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Pot Noodle...new viral
Pot Noodle...new viral

Pot Noodle - Tipping Pot


Tipping Pot
Client: Allan Little, brand development manager, Unilever
Brief: To pastiche the Guinness "Tipping Point" ad and stimulate awareness of Pot Noodle
Creative agency: AKQA
Writer: Colin Byrne
Art director: Colin Byrne
Planner: Mo Rogers
Media agency: Cake
Production company: Mustard London
Director: Dom Bridges
Editors: Dom Bridges, Nathan Perry Greene (Cut & Run)
Post-production: Smoke & Mirrors
Exposure: Viral

The lowdown

AKQAhas created a new viral for Pot Noodle, spoofing the Guinness "Tipping Point" campaign by Abbot Mead Vickers BBDO.
The viral mimics the expensive Nicolai Fuglsig ad featuring a domino rally, comprising hay bales and grandfather clocks.
But the action has been relocated from an Argentinian mountain-side village to a gritty council estate in North London. It features real people living on two run-down estates, going about their day-to-day business.
The objects in the viral's domino chain include cigarette packets, mobile phones, a wheelchair, fridges and supermarket trolleys.
It is triggered after a drunk asleep on the bar of the estate's pub is woken by the sound of a fellow drinker breaking wind.
The ad ends with a woman with a London accent shouting: "Matthew - where's my fricking microwave?"

Cravendale - Cravendale, it's filtered to make it purer

Project: Cravendale, it's filtered to make it purer
Client: Louise Barton, senior brand manager, Arla, Cravendale
Brief: Communicate the benefits of Cravendale's unique filtration process
Creative agency: Wieden & Kennedy London
Writer: Nicholla Longely
Art director: Nicholla Longely
Planner: Matt Boffey
Media agency: Carat
Media planner: Greg Paterson
Photographer: Franck Allias
Photographer's agency: Patricia McMahon
Retouching company: Tapestry
Exposure: Press, outdoor

The lowdown

Wieden & Kennedy London has unveiled a print campaign for Cravendale, featuring the esoteric trio of a cyclist, pirate and cow which first hit our screens last year.
The first ad shows the group attempting to scale up the side of the milk bottle. The pirate logs his pickaxe in the carton lid, while the cyclist defies gravity by holding the cow's tail in one hand and his bike in the other.
In the second ad, we see a shot of the milk in the fridge. This time the trio are holding on to each other by a corkscrew that is pierced through the lid.
The strapline for both ads reads: "It's not just any milk, it's filtered to make it purer." Both ads are accompanied by the web address www.milkmatters.co.uk.

Kingsmill | Kingsmill Gold Seeds & Oats

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Project: Kingsmill Gold Seeds & Oats
Client: Jonathan Wilson, marketing director, Allied Bakeries
Brief: Launch Kingsmill Gold Seeds & Oats as the bread that's full of tempting interesting bits
Creative agency: M&CSaatchi
Writers: Ned Corbett-Winder, Martin Latham
Art directors: Ned Corbett-Winder, Martin Latham
Planner: Howard Miller
Media agency: ZenithOptimedia
Media planner: Lucy Mullan
Production company: Rogue Films
Director: Jackie Oudney
Editor: The Farm Group
Post-production: The Moving Picture Company
Exposure: National TV

The lowdown

A lunch-thieving wife is the main protagonist in M&CSaatchi's latest ad for Kingsmill.
The 30-second spot is designed to promote the company's Seeds & Oats variant, which has a healthy crust covered in oats and seeds.
It begins with a woman sitting in a car with her baby, waiting to deliver her husband his lunch.
As she looks at the tasty sandwich, she steals a seed, justifying it to her baby by explaining the health merits of the seeds.
The voiceover describes the bread as a "little slice of selfishness".
The mother then goes the whole hog and scoffs the sarnie while the baby looks on in judgement.

City AM - The Punter UK launch

Project: The Punter UK launch
Client: City AM
Brief: Launch The Punter as the title that gives its readers the edge on weekend betting opportunities
Creative agency: Newhaven Communications
Writer: Chris Watson
Art director: Rufus Wedderburn
Planner: City AM in-house
Media agency: City AM in-house
Media planner: City AM in-house
Photography: Euan Myles, Robbie Smith, Victor Albrow
Exposure: Press

The lowdown

City AM, the daily freesheet, is backing the UK launch of its 20-page sports betting supplement The Punter, with a national press campaign through the Edinburgh-based agency Newhaven Communications.
The campaign comprises three executions, which aim to convey the insight and humour of the title's editorial. The ads take an unusual slant on different sports, as seen by someone peering through a pair of binoculars. The first ad shows a greyhound smoking a cigarette, the second reveals a shortsighted snooker player and the final execution portrays an unhealthy horse tucking into a bucket of fried chicken.
The ads run with the strapline: "We know something you don't."

