The Work: New Campaigns - UK

Project: Saturday is breakfast day
Client: Jessica Hardcastle, senior brand manager, Lurpak
Brief: Remind people that there is no better way to spend your Saturday
morning than tucking into a home-made breakfast
Creative agency: Wieden & Kennedy
Writer: Peter Gatley
Art director: Noe Kuremoto
Planner: Lisa Prince
Media agency: Carat
Media planner: Naomi Lopez
Production company: HLA
Director: Simon Ratigan
Editor: Bruce Townend, The Quarry
Post-production: The Mill
Audio Post-production: Wave
Exposure: National TV


Lurpak is imploring the nation to use their Saturday mornings to stay at home and make wonderful breakfasts in its latest TV work by Wieden & Kennedy.

The ad, which has Rutger Hauer continuing to provide the voiceover, intersperses shots of people sleeping in with images of the perfect breakfast being made, including fresh coffee, home-made pancakes, boiled eggs and hot toast spread with Lurpak.

The media strategy has been woven into the creative, meaning the ad will be shown on Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings to remind viewers to stock their fridges for breakfast.

Project: Saturated fat campaign
Client: Food Standards Agency
Brief: Highlight the dangers of saturated fat in our diet and provide
simple tips to reduce consumption of foods high in saturated fat
Creative agency: VCCP
Writer: John McLaughlin
Art director: Mark Orbine
Planner: Cat Wiles
Media agency: Manning Gottlieb OMD
Media planner: n/s
Production company: Nice Shirt Films
Director: Jon Hollis
Post-production: Nice Shirt Films Audio post-production 750mph
Exposure: National TV, digital


The Food Standards Agency has launched a £3.5 million campaign highlighting the dangers of saturated fat.

The campaign centres on a TV spot, created by VCCP, which sees a woman pouring an average person's monthly saturated fat intake down a kitchen sink as a metaphor for the damage that saturated fat can do to the arteries in the heart.

When the sink finally blocks, a voiceover says "If saturated fat can clog this pipe, imagine what it's doing to yours" before driving viewers to the website at

A digital campaign running alongside the activity includes a downloadable fridge application that sits on computer desktops and houses 200 recipes for meals that are low in saturated fat.

Project: Garage
Clients: Richard Payne, marketing communications manager; Claire Irving,
marketing communications specialist, Mercedes
Brief: Promote the fuel economy of the Smart Car
Creative agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
Writer: Gary Walker
Art director: Huw Williams
Planners: Martin Beverley, Miranda Ross
Media agency: Maxus
Media planners: Louise Reid, Milly Newman
Production company: Great Guns
Director: WHO
Editor: Andrew Phillips, The Chop House
Post-production: The Mill
Audio Post-production: The Lab at AMV
Exposure: National TV


Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO has employed stop-motion photography to highlight the fact that the Mercedes Smart Car is the most fuel-efficient production car in the UK. The ad demonstrates this by showing the length of time between refuelling.

It begins with a man on the forecourt of a petrol station filling his Smart Car up on a snowy day. The time-lapse sequence then shows the passing of time to a bright spring day, when the man returns to fill up the car again.

Project: Time travel
Clients: Simon Hetherington, Lawrence Hamilton, Kia Motors (UK)
Brief: Dramatise Kia's unique seven-year warranty
Creative agency: Kindred
Writer: Ben Friend
Art director: Simon Brotherson
Planner: Andrew Levy
Media agency: M2M
Production company: Outsider
Directors: Dom and Nic
Sound: design Nick Rapocelli, Neil Barnes
Exposure: National TV, outdoor


Kindred has made a time machine in its new ad for Kia that can transport cars seven years into the future.

Promoting its Cee'd marque, and following on from 2008's "designed to change your mind" campaign, the ad promotes the car's seven-year warranty. The execution begins with a test-driver gunning a Kia Cee'd down a futuristic tunnel towards a glowing portal while a scientist looks on. As the car crashes through, it disappears, only to reappear seven years later with all of its quality tests passed.

