The Work: New Campaigns - UK

Project: Aero
Clients: David Rennie, marketing director; Clare Heathcote, marketing
manager; Katie Jordan, brand manager, Nestle Confectionery
Brief: Broaden the appeal of Aero
Creative agency: JWT
Writers/art directors: Bruno Xavier, Ronnie Vlcek
Planner: Jono Black
Media agency: Mindshare
Media planners: Laura Jones, Michelle Radley
Production company: Superstudio
Director: Ty Evans
Editors: Matt Murphy (LA), Darren Baldwin (London)
Post-production: Prime Focus
Audio Post-production: 750mph
Exposure: National TV, viral


Fifty thousand brown balloons and a skateboarder form the basis of Aero's new TV campaign, created by JWT.

The ad sees the specialist skateboarder Bob Burnquist skating through the balloons in the 40,000-square foot Lake Cunningham Skate Park in San Jose, California in a bid to broaden the appeal of Aero.

Ty Evans, a renowned skateboarding cinematographer, directed the commercial, which follows Burnquist as he carves through ramps, barrels and bowls all filled with balloons.

The Jackson 5 track ABC accompanies the ad, which ends on the strapline: "Feel the bubbles."

Project: Boursin
Clients: Ian Greengrass, marketing director; Nigel Marchant, group
product manager; Chloe Feminier, brand manager, Boursin
Brief: It is the first time that Boursin has been on-air with the "Du
pain. Du vin. Du Boursin" line for ten years; therefore, the perfect
opportunity to remind the nation of the Boursin product range and
position it as a regular fixture in people's cheese repertoire
Creative agency: Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R
Writers/art directors: Nicola Hawes, Andy Forrest
Planner: Joanna Bamford
Media agency: OMD
Media planner: Nadine Turner
Production companies: Hungry Man, Franco American Films
Director: Steve Hudson
Editors: Bill Smedley
Post-production: Medialab, Paris
Exposure: National TV


Boursin, the French soft cheese, is bringing back its famous "Du pain. Du vin. Du Boursin" strapline in a new TV campaign by Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R.

The brand campaign, which is Boursin's first for ten years, sees a couple frolicking in a field of wheat before settling down for a romantic picnic, of Boursin, fresh bread and wine.

But, as the French voiceover delivers the line "Du pain, du vin, du Boursin", the cheesy scene is suddenly interrupted. The camera pans out and the final words "Du tracteur" are delivered, revealing that the happy couple are within inches of being mowed down by a combine harvester.

Project: Rebranding of UKTV History as Yesterday
Clients: David Abraham, chief executive, UKTV; Matthew Littleford,
channel controller, UKTV
Brief: Create a new brand identity for Yesterday, formerly UKTV History
Creative agency: Red Bee Media
Writer: n/s
Art director: Kevin Hill
Planner: Hannah Wren
Media agency: n/a
Production company: Red Bee Media
Director: James Hutchinson
Editor: Paul Hardcastle, Trim Editing
Post-production: Munky
Audio Post-production: Adelphoi, Lip Synch Post
Exposure: UKTV


UKTV is rebranding UKTV History as Yesterday and is promoting the change with a series of idents.

The six ads, created by Red Bee Media, fuse footage and music from two contrasting eras in a bid to encourage audiences to view the past with fresh eyes.

One spot, entitled "hoodies", sees a gang of hooded youths wondering the streets with a backing track of monks chanting, while "debutantes" features black-and-white images of a 50s debutante ball and a soundtrack of techno music.

All of the six idents end with the strapline: "Yesterday. Where the past is always present."

Project: Killzone 2 webgame
Client: Phil Lynch, product manager, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Brief: n/s
Creative agency: Agency Republic
Writer: Agency Republic
Art director: Agency Republic
Planner: Agency Republic
Media agency: Manning Gottlieb OMD
Media planner: Manning Gottlieb OMD
Designer: Agency Republic
Exposure: Online


Agency Republic is declaring world war on the worldwide web in its new online campaign for the first person shooter game Killzone2 for the PlayStation3.

The campaign allows users to shoot up the internet by downloading a plug-in from, which turns every web page into a battle ground.

When users visit a site, the enemy could appear on screen and strike at any time. To fire back, the user's cursor becomes a crosshair. But if the user misses its target, the shots will blow holes in the page behind them.

The campaign also allows consumers to form squads with their friends to fight as a group, earning more points, which could lead to prizes if they achieve top scores.

