The Work: New campaigns - UK

Project: Kebablab, tastify
Clients: Cheryl Calverley, marketing manager; Noam Buchalter, marketing
manager, Unilever
Brief: Launch Pot Noodle's new doner kebab flavour and announce that Pot
Noodle has improved the taste of its product
Creative agency: Mother
Writer: Mother
Art director: Mother
Planner: Mother
Media agency: Mindshare
Media planner: Luke McGann
Production company: Hammer & Tongs
Director: Garth Jennings
Editor: Owen Oppenheimer
Post-production: Framestore CFC
Audio Post-production: Factory
Exposure: TV


Pot Noodle is promoting the launch of its new doner kebab-flavoured noodle snack with a TV campaign created by Mother.

The campaign comprises two executions, "tastify" and "kebablab", both of which feature Pot Noodle's all-singing, all-dancing spokesmen Steve and Digger.

"Kebablab" sees the pair decked out in suits singing a Justin Timberlake-esque R&B track, lyrically describing how the new doner kebab flavour was devised.

Meanwhile, "tastify" takes the form of a homage to Disney's High School Musical, in which Digger and Steve are joined by reams of preppy high school kids singing a corny song about how Pot Noodle has been "tastified".

The campaign kicks off with a teaser unbranded ad, pastiching Beyonce's Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) music video, skimpy black dresses included.

Project: Z4 - an expression of joy
Client: Natasha Newman, advertising executive, BMW
Brief: Help launch the new BMW Z4
Creative agency: Dare
Writers/art directors: Tristan Pride, Laura Farmer, Emma Lawson
Planner: Toby Horry
Media agency: Zed
Media planner: Agustin Crespo
Designer: Jonny Goodall
Production companies: Dare, Inition
Exposure: Online, press, DM


Dare has created an augmented reality application to support the above-the-line advertising for the new BMW Z4.

To tie in with the TV spot, created by GSD&M, which features a Z4 painting a work of art with its wheels, the online campaign enables users to paint trails with a virtual Z4 on a real-time image of their desk that appears on screen via a webcam.

The campaign uses the augmented reality technology MagicSymbol, and the application can be downloaded from

The results can be captured via the user's webcam and, later this month, they will be able to upload videos of their creations on to YouTube.

Project: J20: It's metter to bix things up
Client: Jonathan Gatward, brand director, Britvic
Brief: Raise brand awareness and drive consideration of purchase of J20
Creative agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty
Writers/art directors: Nick Gill, Chris Palmer
Planner: Kelsey Hodgkin
Media agency: Mindshare
Media planner: n/s
Production company: Gorgeous
Director: Chris Palmer
Editor: The Quarry
Post-production: The Mill
Audio Post-production: Wave Studios
Exposure: TV


The latest campaign for J20 features a woman from a costume drama whinnying like a horse and a glamorous woman sitting by a swimming pool talking like a redneck about wrenches.

Britvic's new positioning for J2O focuses on its mixture of two different fruits and is backed by a new campaign line: "It's metter when you bix things."

The ads follow this idea using two separate film clips, such as a costume drama and a man talking to a horse, except the audio tracks are switched around so they play over the wrong films.

Project: BBQ
Client: Noam Buchalter, marketing manager, Unilever
Brief: Launch the new Peperami BBQ flavour
Creative agency: Lowe London
Writer: Sam Haynes, Lee Trott
Art directors: Sam Haynes, Lee Trott
Planner: Justin Pahl
Media agency: Mindshare
Media planner: Luke McGann
Production company: Passion Pictures
Director: Darren Walsh
Editor: In-house
Post-production: Rushes
Audio Post-production: 750 mph
Exposure: TV


The most sadomasochistic of foil-wrapped meat snacks is back on TV screens (and in a barbecue pit) this week.

To promote the new BBQ Peperami variant, Lowe London has created a 20-second spot that features the Adrian Edmondson-voiced snack bar dismembering himself.

First he pulls an arm off and sticks it on a skewer, then follows a leg, then the top of his head (which he pulls off) and so on and so on until his entire mutilated body is stuck on the spike. He then launches himself kamikaze-style on to the barbecue.

Project: Mellow Bird's
Client: Sam Greenwood, senior brand manager, coffee marketing, Kraft
Brief: Relaunch Mellow Bird's to a new generation of coffee-drinkers
Creative agency: Work Club Writers Ben Mooge, Sally Skinner, Lucy-Anne
Art directors: Simon Whybray, Jade Tomlin
Planner: Lisa De Bonis
Media agency: Mediavest
Media planners: Deborah Phethean, Lucy Crean
Production company: Hungry Man
Director: Stephen Pearson
Exposure: TV, online
Post-production: Prime Focus
Audio Post-production: Factory Sound


Work Club has launched its first work for Mellow Bird's coffee since winning the account last year.

The campaign, aimed at students, focuses on the awkward doorstep moment at the end of a date.

It features couples using euphemisms to ask their date to come in for a coffee, such as "Do you want to come in and feed the goldfish", "dust my lamps" and "descale my kettle". The TV spot ends with the line: "It's coffee but not so full on. Mellow Bird's. Born to be mild."

