The Work: New Campaigns - UK

Project: Knife crime
Client: Chris Payne, deputy head of communications, Tower Hamlets
Brief: Carrying a knife for protection actually makes you more
Creative agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
Writer: Milo Campbell
Art director: Sonny Adorjan
Planner: n/a
Media agency: n/a
Media planner: n/a
Production company: Thomas Thomas
Director: Kevin Thomas
Post-production: The Mill
Audio Post-production: Wave
Exposure: Online and DVDs to community groups


Carrying a knife could result in you being stabbed by your own weapon, is the message behind Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO's powerful new film for Tower Hamlets Borough.

The spot, which aims to discourage the young residents of the borough from carrying knives, shows a man being chased through the bustling streets of London by an assailant. As he runs into a residential road, his pursuer catches up with him and brutally stabs him in the neck. At this point, it transpires that the identity of the attacker is the victim himself.

The ad ends with the strapline: "Carry a knife and you risk being stabbed by your own blade." The campaign is currently running as a viral and is soon to appear in cinemas in the borough of Tower Hamlets, and on TV.

Project: Carling iPint
Client: Nicola Young, director of marketing communications, Coors
Brief: Use iPhone's high profile to create innovative Carling-branded
social currency for groups of mates down the pub on a Friday night
Creative agency: Beattie McGuinness Bungay
Writer: Dom Martin
Art director: Dom Martin
Planner: Nick Stewart
Media agency: n/a
Media planner: n/a
Designer: Martin Buckwell, Illusion Labs
Exposure: iTunes


The chance to win a virtual pint of Carling is being offered to iPhone users to promote the lager's new can that tells you when it's perfectly chilled and ready to drink.

In conjunction with the Swedish developer Illusion Labs, Carling's ad agency, Beattie McGuinness Bungay, has developed an application that allows iPhone users to receive a virtual pint of Carling.

Users can search for the application on iTunes using their iPhone. Once downloaded on to their handset, users are challenged to slide a pint across a virtual bar, avoiding obstacles such as a wine bottle and bar snacks, by manoeuvring their iPhone. Once completed, the iPhone's screen fills up with lager and users can drink their virtual pint by tipping the phone.

IPint is currently the most downloaded free application in the world, according to BMB.

Project: Fresh
Client: Phil Rumbol, UK marketing director, Cadbury
Brief: Bring to life the experience of chewing Trident Fresh in a "mess
with your head" way
Creative agency: JWT London
Writers: Darren Keff, Phillip Meyler
Art directors: Darren Keff, Phillip Meyler
Planner: Lex Robinson
Media agency: Starcom MediaVest
Media planner: Suzanne Perry
Production company: Partizan
Director: Traktor
Editor: Final Cut
Post-production: The Moving Picture Company
Audio Post-production: Wave
Exposure: Online, national TV


JWT is attempting to "mess with your head" in a new TV campaign promoting Trident Fresh, in which a man enters a magical world after eating some Trident gum.

The action opens on the man standing in a lift. When he places the gum in his mouth, a bizarre set of events takes place. First, rain begins to pour down on him and then the protagonist is ejected from the lift and transformed into a kite being flown from a beach.

The next phase of his adventure sees the man being soaked by women dressed in police uniforms wielding water guns.

After being greeted by a talking dog, the man then falls into yet another bizarre scenario, where a wet polar bear shakes itself off over the hysterical man before he finally lands back where he started in the lift.

Project: Would you?
Client: James Mooring, head of marketing, World Vision
Brief: Raise awareness that 1.1 billion people don't have access to
clean water and encourage donations to World Vision
Creative agency: Meteorite
Writer: Dan Douglass
Art director: Gavin Mackinnon-Little
Planner: Andy Rowe
Media agency: Zed Media
Media planner: n/a
Production company: RSA Films
Director: Ronnie West, RSA Films
Post-production: RSA Films
Exposure: Online, direct mail to new mothers, national press


Meteorite has created a thought-provoking viral campaign for World Vision, which aims to raise awareness of the fact that 1.1 billion people don't have access to clean water.

