The Work: New Campaigns - UK

Project: Positive thinking
Clients: Kirsten Stagg, marketing communications manager; Daniel Hill,
communications manager, Volkswagen UK
Brief: Show how the VW Passat stands for dependability in a world full
of uncertainty
Creative agency: DDB London
Writer: Dave Henderson
Art director: Richard Denney
Planner: Caroline Parker
Director: Noam Murro
Production company: Independent Films
Media agency: MediaCom
Media planner: Duncan Snowden
Exposure: TV


Volkswagen is hoping to position the Passat marque as the "one thing you can be sure of" during these economically turbulent times with a new spot that puts a musical twist on the recession.

The all-singing-(less)-dancing 60-second ad, created by DDB, opens on a man being turfed out of his city office block. As the box containing his possessions collapses on to the pavement, the man breaks into a jubilant song. "When you feel down, try positive thinking that's what I'm told the man said," he sings, before continuing with the encouraging words: "Don't feel down, try positive thinking, laugh at your troubles instead."

The man then makes his way to his car, constructing a woman a bunch of flowers from a red-top newspaper along the way, before jumping into his VW Passat.

As he passes a truck full of sheep making their way to the slaughterhouse the animals nod their heads to his happy tune.

Project: Puppets
Brief: Continue to educate consumers about the difference between and
Creative agency: VCCP
Writers/art directors: Matt Lloyd, Rich Connell, Clem Woodward
Planner: George Everett
Media agency: Zed
Media planner: Paul Constantine
Production company: Passion Pictures
Director: Darren Walsh
Post-production: Passion Pictures
Audio Post-production: Wave Studios
Exposure: TV, radio, online


Aleksandr the meerkat is back in a new TV spot for, created by VCCP.

The short 20-second spot sees the Russian meerkat performing a puppet show, with Aleksandr controlling the strings of a meerkat puppet and a human puppet.

The man asks the meerkat how much he could help him save on his car insurance, which enrages the meerkat puppet (as the man has obviously assumed he is from rather than, prompting him to beat him up with a stick of cured meat while shouting "market, market, market".

The spot ends with Aleksandr delivering his now famous catchphrase "simples".

Project: Impatience is a virtue
Client: Mikah Martin-Cruz, marketing director, Samsung Electronics
Creative agency: Grey London
Writer/art director: Grey London
Planner: Grey London
Media agency: Starcom
Media planner: Alexia Pilavachi
Production company: Moxie Pictures
Director: Neil Gorringe
Editor: James Rosen, Final Cut
Post-production: The Moving Picture Company
Audio Post-production: Wave
Photographer: Yulya Bazzy
Exposure: TV, press, poster, digital, retail


Samsung is launching its new touch-screen phone, the Jet, with a TV campaign that showcases how the phone's speedy hardware is ideally suited to impatient young people and their fast-paced lifestyles.

Created by Grey, the ad begins by telling consumers that it is an ad for Samsung's Jet Phone, because "we know you hate waiting".

Images of people waiting at airports, work and bus-stops then play out, as a fast-paced voiceover, delivered by James McAvoy, explains the boredom of waiting.

The action then cuts to shots of a group of people living for the moment, running through fields and storming a hotel, to promote the notion that "impatience is a virtue".

The campaign was shot by Neil Gorringe, the director behind the promo films for Channel 4's Skins series.

Project: In a hole world of their own
Client: Helen Warren Piper, marketing director, bagged snacks, United
Biscuits UK
Brief: Remind people that Hula Hoops are fun to eat
Creative agency: Publicis
Writer: Gary Turner
Art director: Jamie Marshall
Planner: Pieter-Paul von Weiler
Media agency: Mediaedge:cia
Media planner: James Caig
Production company: Coy!
Director: Mark Denton
Editor: Steve Gandolfi, Cut & Run
Post-production: Rushes
Exposure: National TV


United Biscuits is launching an integrated campaign revolving around the Golden Hoops Film Awards, which invites the public to film their Hula Hoop finger puppets and submit them to a competition.

The campaign starts with two TV commercials, by Publicis. In the first spot, two hands dressed as characters from The Village People with Hula Hoops for eyes perform YMCA. When the camera pans back it shows that they belong to a painter and decorator and the puppets are dancing on his pasting table. The second spot features a Hula Hoop hand character DJing, spinning a pair of Hula Hoops instead of record decks. The hand turns out to belong to a man on a train.

The campaign is also supported by on-pack, PR and in-store promotional activity.

