashqai, while another titan tries to hit it with a skip. The ad ends with the line: "Nissan Qashqai: Urbanproof."

The ad follows the press work which featured freehand drawings scribbled all over the editorial copy of Metro and Time Out.

Project: Brand campaign 2008
Client: Marc Sands, marketing director, Guardian News & Media
Brief: Bring The Guardian's values to life
Creative agency: Wieden & Kennedy London
Writer: Sophie Bodoh
Art director: Ian Perkins
Planner: Sophie Dollar
Media agency: PHD
Media planner: Marek Mossakowski
Exposure: Outdoor


Wieden & Kennedy has launched the 2008 phase of its campaign for The Guardian. The bright and colourful campaign, which launched to a mixed reception last year, will run across poster and press.

It communicates the core values on which the newspaper was founded. One execution uses a tangled set of scribbles alongside clear lines to visually show the difference between facts and opinions. The line reads: "Facts and opinions. Best kept apart."

Another shows a barely legible set of giant letters. The copy reads: "Shout every day and it's hard to tell what's important."

Other executions in the series will break throughout the year.

Project: Optical illusions
Client: Chris Macleod, head of group marcoms, Transport for London
Brief: Get drivers to think twice before pulling out in front of
oncoming motorcycles at junctions
Creative agency: M&C Saatchi
Writer: Mark Goodwin
Art director: Graham Fink
Planner: Rohini Pahl
Media agency: Mediaedge:cia
Media planners: Victoria Sangster, Alisa Buckley
Production company: Pundersons Gardens
Directors: Peter Saville, Marcus Werner Hed
Editor: Dylan Byrne, Bog Standard
Post-production: The Moving Picture Company
Audio Post-production: The Moving Picture Company
Exposure: National TV


The Mayor of London and Transport for London have launched a month of road safety campaigning, including three new advertising campaigns. The first spot, created by M&C Saatchi, tackles the problem of motorists misjudging the speed of motorbikes.

Recent Department for Transport research has revealed why there are a high number of collisions involving cars turning right and motorcycles or mopeds.

Tests show that 96 per cent of drivers judged smaller objects to be further away than they actually were. The effect of this optical illusion is to impair their judgment of speed and distance, resulting in collisions.

Based on this, the ad uses some classic optical illusions to stress the point. It ends with a yellow block, which represents a motorcyclist, smashing into the screen and cracking it like a windshield. The strapline says: "Give motorists a second thought."

Project: Sugar Puffs
Client: Jane James, head of marketing, Honey Monster Foods
Brief: Bring back the Honey Monster and communicate the product range
Creative agency: Bray Leino
Writer: Henry Challender
Art director: Rob Archer
Planner: Gideon Aroussi
Media agency: Bray Leino
Media planners: Martin Allison, Nathan Martindill
Production company: Another Film Company
Director: Nick Jones
Editor: Tim Hardy, Cut & Run
Post-production: Glassworks
Audio Post-production: Wave
Exposure: National TV


After a five-year absence, the Honey Monster is making a return to TV screens in all his yellow furry glory, in the latest campaign for Sugar Puffs.

The TV ad, created by Bray Leino, attempts to engage a young urban audience by featuring the Honey Monster rapping. The fluffy creature is shown sitting at a breakfast table with his housemate. Before tucking into their breakfast, the pair break into a comical rap.

The ad finishes with the endline: "Feed the fun."

Project: Bluebook
Client: Richard Murfitt, head of campaigns, O2
Brief: Launch new service
Creative agency: VCCP
Writer: Nathaniel White
Art director: Ben Daly
Planner: Bambos Neophyton
Media agency: ZenithOptimedia
Media planner: Jo Lunn
Production company: Bare Films
Director: Aaron Bowen
Post-production: Absolute Post
Audio Post-production: Wave
Exposure: TV, press, online


VCCP's new campaign for O2 promotes the company's Bluebook, a free service that allows O2 customers to back up and store information from their mobile phone on a secure online portal.