The 80-second spot follows a middle-class family, using water as they carry out their everyday routine.

But when the clean water suddenly turns a murky shade of brown, the family remains blissfully unaware that they're using dirty water to wash their car, wash the dishes, and even feed their baby with.

The viral then concludes with the strapline: "Every day, 1.1 billion people have to wash with, bathe in and drink dirty water. We can't live with that fact. Can you?"

Project: Epic
Client: Sky Sports
Brief: Promote the biggest sporting year ahead that Sky Sports has ever
Creative agency: Brothers and Sisters
Writer: Tom Evans
Art director: Tom Evans
Planner: Olly Wicken
Digital art directors: Mark Harris, Kevin Brown
Digital designer: James Garnham
Digital developer: Jon Rowe
Media agency: MediaCom
Media planner: Liam Dawson
Exposure: 48-sheet and 96-sheet posters, national press, weekly and
monthly magazines, in-stadia media


Brothers and Sisters has brought together stars from a variety of sporting fields in its campaign for Sky Sports.

The digital, print and outdoor campaign celebrates the fact that five major sporting events will be available on Sky Sports next season: Premier League and Champions League football, The Ryder Cup, The Ashes Series, and the British Lions Rugby Union Tour.

To accompany the images, a strapline reads: "Five epic contests. One amazing season."

Some of the creative will be regionalised, swapping the featured players so that they centralise around local sporting heroes. The executions will also be used at all 20 Premier League stadiums, each tailored to involve the respective team's own players.

Project: Army road traffic accident
Client: Colonel Chris Manning, chief environment and safety officer, the
Brief: Highlight the danger of reckless driving and the consequent high
casualty rate involving off-duty British troops
Creative agency: Golley Slater
Writers/art directors: Phil Hickes, Paul Williams, Dave Abbott
Planner: Leanne Ellis
Production company: Academy Films
Director: Seb Edwards
Editor: Sam Rice-Edwards
Post-production: The Moving Picture Company
Audio Post-production: 750mph, Scrabble
Exposure: British Forces Broadcasting Service, TV, radio, press, poster,


Based on research that British troops are twice as likely to die on the road as civilians, the new TV campaign for the British Army aims to highlight the impact that a road accident can have on a serviceman's family.

The executions, created by Golley Slater, show a soldier returning from active service on a motorbike. As he speeds down the motorway, the action cuts to his family awaiting his arrival at home.

The ad culminates with the soldier crashing his bike, and as he does so an invisible force crashes through the side of his family's house.

The campaign, which comprises a second commercial featuring emergency staff at a motorway crash site, ends with the strapline: "Drive carefully. You're tough but you're not invincible."

Project: Make it a V good day
Clients: Bruno Gruwez, marketing director, PepsiCo; Walter Faulstroh,
joint managing director, V Water; Simon Stewart, marketing director,
Brief: Raise awareness and cement the brand's position as the leading
vitamin-enhanced water
Creative agency: CHI & Partners
Writer: Ewan MacMillan
Art directors: Charles Inge, Ewan MacMillan
Planner: Ben Southgate
Media agency: MindShare
Media planners: David Seabrook, Fleur Hoiles
Exposure: London press, outdoor


PepsiCo is backing the launch of its vitamin drink V Water with a print and outdoor campaign through CHI & Partners. The executions, which feature three of V Water's six variants Glow, Kick and Detox, each carry the silhouette of a person's face.

However, in each poster, the hairstyle and colour scheme of the person is altered to reflect the flavour of the drink. While Glow is in pink, with flowery hair and the headling "V Gorgeous", Kick's drinker has yellow spiked hair and the heading "V Lively", and Detox's drinker has a blue halo and the header "V Pure".

All three executions run with the strapline: "Make it a V good day."