Project: Goal
Client: Dave Tucker, UK marketing director, Tic Tac
Brief: Give a little lift to football fans who missed Everton's goal
Creative agency: WCRS
Writers/art directors: Steve Hawthorne, Katy Hopkins
Planner: Liz Wolstenholme
Media agency: Mediaedge:cia
Media planner: Dan Friel
Production company: Home Corp
Director: Jamie Chung
Post-production: Finish
Audio Post-production: 750mph
Exposure: Viral


By way of an apology to Everton fans, Tic Tac has dressed up a load of men as Tic Tacs and filmed them recreating the goal that ITV viewers were deprived of recently during Everton's FA Cup replay against Liverpool.

Due to a technical error with ITV's automated advertising system, a Tic Tac ad interrupted the match just as the crucial goal was scored.

Although Michael Grade, ITV's executive chairman, has subsequently apologised for the error, WCRS, Tic Tac's agency, felt that it was necessary to recreate the magic of Dan Gosling's goal, in a style borrowed from Fantasy Football's "Phoenix From The Flames".

Project: New breed
Client: Oscar Nieboer, marketing and brand director, Betfair
Brief: Build an integrated platform that would directly recruit novice
and expert poker players, and work in paid-for advertising, as well as
on the Betfair Poker site
Creative agency: Albion
Writer: Clive Pickering
Art director: Clive Pickering
Media agency: BJK&E
Media planner: Sam Ashken
Photographer: Samuel Hicks
Photographer's agency Black Dog Represents
Exposure: Pan-European posters


Betfair Poker is positioning itself as the poker site for a younger generation of players, who have grown up with the online game.

To distinguish the brand from the hardcore, Stetson-wearing gambler who uses other sites, Albion has created a set of posters that carry the strapline: "Join the new breed." They feature young people surrounded by illustrations from the world of sorcery, including a sword, a cape and a whip.

Project: Partner Network viral
Client: Daniel Langton, channel marketing manager, Partner programmes,
Brief: Promote Microsoft's revamped Partner Network
Creative agency: Rebel Virals
Writer: David Watson
Art directors: David Sloly, David Watson
Planner: Natalie Horne
Media agency: n/a
Exposure: Online


The Microsoft Partner Network is a social networking utility for companies, which gives them the opportunity to collaborate with other businesses online.

To highlight the service and bring some fun to what could seem like a dry subject, Rebel Virals has created a humorous spoof viral, which is specifically targeted at a business-to-business audience.

The film is based around a retreat called Camp Network, run by the over-enthusiastic, abbreviation-spilling life coach Nathan Storm, who pushes the participants to do more with networking by spouting business-speak about putting sticks and stones together to chase animals and eat berries.

Project: Volkswagen Golf VI
Client: Josie Taylor, communications manager, small cars, Volkswagen
Brief: Raise awareness of the launch of Volkswagen's Golf VI model
Creative agency: Proximity London
Writer: Chris May
Art director: Mark Dudley
Planner: Paul Gage
Photographer: Carl Warner
Exposure: Direct mail to 59,000 targeted prospects


Proximity London has produced the second wave of advertising in the "sometimes the only one you have to beat is yourself" campaign for the Volkswagen Golf VI.

For this phase, Proximity has attempted to illustrate how Volkswagen viewed the previous Golf V model as its benchmark and the only competition it had to beat.

Each leaf of the pack depicts a different component of the Golf V stripped bare, to illustrate how Volkswagen literally took apart the previous model and reviewed every piece, before making improvements when creating the Golf VI.

Project: RAF blog
Client: Adam Procter, digital media manager, RAF
Brief: Invite a target market of 16- to 24-year-olds to see what their
lives would be like if they were to sign up for the RAF
Creative agency: Lean Mean Fighting Machine
Writer: Dave Bedwood
Art director: Sam Ball
Planner: Tom Bazeley
Media agency: i-level
Media planner: Amy Lawrence
Designer: Mark Beacock
Exposure: Online


The RAF has launched a website aimed at 16- to 24-year-olds, which gives them a chance to peek into the life of an RAF recruit.

Created by Lean Mean Fighting Machine, the website was set up as a blog and contains nine weeks of posts from someone who has been through the recruitment process and reached the eventual passing-out ceremony.

Users can upload a photo of their own face so that it appears in all of the images.