The TV ad is supported by an eBay shop that sells extras to go with a "cup of coffee" (pillow cases, candles, dressing gowns), experiential activity and motion-triggered advertising panels in bars.

Project: Lemur
Client: Andy Harris, managing director, games and new channels,
Brief: Advertise as a place to get thrills
Creative agency: M&C Saatchi
Writers/art directors: Dan McCormack, Luke Boggins
Planner: John Clark
Media agency: Walker Media
Media planner: Chris Smith
Production company: Outsider
Director: Scott Lyons
Exposure: National TV


Ladbrokes is following up its controversial skydiving spot, which was banned by the Advertising Standards Authority for linking gambling with reckless behaviour, with a new ad featuring a giant lemur.

The spot sees a man playing hide-and-seek with the creature, fleeing from the giant beast and settling on a wheelie bin as his hiding place.

A voiceover explains: "Don't hide from thrills, seek them out at"

The pair then change roles, with the lemur leaping away while the man counts with his eyes shut.

Project: Whoeveryouare
Client: Littlewoods
Brief: Remind existing shoppers why Littlewoods is a great place to shop
and the right choice for them - and make them feel even better about
shopping there, while also getting non-users to reappraise the brand
Creative agency: WCRS
Writer: Oli Beale
Art director: Alex Holder
Planner: Liz Wolstenholme
Media agency: Carat
Media planner: Dave Pascoe
Production company: Smuggler
Director: Neil Harris
Post-production: Finish
Audio Post-production: Envy
Exposure: National TV, online, print


Castaways, space-dwellers, mermen and mermaids, and arctic fashionistas all shop at, according to the latest ad for the online directory.

The spot, created by WCRS, aims to highlight the fact that Littlewoods is suitable for everyone. It carries the strapline: "Whoever you are, shop your way at"

The ad sees everyone, from a Robinson Crusoe-esque family to a retro space-age couple, extolling the virtues of's range of brands and interest-free payment policy.

Print and online activity supports the TV campaign.

Project: Hot Wheels: indoor roads
Client: Wendy Hill, marketing manager, Mattel
Brief: n/s
Creative agency: Ogilvy London
Writer: Jason Mendes
Art director: Andy Wyton
Planner: n/a
Media agency: JCDecaux
Media planner: n/a
Exposure: HD outdoor 48-sheet, print


The toy manufacturer Mattel has launched a print campaign for its classic toy car Hot Wheels.

The print campaign, created by Ogilvy London, will run in Powerstation and VolksWorld magazines as well as on 48-sheet outdoor poster sites.

Aimed at big-kid dads, who will buy the toys for their children, the campaign features outdoor landscapes with indoor flooring, such as carpet, where there would normally be a road. By omitting the toy cars, it plays with the idea that the home can become a pretend racetrack for children and adults alike.

Project: Bingo superstars
Client: Matt Robinson, vice-president, brand marketing, 888
Brief: Attract more women to chat and play at and help
the site keep its crown as the UK's fastest-growing bingo site
Creative agency: Grey London
Writer: Grey London
Art director: Grey London
Planner: Grey London
Media agency: All Response Media
Media planner: CJ
Production company: Moxie Pictures
Director: James Griffiths
Post-production: Prime Focus London
Exposure: TV, print, online


888's bingo pin-up girls are the focus of the gambling site's new TV campaign, created by Grey London.

The two documentary-style ads focus on 888's bingo superstar women as they embark on various publicity activities - from having their photo taken for a calendar to shooting a music video about bingo.

The tongue-in-cheek spots, which carry the strapline "every day a bingo superstar is born", promote the online gambling site's free £20 bet offer and drive viewers to the website.

Project: FT Budget
Client: Caroline Halliwell, director of brand and business-to-business
marketing, Financial Times
Brief: Promote the FT's quality, in-depth analysis of this most
difficult of budgets
Creative agency: DDB London
Writer: Dylan Harrison
Art director: Feargal Ballance
Planner: Lucy Jameson
Media agency: n/a
Media planner: n/a
Exposure: UK press, online


The Financial Times is questioning whether Alistair Darling can wave his magic wand and fix the broken economy in a tactical ad for the paper.

The print execution, promoting the publication's coverage of the 2009 Budget, features the Chancellor of the Exchequer holding up a white rabbit, rather than the famous red leather briefcase.

Text underneath reads: "Can he perform a miracle? In-depth analysis of the 2009 Budget."

Project: Peugeot 308 CC VIP events
Client: Helen Main, manager marketing communications, Peugeot
Brief: Fill 1,000 test-drive places spread across five VIP events around
the UK
Creative agency: CMW
Writer: Scott Vaux Nobes
Art director: Dan Plotkin
Planner: Ben Rachel
Exposure: Direct mail


Peugeot is promoting the UK launch of its new 308 CC marque through a direct marketing campaign created by CMW.

Initially, a direct mail pack will be sent to prospects encouraging them to attend a VIP test-drive event at a leading country hotel.

Then, at the event, each of the 1,000 attendees will receive a goody bag containing a 32-page "event art book", highlighting the key features of the marque, and a discount voucher for selected luxury hotels.

All campaign collateral will be themed in black and white, reflecting the limited edition GT100 models - 50 of which have been made in black and 50 in white.