The Work: New Campaigns - UK

Project: Bowtime
Client: Fiona Seath, Strongbow brand manager, Scottish & Newcastle UK
Brief: Give Strongbow a role in its drinkers' lives by positioning it as
the reward for hard graft
Creative agency: St Luke's
Writers/art directors: Enrique Reija, Jules Vizard, Borja Alvarez, Tim
Collins, Al Young
Planner: Dan Hulse
Media agency: MediaVest
Media planner: Stuart Whitehead
Production company: Outsider
Director: James Rouse
Post-production: The Moving Picture Company
Audio Post-production: Factory Studios
Exposure: TV, posters, radio, viral


Strongbow is promoting its cider as a reward for hard graft in a new TV campaign aimed at Britain's blue-collar workers.

The action focuses on a throng of roofers, gasmen and satellite dish-fitters, gathered atop a hill before marching on an industrial city.

Their leader is seen giving the troop of "grafters" a Braveheart-style speech geeing them up for combat, as the group all raise the tools of their trade aloft.

But rather than delivering the infamous "they may take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom" speech, the man works his way around the troops congratulating each trade individually before delivering his last rousing cry: "Our nation relies upon your graft, and when this day is done and we raise that first pint of Strongbow to our parched dry lips, we'll know our time has come."

The ad ends with the strapline "Bowtime hard earned."

Project: Where tea time's important
Clients: James Prentice, brand manager, Yorkshire Tea; Clare Abbott,
marketing director, Taylors of Harrogate
Brief: Bring together two much-loved Yorkshire institutions - John
Shuttleworth and Yorkshire Tea - to celebrate the importance of tea time
Creative agency: Beattie McGuinness Bungay
Writers: Simon Bere, Graham Fellows
Art director: Simon Bere
Planner: David Bain
Media agency: MediaCom North
Media planner: Mark Watts
Production companies: Willy Smax Films, Chic Ken Productions
Director: Willy Smax
Post-production: Rushes
Audio Post-production: Grand Central
Exposure: National TV, radio, digital


Beattie McGuinness Bungay has resurrected Graham Fellows' late 80s comedy character John Shuttleworth for its first work on Yorkshire Tea.

The first ad in the series sees the bespectacled Yorkshire stalwart in his garage playing his keyboard in an attempt to create a song in honour of Yorkshire Tea.

After being interrupted by his wife who asks him to erect a washing line in the garden, his agent Ken Worthington then chimes in, encouraging Shuttleworth to continue, which he does, singing a tune with the lyric: "Tea time is me time."

Further executions entitled "cake and biscuits" and "London scum" will roll out later in the year.

The Shuttleworth character will tour the country as part of the campaign, promoting the Tea Time Is Me Time EP, which will be released via the Yorkshire Tea website and iTunes.

Project: Online product marketing
Client: Eric Mai, senior product marketing manager international,
Brief: Introduce existing and new users to a range of new products and
services on MySpace
Creative agency: Albion
Writers/art directors: Aaron Hinchion, Martin Rose
Planner: Sam Asken
Media agency: n/a
Media planner: n/a
Web designer Tom Pounder
Exposure: Visitors to MySpace (new and existing users) across core
global markets through on-site banner advertising


MySpace is promoting its range of new products and services through a digital campaign created by Albion.

The banner ad campaign, which features old toys, dolls and action figures, highlights new features of the social networking site, such as improved privacy settings, profile customisation and photo-sharing facilities.

The banners, which were filmed using stop-frame animation, see the toys acting out different scenarios, from protecting their friends to taking photos of themselves.

Project: Cycling
Client: Nigel Hanlon, group marketing communications manager, Transport
for London
Brief: Persuade non-cyclists to consider, trial and begin cycling in
Creative agency: M&C Saatchi
Writer: Simon Dicketts
Art director: Tiger Savage
Planner: Cressida O'Shea
Media agency: Mediaedge:cia
Media planner: Lisa Inglis
Director/photographer/illustrator: Lee Jenkins
Exposure: Outdoor, regional press


With carbon footprints high on everyone's agenda, Transport for London is taking the opportunity to encourage Londoners to take up cycling as a means of getting from A to B.

The campaign, created by M&C Saatchi, features photographic images of people enjoying their bikes and learning to cycle safely.

One execution, featuring a woman cycling in the park, explains that there are hundreds of miles of "greenways" in London - perfect for people learning to ride, while another explains how your borough can help you get proficient.