The campaign leads with the message "Nothing is lost". It launches a competition in Metro this week, which invites users to upload their images, texts and videos on its website. A selection of the best ones will run in a coverwrap on 28 March.

The TV campaign shows a woman collecting messages and photos and storing them in a scrapbook of memories, her Bluebook.

Project: Spring, summer 2008 collection
Client: Matt Chambers, brand director, House of Fraser
Brief: Launch spring, summer 2008 campaign featuring Yasmin Le Bon
Creative agency: Hooper Galton
Writer: Rob Turner
Art director: Dave Westland
Planner: Olivia Johnson
Media agency: Starcom MediaVest
Media planner: Greg Fuller
Exposure: Nationwide posters, single- and double-page press in leading
fashion titles, and online banners in entertainment and lifestyle


Yasmin Le Bon is the face, and body, of House of Fraser's spring, summer 2008 ad campaign.

Shot by Robert Erdmann, the ads will come in the form of 96- and 48-sheet posters, and as single and double pages in Vogue and Vanity Fair.

The executions show the model in a variety of House of Fraser outfits, next to sassy lines such as "I only came out for a lipstick", "My favourite place in the world? My wardrobe" and "When the world is flat, I'll buy sensible shoes." There is also a set of ads for the menswear range featuring the model Tommy Dunn.

Project: BACityFlyer
Client: Luke Hayhoe, commercial manager, BACityFlyer
Brief: Develop a campaign to promote British Airways' services from
London City Airport
Creative agency: BJL Group
Writer: David Forster
Art director: Gary Fawcett
Planner: n/a
Media agency: ZenithOptimedia
Media planner: Matt Skelding
Photographer: Andy Glass
Retouching company: Taylor James
Exposure: Press and outdoor in London and Glasgow


British Airways is promoting its flight services from London City Airport through a print campaign from BJL.

The executions highlight the airport's central London location to frequent flyers by featuring images of the capital's iconic landmarks, but with an aeronautical twist.

One execution depicts Tower Bridge, but, instead of a road, the drawbridge looks like a runway. And in a second ad, Big Ben has been mocked up to look like an air traffic control tower.

Both ads carry the line: "Fly from the heart of London."

Project: Fits your life
Client: Darren Ponsford, general manager, marketing, Suzuki Automobiles
Brief: Launch Splash, Suzuki's new mini-MPV
Creative agency: Nexus/H
Writer: Glenn Smith
Art director: Craig Roderick
Planner: In-house
Media agency: In-house
Media planner: In-house
Designer: Dave Jenner
Photographer: Terry Paul
Exposure: National press, national posters, digital, DM


Suzuki is launching a print campaign that promotes the Splash model as a car that "fits your life".

Created by Nexus/H, the campaign uses images of the Splash juxtaposed with street signs. At first, it appears that the signs, which read "Mancunian Way" and "Rusholme", indicate the route and destination of the vehicle.

But when read in a wider context, it becomes apparent that they are describing the car as "The Mancunian way to rush home" in a bid to emphasise that the car will fit in with the daily lifestyle of the target audience.

Project: The art of exhilaration
Client: Helen Main, manager, direct marketing, Peugeot
Brief: Encourage more existing customers to repurchase from the Peugeot
Creative agency: Clark McKay & Walpole
Writer: Becky Crum
Art director: Dan Plotkin
Planner: James Devon
Media agency: OMD
Photographer: Kevin Calvert
Exposure: Direct mail


Clark McKay & Walpole has created a three-stage DM "repurchase" campaign for Peugeot.

The campaign is inspired by an art show, with each of the seven Peugeot models depicted as a limited-edition work of art and presented on the front of a card, using evocative photography set in Spain.

The first mailer drops when existing Peugeot owners first consider buying a new car, 12 to nine months before purchase; the second as they consider their options; and the third at the point of the test drive, six to three months before purchase.