Project: Bill
Client: Mariano Dima, executive vice-president of marketing and
products, Visa
Brief: Visa brand campaign
Creative agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Writers/art directors: Kate Stanners, Paul Silburn
Planner: Richard Huntington
Media agency: Mediaedge:cia
Media planner: Mediaedge:cia
Production company: Academy
Director: Joey Garfield
Editor: Russell Icke
Post-production: The Mill
Audio Post-production: Wave
Exposure: TV in the UK, Poland, Finland, Italy, Greece, Germany


Visa's follow-up to its "running man" ad features a man performing acrobatic stunts while on crutches.

The ad, which was created by Saatchi & Saatchi, marks the second stage in Visa's "life flows better with Visa" campaign.

Bill Shannon, a dance and media artist, fronts the ad, performing a seamless dance through the streets of a city while using crutches.

During his journey, he buys a cup of coffee and a jacket as well as sliding down a banister and riding on a skateboard, in a bid to illustrate how his shopping trip can flow better when using a Visa card.

Project: Paddy Power brand campaign
Client: Adam Perrin, head of brand, Paddy Power
Brief: Raise awareness of Paddy Power's unique special offers
Creative agency: Karmarama
Writers/art directors: Tom Woodington, Robin Temple
Planner: Sid McGrath
Media agency: Goodstuff Communications
Media planner: Ben Hayes
Production company: CompanyKream
Exposure: TV, press, online

THE LOWDOWN Karmarama has unveiled its first TV campaign for Paddy Power since securing the account in January.

The ads take a humorous approach to sports betting by placing a number of sporting personalities, including the jockey Richard Dunwoody and the ex-England footballer Carlton Palmer, in unlikely settings.

In one spot, a man is sharing a candlelit bath with his girlfriend when Palmer suddenly pops up out of the bubbles to tell the man his bet has been refunded.

Palmer was cast for the ad following an online vote hosted by the bookmaker at

Project: Set of X-rays DM
Client: Steve Crone, chief executive, Quit
Brief: Remind people about the gravity of the smoking-related health
situation in the UK and inspire them to donate to Quit
Creative agency: Saatchi & Saatchi X
Writer: Ant Melder
Art director: Seamus Higgins
Planner: Sam Higginson
Designers: David Sydenham, Callum Loftus
Exposure: 3,000 DM packs sent out to Quit donors and potential donors


Quit, the charity that helps people give up smoking, is sending out a direct marketing pack containing a set of mocked-up lung X-rays.

The mailer, created by Saatchi & Saatchi X, comes in an envelope marked "X-Ray Film", which contains several sheets of X-rays with the image of a lung replaced with a map of the UK.

In order to encourage people to donate to the charity, each sheet contains a number of facts about the effects smoking has had on the country, as well as information about the work Quit is doing to help people kick the habit.

Project: Bombardier: drink of England
Clients: Paul Smith, Emily Hudson: Wells & Young's
Brief: Position Bombardier as the official ale of England
Creative agency: Kindred
Writer: Mark Prime
Art director: Lee Hanson
Planner: Andrew Levy
Media agency: Equinox
Illustrator: David Lawrence
Exposure: National six-sheets


Wells & Young's is using a print campaign featuring British icons to help assert its claim that its Bombardier bitter is the "drink of England".

The ads, created by Kindred, each feature a coat of arms made up of memorable British objects, places and people.

In one spot, Winston Churchill is seen clutching a 99 ice-cream next to Kenneth Williams dressed as Sherlock Holmes, both of whom are standing above a replica of Stonehenge.

Another execution features Queen Victoria dressed as Robin Hood alongside a bulldog, the Red Arrows and Punch and Judy.

Project: Mr Strings
Client: Kelly Rafferty, marketing manager, Cheese & Dairy UK, Kerry
Brief: Refresh the brand in the eyes of mums and kids
Creative agency: Fallon
Writers: Matt Keon, Rich Flintham, Rick Gayton, Darren Beresford
Art directors: Matt Keon, Rich Flintham, Rick Gayton, Darren Beresford
Planner: Mans Tesch
Media agency: Vizeum
Media planner: Chris Stephenson
Digital production: B Reel
Exposure: Online


Fallon has created a digital campaign to support its "Mr Strings" TV campaign for Cheestrings, which allows children to create their own Mr Strings character.

As well as creating their own version of the mystery Mr Strings, the site,, enables kids to bring the character to life in a choice of four different fantasy worlds.

Each world was created by photographing and digitising natural material such as sand, paper and fabric, creating an online environment where users can uncover secret tasks and interact with characters created by other users.