The Work: New Campaigns - UK

Project: Wimbledon trail
Clients: Louisa Fyans, head of marketing; Karen Potterton, marketing
manager, BBC Sport & Events
Brief: Promote the BBC's exclusive coverage of the All-England Tennis
Championships at Wimbledon
Creative agency: Red Bee Media
Writers: Jim De Zoete, Toby Crawford
Art director: Toby Crawford
Planner: John Jonesa
Media agency: BBC Media Planning
Media planner: Alasdair Weddell
Production company: Red Bee Media
Director: Toby Crawford
Post-production: Ross Culligan, Concrete
Audio Post-production: Red Bee Media
Exposure: BBC TV


What's that? The smell of ripening strawberries, cut grass and unwashed campers on the streets of London. Well, it must be time for Wimbledon again, a fact that is flagged up in the BBC's new trail for its coverage of the All-England Tennis Championships.

Featuring the main British contender, Andy Murray, the trail takes the viewer inside Murray's mind as he prepares for the championships.

While John McEnroe narrates, Murray is shown going head-to-head in a rally against some of the stars of the game, including Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Venus and Serena Williams, before finally facing his ultimate opponent - himself.

Project: George Back To School
Clients: Catherine Stewart, head of marketing; Aisha Jakhura, external
marketing manager, Asda
Brief: Communicate the fantastic schoolwear offer from George
Creative agency: Fallon London
Writer: Darren Beresford
Art director: Rick Gayton
Planner: Tamsin Northridge
Media agency: Carat
Media planner: Helen Curtin
Production company: The MOB
Director: Andy Saunders
Editor: Colin Sumison
Post-production: Big Buoy
Audio Post-production: Wave
Exposure: UK TV


It's nearly the summer holidays, so Asda is highlighting its new Back To School range of George clothing to encourage mums and dads to stock up for the next school term.

The pupils of Bollin Primary School in Bowdon are the stars of the ad campaign, which sees a number of pupils of all ages and sizes dressed head-to-toe in the George schoolwear.

The spot aims to communicate that whatever their age and size, George can offer value for money, thanks to its flat pricing across all age sizes as well as a number of two-for-one offers.

Project: Rowntree's Randoms
Client: Cheryl Allen, brand manager, Nestle Rowntree
Brief: Nestle has developed Rowntree's Randoms, a new brand of adult
sweets. Develop a nationwide campaign in order to support the launch
Creative agency: JWT London
Writers: Kevin Masters, Miles Bingham
Art directors: Miles Bingham, Kevin Masters
Planner: Nicole Rulka
Media agency: Mindshare
Media planner: Chris Gough
Production company: Partizan
Director: Paul Goldman
Editor: Adam Spivey, Speade
Audio Post-production: Sam Ashwell, 750mph
Exposure: National TV


Nestle Rowntree is seeking to compete with the likes of Haribo in the adult sweet market with its new jelly sweets, Rowntree's Randoms, promoted in a new television campaign.

The ads, created by JWT London, feature adults eating the sweets, which are shaped in the form of random things such as bicycles, ice-cream cones and shuttlecocks.

Unfortunately, when the characters devour the sweets, they lose the power of comprehensible speech, spouting out the shapes of chewy confectionary in place of ordinary words.

A school teacher at a parents' evening, a Sunday League coach and a passer-by giving directions all fall victim to this linguistic disability, to the confusion of their onlookers.

Project: Lucozade Big Brother idents
Client: Jennifer Hall, senior brand manager, Lucozade
Brief: Engage 18- to 24-year-old men with the core brand proposition:
"Lucozade helps you to do more with your energy"
Creative agency: M&C Saatchi
Writers: David Anderson, Ian Brassett, Tom Drew
Art directors: David Anderson, Ian Brassett
Planner: Anna Donaghey
Media agency: MediaCom
Media planner: Chris Binns
Production company: Another Film Company
Director: Nick Jones
Editor: Cut & Run
Post-production: Scramble
Exposure: National TV


Lucozade is sponsoring Big Brother this year and is promoting the tie-up with a series of idents created by M&C Saatchi.

The campaign focuses on a diminutive man and his taller sibling (his "big brother"), who he challenges to complete a number of seemingly impossible dares.

The opening spot of each set sees the shorter brother setting up challenges for his sibling, such as raising treasure from a sunken wreck, or venturing to the South Pole. His big brother then leaves to complete the task with a Lucozade in hand.

In the closing spots, he is shown returning from his mission, wearing the appropriate clothing such as scuba gear or hiking equipment, having successfully completed the challenge.