Each spot runs with the strapline "Catch up with the bicycle" and drives consumers to the website

Project: Iconic love
Clients: Sally Stanley, marketing director; Paul Condron, marketing
manager, Highland Spring
Brief: Confirm the high quality of the Highland Spring brand,
underlining these credentials by portraying Highland Spring bottled
water as a gift worthy and symbolic of truly unconditional love
Creative agency: Merle
Writer: Stuart Anderson
Art director: John Dean
Planner: Diane Lurie
Media agency: Spiritmedia
Media planners: Graham Milne, Odile Montfort
Photographer: Various
Exposure: Consumer press, online


Lassie the dog has made a return in a new campaign for Highland Spring created by the Glasgow-based Merle.

The press ad sees Lassie rescuing a boy from under a tree by bringing him a bottle of Highland Spring. The strapline reads: "Now, that's true love."

The execution forms part of a series that incorporates other stars of the screen such as Charlie Chaplin, Tarzan and the Frankenstein monster, all of which run with the same strapline, in a bid to reinforce the brand's enduring appeal.

The ads will run as double-page spreads in Vogue, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Empire magazines.

Project: Heroes
Client: Mars
Brief: n/s
Creative agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
Writers/art directors: Jeremy Tribe, Prabs Wignarajah
Planner: Adrian Baxter
Media agency: MediaCom
Media planner: Andy Wash
Production company: Knucklehead
Director: Ben Gregor
Post-production: Finish
Audio Post-production: Jingle
Exposure: TV


Mars is giving away thousands of footballs this summer in a bid to encourage consumers to not just watch their sporting heroes, but to "be" their sporting heroes.

A TV spot, by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, highlights the promotion by featuring members of the public dressed as their sporting idols.

Unfortunately, their talent doesn't quite match the quality of their fancy dress, and we see a number of sporting lookalikes, from Freddie Flintoff to Bjorn Borg, putting in some rather poor performances.

The ad drives viewers to the website

Project: The Liberty Of Norton Folgate
Client: Madness
Brief: Promote the new Madness album, The Liberty Of Norton Folgate
Creative agency: Sell!Sell!
Writer/art director: Sell!Sell!
Planner: n/a
Media agency: n/a
Media planner: n/a
Production company: Gas & Electric
Director: Sell!Sell!
Post-production: n/a
Audio Post-production: Wise Buddha
Exposure: TV, online


Madness are promoting their new album, The Liberty Of Norton Folgate, with a TV spot that satirises comparative washing powder ads.

Created by Sell! Sell!, the spot opens on frontman Suggs in a kitchen, explaining that he's washed the album in an "ordinary detergent" and new "Zazz" washing powder.

He then goes on to show the results to camera while explaining: "Five-and-a-half members of Madness say their enjoyment of the album is improved with Zazz."

Project: Lie detector
Client: Laurence Russ, marketing team leader, Department for Children,
Schools and Families
Brief: Help teenagers to resist peer pressure when it comes to
relationships and sex Creative agency Iris
Writer: Ben Steiner
Art director: Toby Burnett
Planner: Iris
Media agency: n/s
Photographer: Alun Crockford
Exposure: Outdoor


Iris has created a poster execution for the Government's "RU thinking" campaign, aimed at dispelling myths about sex.

The ad, to run on Stagecoach buses, uses the image of a lie detector readout but, instead of the usual polygraph line, the detector has written: "When it comes to relationships not everything your mates tell you is true."

The poster invites people to text a free number to download a lie detector game and a myth-buster, which details the ten most common misconceptions about sex.

Project: Darkness
Client: Polly Markandya, interim head of communications, Medecins Sans
Brief: Raise awareness of MSF by communicating their approach to
delivering aid in spite of the enormous barriers they often face
Creative agency: McCann Erickson
Writer: Johnny Skinner
Art director: Ben Brazier
Planner: Pete Wilson
Media agency: Universal McCann
Media planner: Phil Tattersall
Exposure: Outdoor, press


McCann Erickson has turned the lights off in its latest poster campaign for the aid charity Medecins Sans Frontieres.

The campaign aims to highlight that the independent charity doesn't let anything get in the way of it delivering aid, by replicating some of the barriers its doctors often face.

The execution features very dark text on a black background that is barely readable, unless viewed up close. It reads: "Performing emergency surgery in a war zone is dangerous enough. Now imagine you can't see your patient."

Smaller text goes on to explain that the charity's doctors often have to work in areas with no electricity.