Project: John Lewis Leicester campaign
Clients: Miranda Goodenough, marketing director; Nathalie Drew, direct
marketing campaign manager, John Lewis
Brief: Launch the new John Lewis in Leicester
Creative agency: Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw
Writer: Ben Golik
Art director: Phil Wyatt
Planner: Richard Madden
Media agency: Manning Gottlieb OMD
Designers: Sam Harrison, Andy Edwards
Photographer: Lorentz Gullachesen
Exposure: Microsite, e-mail, online banners,
door-drop, direct mail, press


John Lewis is promoting the launch of its new store in Leicester with a direct marketing campaign created by Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw.

The campaign, which comprises press, e-CRM and online elements, promotes the store's new location and invites consumers to "help them unpack" by visiting

Once logged on to the microsite, users are invited to preview the goods available in store and enter a competition to win a case of Champagne.

Project: Natural athletes
Client: Michelle Roberts, brand manager, Nestle
Brief: Raise awareness of Nestle's "kids go free" promotion and showcase
Daley Thompson as the face of "kids go free"
Creative agency: JWT
Writer: Damon Hutson-Flynn
Art director: Damon Hutson-Flynn
Planner: Nicole Rulka
Media agency: MindShare
Media planner: Laura Jones
Production company: Hungry Man
Director: Samuel Christopher
Audio Post-production: 750mph
Exposure: National TV


Nestle has enlisted the Olympic gold medallist Daley Thompson, and a group of junior Thompson lookalikes for a TV campaign that raises awareness of Nestle's "kids go free" on-pack promotion.

The 30-second spot, created by JWT, promotes the scheme enabling consumers to qualify for a free sporting activity by redeeming tokens from packets of Smarties, Milkybars and Fruit Pastilles at participating venues. The activities include swimming, karate and tennis. The spot features some children enjoying the free activities while sporting Thompson-esque facial hair.

The ad ends with Thompson joining in with moustached kids as they play football, while a voiceover encourages parents to "bring out the natural athlete in them".

Project: Qashqai car games 2
Client: Jean-Pierre Diernaz, general manager, Nissan Marketing
Brief: Keep customers engaged with Qashqai car games over a longer
period of time
Creative agency: TBWA\London
Writers: Adam Chiappe, Matt Saunby
Art directors: Adam Chiappe, Matt Saunby
Planner: David Fryman
Media agencies: Go Viral, OMD
Media planners: Jimmy Maymann, Ben Brown
Production companies: Stink, Czar
Director: Lionel Goldstein
Exposure: Online seeded virals, blog site, Metacafe branded channel


TBWA\London is continuing to document the bizarre training rituals of fictional stuntmen obsessed with the Nissan Qashqai, in its latest viral for the car marque.

The viral, which is being seeded on sites such as Metacafe, follows a Polish stuntman who fancies himself as the Harry Houdini of the car stunt world, choosing to chain himself up while performing stunts in the Nissan Qashqai.

In preparation for the Qashqai car games, the character is seen escaping from a flaming sack and from a bath containing concrete blocks.

The ad concludes by driving viewers to the campaign blog site,

Project: Let banter commence
Clients: Ben Hughes, head of digital; Morgan Jamison, online brand
manager, News International
Brief: Launch this year's Dream Team
Creative agency: Euro RSCG
Writers: Dan Kenny, Adam Johnson
Art directors: Dan Kenny, Adam Johnson
Planner: Allison Ashworth
Media agency: MindShare
Media planner: James Crouch
Production company: Passion Pictures
Director: Chris Hemming
Audio Post-production: Dave Robinson, Angell Sound
Exposure: TV (Sky's Football Tonight sponsorship) radio, press, ambient


Euro RSCG is encouraging TV audiences to engage in some lively debate about football in a set of idents promoting The Sun's 2008/09 Dream Team competition.

The idents, which will air during Sky's Football Tonight, feature the voices of two friends winding each other up over the success of their respective "dream teams" for the new season.

They include the quips "there's more points on my licence than that team will ever get" and "your keeper couldn't even catch a cold".

As the pair banter, each word spoken appears on-screen in varying shapes and sizes, with the noise of a busy cafe in the background.

The spots conclude by directing fans to the Dream Team website,