The Work: New Campaigns - UK

Project: Start thinking soldier
Client: Colin Cook, marketing director, army recruiting group, COI;
Major Charlie Mayo, SO2 national marketing
Brief: Engage with significant numbers of individuals who might not have
considered the army, by giving them the chance to find out more about
themselves and what their potential might be, therefore encouraging
contact and an ongoing dialogue
Creative agencies: Publicis, Publicis Modem
Writers/art directors: Matt Anderson, Steve Nicholls, Jon Groom, Asan
Planner: Mike Wade
Media agency: ZenithOptimedia
Media planner: Seb Mossop
Production company: Spank
Director: Michael Geoghagen
Post-production: Cut + Run, The Motion Picture Company
Audio Post-production: 750mph
Exposure: TV, radio, press, online


The army is launching a recruitment campaign, created by Publicis and Publicis Modem, to span online, TV, radio, DM and print channels.

The campaign, which aims to engage 17- to 21-year-olds, begins with a TV spot encouraging viewers to "start thinking soldier" by presenting them with a dilemma: You need to invade a suspected explosives factory in the desert, what would you do?

The ad, which is the first of four that will roll out over the next four months, was shot in Kenya from the perspective of a soldier put in this predicament.

The viewer is then given three options and driven online where they can select their preferred method on the campaign microsite,

Those who choose correctly are treated to an online army mission, created through a mix of live action sequences and Flash animation, where they complete the challenge they started from the TV spot.

Once this stage is completed, users are given feedback on their performance and invited to register.

Project: Blast
Client: Emma Thomas, head of marketing, BBC future, media and technology
Brief: Launch Blast, a creative resource which encourages young people
to experiment with their creativity
Creative agency: Fallon
Writer: Joe De Souza
Art director: Sam Walker
Media agency: MPG
Production company: Red Bee Media
Post-production: The Motion Picture Company


The BBC is encouraging creative types to log on to in a new TV campaign created by Fallon.

The set of ads see teenagers trying to indulge their creative side in their bedrooms, from busting some moves to designing a dress. Unfortunately, their quiet creative process is interrupted by a group of misfit characters that wade in with their own suggestions.

In "dancer", a boy attempting to dance in his room is disturbed by a Viking dwarf character who displays his own dance moves.

Project: Nurse
Client: Dr Pepper
Brief: Grow brand affinity and encourage trial of the product by
returning to the iconic brand idea: "What's the worst that could
Creative agency: Mother
Writer: Mother
Art director: Mother
Planner: Mother
Media agency: Vizeum
Media planner: Chris Langley
Production company: Blink Productions
Director: The Pelorian Brothers
Post-production: Golden Square (online), The Mill (telecine)
Audio Post-production: Factory Studios
Exposure: UK TV, cinema


Mother has unveiled a new spot for Dr Pepper continuing its "What's the worst that could happen?" brand idea.

The new spot features a teenager whose decision to try Dr Pepper results in the realisation of his worst nightmare: embarrassment in front of his peers.

The cause of his humiliation is the college nurse who he visits to treat an injury to his little finger. Unfortunately the nurse accidentally turns on the tannoy and her request for him to pull his "little friend" out of his pants is broadcast across the school.

Project: Nokia N85 game over boredom
Client: Chris Jones, UK marketing, Nokia
Brief: Position the N85's gaming functions as a mobile antidote to
Creative agency: Work Club
Writers: David Martin, Lucy-Anne Ronayne, Ben Mooge
Art directors: Rodrigo Lebrun, Jade Tomlin, Andy Sandoz
Planner: Louise Williamson
Media agency: MediaCom
Media planner: Matt Maroni
Production company: Kog Industries
Director: Diamond Bullet
Post-production: The Mill
Exposure: Online


Work Club is showcasing the features of the Nokia N85 phone using a small black dog.

The dog, which plays with and rips up newspapers, forms the centre of the campaign in a bid to position the gaming phone as a way to beat boredom.

The campaign began with a set of online banner ads asking: "Have you seen my dog, because he's awesome at golf?"

These were followed by a second set featuring the dog attacking free papers on public transport, which pushed consumers to, where they can click on the dog to discover the phone's design features and functions.

Project: Cover up
Client: Richard Holmes, marketing director, Specsavers
Brief: Promote the free varifocal lenses offer from Specsavers
Creative agency: Specsavers creative
Writers/art directors: Simon Bougourd, Naomi Bishop, Jon Crocker
Planner: n/a
Media agency: Mediaedge:cia
Media planner: Gemma Russell
Production company: Another Film Company
Director: James Haworth
Post-production: The Quarry
Exposure: TV, internet, UK & Ireland


Specsavers is taking a comical look at a competitor's attempts to cover up the optician's advertising offers.

The action begins in a boardroom where the head honcho of the opposition commands his minions to destroy all Specsavers advertising.

The viewer is then treated to watching advertising for Specsavers' free varifocal lenses offer being destroyed by a variety of methods, including a demolition ball and a giant paintroller.

The ad, as always, ends with an ocular mishap - this time, the skivvy who's been carrying out the destruction, manages to trip over while declaring his victory.

He probably should have gone to Specsavers.

Project: Toyota range
Clients: Jon Pollock, general manager communications; Lisa Fielden,
brand development manager, Toyota
Brief: Announce the launch of four new Toyota vehicles
Creative agency: CHI & Partners
Writers/art directors: Alexei Berwitz, Angus Wardlaw
Planners: Rebecca Munds, Tom Pinsent
Media agency: ZenithOptimedia
Media planner: Iain Ogilvie
Production company: RSA Films
Director: Brett Foraker
Post-production: The Motion Picture Company
Exposure: National TV


Toyota unveils a range of its marques including Verso, iQ, Urban Cruiser and Avensis, in a new spot by CHI & Partners.

The ad is accompanied by the track Love You, by the New York 60s jazz group Free Design, and directed by Brett Foraker.

It sees a variety of people, from families to groups of football-playing friends, getting into each of the Toyota models.

But before they enter the car, one person from the group rips off a cover that unveils the ideal marque for that group in a bid to show that Toyota has a car to suit every person's needs.