The Work: New Campaigns - UK

Project: Backlot
Client: Ashley Stockwell, executive director for brand and marketing,
Virgin Media
Brief: n/s
Creative agency: Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R
Writer: Gethin Stout
Art director: Richard Bridgland
Planners: Ben Kay, Bruno Frankel
Media agency: Manning Gottlieb OMD
Media planner: Goodstuff
Production company: Rattling Stick
Director: Ringan Ledwidge
Editor: Rich Orrick, Work
Post-production: The Mill
Audio Post-production: Wave
Exposure: TV


Virgin Media is inviting the public to enter a world of fantasy in a new ad created by Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R.

The 60-second spot features a girl who has sneaked into a TV production studio, where she discovers a whole new world of fantasy, in which an Aztec tribe gathers round a fire and an orang-utan swings through the studio rigging.

The girl then strolls outside on to a street set, where she witnesses a thrilling car chase between a New York-style cab and a police car, as well as an army riding horses through the streets and a flying saucer beginning its ascent into outer space.

The ad ends with the strapline: "Discover a world of entertainment with Virgin TV."

Project: Channel 4 efficiency idents
Client: Daniel Hill, Volkswagen comms manager, Volkswagen
Brief: Communicate Volkswagen's four core efficient technologies: direct
shift gearbox, TSI, TDI and BlueMotion
Creative agency: DDB
Writers: Hunter Somerville, Graeme Hall
Art directors: Graeme Hall, Hunter Somerville
Planner: Caroline Parker
Media agency: MediaCom
Media planner: MediaCom
Production company: Smuggler
Director: Neil Harris
Post-production: Jess aan de Weil
Exposure: TV


In line with the current "VW efficiency" campaign, these new idents feature scenarios based on the car's economical technologies.

The four 15-second idents characterise the efficient technologies of Volkswagen cars by featuring different characters that have all developed efficient ways to carry out their daily tasks.

One spot stars a BlueMotion elephant, which has worked out ways of travelling long distances around the world on very little fuel. Another features a Pacific tribe, which has developed an efficient way to collect coconuts by learning to jump and climb trees very quickly.

The idents all finish with the new campaign endline: "Volkswagen. Taking you further."

Project: Aviva direct insurance
Client: David Tyers, director of marketing, Aviva
Brief: Communicate that Aviva recognises the deal hunter in everybody
Creative agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
Writer: Dave Buchanan
Art director: Mike Hannett
Planner: Louise Nolder
Media agency: OMD
Media planner: Anita Wilkins
Production company: HSI
Director: Declan Lowney
Post-production: Graded, The Mill, Post Prime Focus London
Audio Post-production: Wave
Exposure: National TV


Paul Whitehouse, the star of The Fast Show, is the latest in a long line of celebrities to star in ads for the direct insurance business Aviva.

In a series of new spots created by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, Whitehouse takes on a variety of guises, including a fan of Plymouth Argyle Football Club, a well-spoken man and a Welsh goth.

In the football fan spot, Whitehouse spends all his money travelling up and down the country following his club, and uses Aviva to help him save money on his insurance.

In the Welsh goth ad, Whitehouse speaks of his love of a bargain, which, he explains, is why he loves the free contents deal from Aviva for his home insurance.

Project: Paddy Power concessions
Client: Adam Perrin, head of brand, Paddy Power
Brief: Make Paddy Power's concession bets famous
Creative agency: Karmarama
Writer: Tom Woodington
Art director: Robin Temple
Planner: Sid McGrath
Media agencies: Goodstuff, M2M
Media planners: Goodstuff, M2M
Production company: Kream
Director: Kream
Editor: Kream
Post-production: Kream
Audio Post-production: Kream
Exposure: National TV, online, PR


After the appearance of the England cult football hero Carlton Palmer in its previous ad campaign, the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power is rolling out a spot that features the former Liverpool goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar.

The new ad, by Karmarama, aims to highlight the fact that Paddy Power's concession bets give customers the chance to get their money back even when they lose.

It shows the Zimbabwean stopper emerging from a kitchen fridge to give cash back to a startled Paddy Power customer.

As he approaches the punter, Grobbelaar recreates his famous "spaghetti legs" dance, first seen in Liverpool's European Cup final win against Roma in 1984.

The keeper then leaves the kitchen in a rather unusual way, departing through the dishwasher.