Foster's | Stealing shadows

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Project: Stealing shadows
Client: Mark Given, marketing manager, Foster's
Brief: Continue to build on the "cold credentials" Foster's has established during its past campaigns by showing the lengths Foster's drinkers will go to to keep their Foster's Super Chilled super-chilled
Creative agency: M&C Saatchi
Writer: Tom Drew
Art director: Uche Ezugwu
Planner: Matt Willifer
Media agency: Starcom Mediavest
Media planner: n/s
Production company: Moxie Pictures
Director: Martin Granger
Editor: Adam Spivey, Speade
Post-production: The Mill
Audio post-production: 750mph
Exposure: National TV

The lowdown

Foster's is continuing its shadows theme in its latest TV spot, focusing on the lengths men go to to keep their beer cold.
The ad, created by M&C Saatchi, sees a group of friends running around Sydney literally stealing the shadows of various objects. One man picks up the shadow of a car while another snatches the shadow of a somewhat rotund woman.
The men arrive at the beach and stand on their shadows to keep their beer in the shade. However, when their final friend arrives it becomes apparent that he has been through more of an ordeal than the rest. He turns up with his clothes torn to shreds clutching the dark shape of a crocodile.

Howies - Merino wool


Project: Merino wool
Client: Dave Hieatt, founder, Howies
Brief: Emphasise the natural benefits of Merino wool versus man-made base layers
Creative agency: Dye Holloway Murray
Writer: Tony Barry
Art director: Dave Dye
Planner: Justin Holloway
Media agency: In-house
Media planner: In-house
Illustrator: Kin Pro
Photographer's agency: n/s
Retouching company: n/s
Exposure: Sports and lifestyle magazines

The lowdown

Dye Holloway Murray has created a set of illustrated press ads for the clothing brand Howies.
The ads are designed to highlight the company's new range of woollen long-sleeved base-layer jumpers.
The executions all show sheep placed against mountain ranges with their wool changed to suit the garment.
In one execution, the sheep stands in snow breathing out cold air because its wool has been shorn off. In a second ad, the sheep wears a hat and the strapline says: "The Merino wool base layer from Howies. (Hat models own.)."

Allinson - Allinson

Credits: Project Allinson
Client: Jonathan Wilson, marketing director, Allied Bakeries
Brief: Relaunch Allinson as a company passionate about being the best in brown bread
Creative agency: M&C Saatchi
Writer: Paul Pickersgill
Art director: Tiger Savage
Planner: Howard Miller
Media agency: ZenithOptimedia
Media planner: Lucy Mullan
Photographer: Stuart Weston
Retouching company: Mark Petty
Exposure: Weekly and monthly magazines

The lowdown

Allinson, the flour and bread company founded in 1892, is relaunching its bread range with a series of press executions that position it as being the best in brown bread.
The stylistic ads, which will run in weekly and monthly magazines, imitate 17th-century and biblical art by showing the delivery of bread to the people. In one ad, the baker is holding one unit of bread comprising four loaves. The copy explains that the bread is "batch baked in tins of four".
The periphery of the picture contains a number of other reasons that separate Allinson from other brown bread in its market.
The strapline for both is: "Allinson. Passion baked In."

HSBC | Chinese paper cut


Project: Chinese paper cut
Client: Heather McCracken, group brand communications manager, HSBC
Brief: HSBC Cultural Exchange - China Design Now exhibition
Creative agency: JWTLondon
Writer: Ryan Lawson
Art director: Andy Smith
Planner: n/s
Media agency: MindShare
Media planner: Jan Neumeister
Photographer: Han Jing
Photographer's agency: n/s
Retouching company: JWTLondon
Exposure: Outdoor, press

JWThas created a poster campaign to promote HSBC's sponsorship of the China Design Now exhibition at the V&A.
The execution puts a contemporary spin on Chinese design by using the ancient art of Chinese paper cutting to depict modern objects.
The red cut-out, created by the famous Chinese paper-cutting artist Han Jing, features images of modern buildings, robots, break-dancers and skateboarders alongside information about the exhibition.