Project: Start-stop: economy drive
Clients: Peter Duffy, head of marketing; James Millett, national
communications manager, Audi
Brief: Spell out Audi's "Vorsprung durch Technik" philosophy by
showcasing Audi's start-stop technology
Creative agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty
Writer: Adi Birkinshaw
Art director: Paul Yull
Planners: Ed Booty, Neil Small
Media agency: MediaCom
Media planner: Malka Frender
Production company: Stink
Director: Neo
Editor: Marshall Street Editors
Post-production: The Mill
Exposure: TV


Bartle Bogle Hegarty has simplified how Audi's latest energy and fuel-saving innovation, start-stop technology, works in a new 60-second TV campaign directed by Neo.

The ad shows computer-generated light bulbs acting like cars. They drive up and down busy roads, through motorway tollbooths and level crossings. They even visit a car wash. However, one of the bulbs dims every time it stops, while all the others remain bright. The dimming of the light represents how the new technology cuts the power of an Audi when it is stationary. The ad, which is filmed in black and white, is set to the bluesy Jimmy Reed track Bright Lights, Big City.

It ends with the line: "Start-stop technology. The new, more fuel-efficient Audis."

Title: Coins
Client: Mariano Sampietro, regional brand manager, Unilever
Brief: Reassure consumers of the good value Sure offers
Creative agency: Lowe London
Writer: Christine Turner
Art director: Simon Lloyd
Planner: Becky Taylor-Wilkinson
Media agency: Mindshare
Media planner: Lisa Stevenson
Production company: Proxima Milano
Post-production: Jack Alexandre
Exposure: TV, press, outdoor


Sure has launched a new TV ad focusing on value for money, which features coins morphing into a Sure deodorant can.

The coins in the ad make up the exact price of Sure deodorant at £1.73 for a 150ml can.

The campaign, which also includes press and digital outdoor, aims to show that Sure offers cash-strapped consumers the double reassurance of underarm confidence and value for money.

Project: Gnome
Clients: Les Mott (ATOC); Gaelle Comte (Southeastern); Andrew Ayers
(Southeastern); Alan Bray (c2c, National Express East Anglia); Maggie
Dondelewska (South West Trains); Alison Brown (FirstGroup); Alex Hill
(SouthernRailway); Robert Cogger (Chiltern Railways)
Brief: Inspire people to go on a day out by train this summer
Creative agency: WCRS
Writer: Joseph Corcoran
Art director: Andrew Bloom
Planner: Lynette Poh
Media agency: Goodstuff
Media planner: Katie Grieve
Production company: Hungry Man
Director: David Boni
Editor: Mark Whelan
Exposure: Cinema


An adventurous garden gnome has a big day out in The Association of Train Operating Companies' summer ad campaign.

The cinema ad, by WCRS, shows the gnome playing with his friends at the seaside, visiting a castle, sightseeing in London and returning just in time for his unsuspecting owner to come home.

The Supergrass anthem Alright is the soundtrack to the stop-frame animation ad, which comprises more than 3,000 still pictures of the gnome.

The campaign, which ends with the line: "Life begins off peak," seeks to encourage more people to travel for leisure purposes by train outside of peak hours.

Project: Aussie Rules bingo
Client: Andy Harris, managing director of games and new channels,
Brief: Link the fun of to the world of TV's
Creative agency: M&C Saatchi
Writer: Andrew Long
Art director: James Millers
Planner: John Clark
Media agency: Walker Media
Media planners: Chris Smith, Ella Fletcher
Production company: Above the Sea
Director: Tony Kaye
Exposure: TV

THE LOWDOWN is sponsoring Neighbours with some Australian-themed idents. Created by M&C Saatchi, the spots feature the players and commentators of a fictional game of "Aussie Rules bingo", which involves pelting players from the opposite team with inflatable bingo balls on a pitch made from sand. One of the spots sees two TV commentators discussing the quality of the pitch. One commentator pushes his finger into the sand, while the other explains: "Yes, Merv has done the penetration test. His finger's gone all the way in. That's a good sign for this game."

Project: Website
Client: David Pullan, chief marketing officer, Manchester City FC
Brief: Create the best football club website in the world
Creative agency: Poke
Writers: Manchester City FC editorial team
Art director: William Cookson
Designers: Dom Goodrum, Vasco Alves, Patrick Smith
Production companies: Aqueduct, LingoBee, Metagy Editor Chris Bailey
Exposure: Online


Poke has redesigned Manchester City Football Club's website, The relaunch of the site turns it into a hub for everything a City fan could need.

The site, created in partnership with Endemol Sport, contains exclusive behind-the-scenes content, such as training-ground reports, press conferences and free match highlights.

The site also features interviews with team members, "live" match day statistics, and links to a Twitter and Flickr feed.