The Work: New Campaigns - UK

Project: Staples UK retail
Client: Yetunde Ige, head of marketing, Staples
Brief: Staples sponsors Business on 4
Creative agency: Karmarama
Writers: Tom Woodington, Robin Temple
Art directors: Tom Woodington, Robin Temple
Planner: Fern Miller
Media agency: MediaCom
Media planner: Richard Higbid
Production company: Academy Films
Director: Peter Cattaneo
Exposure: Season of business programming on Channel 4


Staples, the UK's largest office supplies company, is releasing a number of humorous idents as part of its sponsorship of the new season of business programmes on Channel 4.

Starting with the first sponsorship of Undercover Boss, in which a senior executive of a large company poses incognito amid their staff to see how the company really operates, the idents feature footage of various job interviews, where interviewees are asked the question: "If you were a piece of stationery, what would you be and why?"

Each ident captures the interviewee's nervous reaction to the question, as they are forced to come up with more and more embarrassing, but funny, answers.

Project: Sale-fighter
Clients: Julia Bowe, marketing director; Shona Campbell, marketing
manager; Anna Davidson, marketing officer, Harvey Nichols
Brief: Promote this summer's most coveted sale
Creative agency: DDB London
Writer: Graeme Hall
Art director: Hunter Somerville
Planner: Georgina Murray-Burton
Media agency: Rocket
Media planner: Sarah Raftery
Exposure: Print


DDB London is bringing iconic arcade games to the shop floor in a new print campaign for Harvey Nichols.

To promote the retailer's summer sale, scenes from popular fighting games such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat are recreated, showing the characters going head-to-head as they fight to get their hands on the best bargains.

Each character is decked out in the latest designer clothes, with the men in Alexander McQueen suits and women in Rodarte dresses, modelling the luxury items that can be found for up to 50 per cent less during the sale period.

The execution also lists the locations of Harvey Nichols stores in the UK, along with details of when the sale is due to start.

Project: Andrex shea butter
Client: Carol Smith, Andrex marketing manager, Kimberly-Clark
Brief: The new Andrex shea butter campaign is designed to appeal to
women who really care about the way they look and feel
Creative agency: JWT London
Writer: Jamie Thompson
Art director: Roydon Turner
Planner: Sophie Lewis
Media agency: Mindshare
Media planner: Mark Baschnonga
Production company: Bare Films
Director: Martin Brierley
Exposure: TV


Andrex is parodying ostentatious perfume ads in a new TV spot created by JWT London.

The 20-second ad, which promotes the brand's new shea butter variant, features shots of luxurious items accompanied by a deep and sultry voiceover.

Set in an upmarket city apartment, the action pans a living room, showing images of lavish items such as gold jewellery and expensive aftershave.

The spot then focuses on gold sheets, from which the Andrex dog emerges.

A voiceover, in a French accent, says: "Pour homme, pour femme, pour le bottom. For the feel of luxury."

Project: Vodafone Taxi Grand Prix
Client: Belinda Stevenson, sponsorship manager, Vodafone
Brief: Create an interactive competition to celebrate Vodafone's
sponsorship of the McLaren Mercedes
Creative agencies: Dare, Ignite
Writer: Nicky Palamarczuk
Art directors: Dennis Christensen, Dan Viveros, Emma Kingsnorth
Planner: Nathaniel Hill
Media agency: Carat
Exposure: Online, digital outdoor, experiential, press


Vodafone is promoting its sponsorship of the McLaren Mercedes Formula One team through a new online campaign by Dare, in partnership with Ignite.

At the heart of the campaign is an online fantasy racing game, the Taxi Grand Prix, which allows users to pick a team of real-life cabbies, who are racing to complete the same number of miles as the Grand Prix drivers do in a season in the quickest time possible.

People can keep up to date with the drivers' progress through GPS-enabled HTC Magic phones, and by keeping an eye on the drivers' Twitter feeds throughout the race.