Project: Know your limits - binge-drinking
Client: Catherine Worswick, Home Office
Brief: Challenge 18- to 24-year-old binge-drinkers to consider the
consequences of their actions
Creative agency: VCCP
Writer: Anthony Stamp
Art director: Richard Yates
Planner: Cat Wiles
Media agencies: Rubber Republic, i-level
Production company: Home Corp
Director: Saul Dibb
Post-production: The Mill
Audio Post-production: Clear Cut Sound
Exposure: Online


The Home Office is confronting young people with some typical drunken behaviour such as shouting and singing in the street, fighting with friends, and vomiting, in a new viral campaign designed to drive home the message that if you wouldn't do it sober, you shouldn't do it drunk.

A continuation of the "know your limits" TV campaign, the new online film features a man conducting vox-pop style conversations with young people in the street.

He asks them if they will sing through a traffic cone; pour vomit over their heads and even throw a punch at their friends, much to the distaste of his interviewees.

By going as far as shouting "you're ugly" in one girl's face and throwing a bin through a shop window, the man's behaviour aims to force 18- to 24-year-old binge-drinkers to consider the consequences of their drunken behaviour.

Project: Proud
Client: Mark Shaoul, head of marketing, Network Rail
Brief: Announce the completion of the £9 billion upgrade to the
West Coast mainline
Creative agency: Iris
Writer: Chas Bayfield
Art director: Toby Burnett
Planner: Phil Jackson
Media agency: Rise Communications
Media planners: Oliver Joyce, Karl Guard
Production company: RSA
Director: Henrik Hansen
Post-production: Framestore CFC
Audio Post-production: Zoo
Exposure: National TV, cinema, station transvision screens, press, 48-
and six-sheets, digital six-sheets


Network Rail is celebrating the achievements of the men who laid the first rails, ballasts and sleepers of our railway system in a TV spot that highlights the improvements the company has made since.

To promote the now completed West Coast mainline, a deep-voiced narrator explains the improvements over picturesque shots of the railway system.

"We have built, modernised and replaced 174 bridges, over 2,000 signals and 430 miles of your track," he says. The spot goes on to explain that you can now reach Glasgow from London in just over four-and-a-half hours, before concluding with the line: "You men of old, your railway lives on."

An outdoor and press campaign supports the nationwide TV spot.

Project: SMUF
Client: Neil Gibson, head of marketing, Vimto
Brief: Combine the product truth of mixed fruit with a brand attitude
that will appeal to teens
Creative agency: Driven
Writer: Driven
Art director: Driven
Planner: Driven
Media agency: Mediaedge:cia Manchester
Media planner: n/s
Production company: Passion Pictures
Director: Against All Odds
Post-production: 422 Manchester
Audio Post-production: 422 Manchester
Exposure: National TV


Driven has unveiled its first work for Vimto since it secured the account from Cheethambell JWT last year.

Carrying the strapline "seriously mixed up fruit", the spot sees three CGI fruit characters on a trip to the fairground.

The ad opens on the raspberry, grape and blueberry persuading a fairground ride operator to let them have a spin on the waltzer.

The trio claim they are "aware of the risks" but when they finally get a turn, the centrifugal force of the ride proves too much and the three fruits explode, squirting their juices over the ride's operator.

Project: Marks in time
Client: Marks & Spencer
Brief: Create a site to support the M&S exhibition in Leeds, celebrating
its 125th anniversary
Creative agency: LBi
Writer: Ben Wade
Art director: Zak Loney
Planner: n/s
Media agency: n/a
Designers: Barry Markham, Chris Tozer
Exposure: Online


The celebrations for Marks & Spencer's 125th anniversary are continuing online with a new website promoting the Leeds-based exhibition "Marks in time".

The site,, promotes the exhibition, which celebrates the store's continued history of innovation and ethical production, by featuring a timeline of M&S's achievements.

From being the first supermarket to sell fresh chicken, to making the first ready-meal, each decade has its own section showcasing the fashions of the time and progress of the store.

Project: Knorr Vie
Client: Catrin Moeckesch, brand manager, Knorr Vie
Brief: Celebrate the health-giving power of the fruit and vegetables in
Knorr Vie
Creative agency: Lowe London
Writers: Simon Lloyd, Christine Turner
Art directors: Simon Lloyd, Christine Turner
Planner: Roo Mackie
Media agency: n/a
Designer: Moonshine
Exposure: Online


A handcrafted miniature garden, made entirely of fruit and vegetables, forms the focal point of a new website for Knorr's Vie drink.

Each section of the site uses a different part of the garden as a backdrop for information detailing Vie's range of drinks, the health benefits of various different types of fruit and vegetables and contact details.

As well as carrying general brand facts, every section also contains a behind-the-scenes film documenting how that portion of the garden was constructed.