Project: Bang Goes The Theory
Client: Kate Fenske, head of marketing, BBC One
Brief: Promote the launch of the new science show Bang Goes The Theory
Creative agency: Red Bee Media
Writer: n/s
Art director: n/s
Planner: n/s
Media agency: MPG
Media planner: n/s
Illustrator: James Joyce
Exposure: National six-sheets


Bang Goes The Theory is a weekday programme for schoolchildren featuring a range of scientific tests and experiments that reveal the mechanics of existing theories.

The posters, created by Red Bee Media, feature brightly coloured images and ask questions including "Do we use our eyes to balance?" and "Is it possible to tickle yourself?"

Project: Toshiba hands writer
Client: Thomas French, director of customer communications, Toshiba
Brief: Develop a flexible campaign lead by memorable visuals, which are
adaptable across Europe, to carry the myriad benefits of the new mini
notebook from Toshiba
Creative agency: Grey London
Writer: Lee Brook
Art director: Nick Rowland
Planner: Grey London
Media agency: n/a
Media planner: n/a
Designer: Th1ng
Exposure: Digital


A man's fingers develop personalities of their own to promote Toshiba's latest notebook in a new digital ad.

The spot, created by Grey London, begins by showing a hand tapping away at the notebook's keyboard.

One by one, the fingers appear with smiley faces on them, and they begin dancing in front of the screen.

A strapline appears explaining that the notebook has been created to keep all types of fingers content - it has up to nine hours battery life for busy fingers, a full-sized keyboard for happy fingers and hard drive protection for clumsy fingers.

Project: Superfast Jet phone
Client: Samsung Electronics
Brief: Generate buzz about the speed of the new Jet phone
Creative agency: The Viral Factory
Writer: The Viral Factory
Art director: The Viral Factory
Planner: The Viral Factory
Media agency: The Viral Factory
Media planner: The Viral Factory
Designer: Keith Schofield, The Viral Factory
Exposure: Online


The Viral Factory is poking fun at the recent spate of stunts, such as Saatchi & Saatchi's "karaoke" ad for T-Mobile, with a new viral campaign for Samsung.

The ad, set in London's Leicester Square, features the arrival of a spaceship from outer space, which is being flown by two little green men.

As the spaceship hovers above the famous London landmark, two elephants bungee out before being sucked back up again as the spaceship flies off.

The watching public try to capture the incredible scene on their phones, but only those with a Samsung Jet succeed as all the other mobiles are too slow.

Project: National Lottery good causes
Client: National Lottery
Brief: Raise awareness of the Lottery's 15th anniversary
Creative agency: Greenroom@momentum
Writer: Ben Lee
Art director: Richard Coggin
Planner: Abbie Walker
Media agency: n/a
Media planner: n/a
Designer: Greenroom@momentum
Exposure: Online


The £23 billion raised so far by Lottery players for a variety of good causes is being celebrated through a new viral film and social networking competition created by Greenroom@momentum.

The campaign features the author and comedian Danny Wallace, who talks about the good work that the National Lottery funding has helped carry out for projects spanning the art, sport, heritage and charity sectors.

The film will be rolled out across sites including Facebook and YouTube, and will also have its own dedicated YouTube channel.

To support the campaign, a competition will be held, which asks users to talk about what Lottery funding means to them. The person who comes up with the best idea will have their concept made into a film by the Bafta-winning director Nick Hamm.

Project: Mail in the digital age
Client: Anthony Miller, head of media development, Royal Mail
Brief: Promote to advertisers the benefits of using direct mail and
digital together
Creative agency: Proximity London
Writer: Marcus Iles
Art directors: Jason Fletcher, Albert Selezyov
Planner: Adrian Hoole
Media agency: n/a
Media planner: n/a
Designer: Nyig Tin
Exposure: Direct mail to 3,000 top advertisers and their agencies


Royal Mail has unveiled the UK's first-ever 3D integrated campaign to help demonstrate to advertisers the power of carrying out a combined direct mail and digital push.

The new work, which combines the use of 3D anaglyph film and 3D60 audio, focuses on the idea of direct marketing and digital elements coming together to create a third enhanced dimension.

This is shown through a direct mail teaser pack, which contains 3D glasses and a personalised URL, which opens a microsite containing a 60-second video that can be viewed in 3D.

Viewers are reminded in the spot that they are experiencing the strengths of the combination of direct and digital media.