The Work: New Campaigns - UK

Project: The clever hamsters
Client: Drench, Britvic
Brief: Get Drench water talked about, while dramatising the benefit on
performance of staying hydrated
Creative agency: CHI & Partners
Writers/art directors: Wayne Robinson, Matt Collier
Planner: Ben Southgate
Media agency: MCHI
Media planner: Stephanie Marks
Production company: Infinity Productions
Director: Alex Turner
Editor: Alex Turner
Post-production: The Moving Picture Company
Audio Post-production: James Clark, Clearcut Sound Studios
Exposure: TV


How do you follow a dancing Thunderbird and a man rodeo-riding a pheasant? A jazz band comprised of hamsters, apparently.

After inviting consumers to audition their furry rodent pets for the spot, CHI & Partners, the agency behind the campaign, selected the most talented hamsters for the bizarre new TV spot. Set in a hamster's cage, the ad sees the rodents making some incomprehensible tweets on miniature instruments from a harmonica to a saxophone.

After hydrating themselves from a bottle of Drench, hooked up to the cage like a normal water bottle, their tuneless blaring miraculously turns into a harmonious jam.

The ad airs for the first time on TV during The Planet's Funniest Animals on Saturday 5 December, but has been pre-released online at

Project: MTV - Lethal weapon
Client: John Jackson, vice-president of social responsibility, MTV
Networks International
Brief: MTV "staying alive - HIV"
Creative agency: Lowe London
Writer/art director: Ed Morris
Planner: Will Humphrey
Media agency: n/a
Production company: Rattling Stick
Director: Ed Morris
Editor: Bill Smedley, Work Post
Post-production: Finish Post
Audio Post-production: Jungle
Exposure: MTV channels and affiliates


Lowe London has created a new Aids awareness spot for MTV's "staying alive" campaign that premieres on World Aids Day on MTV and affiliate channels around the world.

Ed Morris, the former executive director, has returned in a freelance capacity to work on the film, which sees young men bragging to camera about their sexual conquests. Each describes his reproductive organ using language synonymous with weapons and violence, mimicking the actions of a gun while they speak.

The work targets sexually active men aged between 15 and 30 in an effort to communicate that unprotected sex can in itself be a weapon. The campaign hopes to reverse the misconception that there is only a danger of catching the HIV virus in homosexual relationships.

The campaign comprises documentaries, public-service announcements, youth forums and web content for young audiences worldwide. It can be viewed at

Project: Safer Travel at Night (STaN)
Client: Miranda Leedaham, group marketing comms manager, STaN
Brief: Help reduce the number of sexual assaults committed in illegal
Creative agency: M&C Saatchi
Writers/art directors: Paloma Reed, Nick O'Brien
Planner: Cressida O'Shea
Media agency: Mediaedge:cia
Media planner: Ailsa Buckley
Production company: Frivolous
Director: Graham Fink
Editor: Pete Goddard, Rushes
Post-production: Rushes
Audio Post-production: Wave
Exposure: TV, cinema, print, below-the-line, online


Transport for London has launched a new ad in its Safer Travel at Night (STaN) initiative that aims to encourage people, especially young women, to take licensed taxis.

The ad, created by M&C Saatchi, and directed by Graham Fink, takes a hard-hitting look at the consequences of getting into unlicensed minicabs.

Shot from the perspective of a woman getting into one of the illegally operated vehicles, the ad takes a sinister turn as her driver sexually assaults her.

The spot ends by warning that illegal cabs are dangerous and encourages people to text CAB to 60835 to receive three nearby cab numbers.

Project: Pablo's journey
Clients: Nathan Jones, senior marketing manager, Communication
Directorate, Marketing Unit, Home Office; Dominic, Mansfield, senior
marketing manager, Department for Children, Schools and Families; Chris
Neish, senior campaigns manager, Department of Health
Brief: Launch Pablo's Facebook page Creative agency Mother Writer Mother
Art director Mother Planner Mother Digital agency i-level
Media agency: n/a
Production company: Moxie Pictures
Director: Big Red Button
Editor: Marshall Street Editors
Audio Post-production: Sound Factory
Exposure: Online


Mother has taken Pablo, the vocal canine star of the "talk to Frank" ad campaign, online by setting him up with his own Facebook page.

The Facebook profile will continue the theme of the campaign, which follows Pablo the drug mule on a journey of discovery about cocaine, by showcasing films of him interviewing various parties connected with the cocaine trade.

A toxicologist, a nightclub bouncer and even Colombia's environment minister are all questioned by the inquisitive dog in the online films, which will be released on a weekly basis. The work aims to reinforce the campaign's central message that there is a darker side to coke.

The Facebook page can be found at, and will also use other features of Facebook, such as the ability to send private messages and post on Frank's wall. The videos will also be uploaded to the Frank YouTube channel at

Project: iLingual
Client: Clare Vaughan-Davies, manager, internet communications, Emirates
Brief: Build an iPhone app to reinforce Emirates' position as a leader
and innovator in the travel industry
Creative agency: Lean Mean Fighting Machine
Writer: Alex Buchanan-Dunlop
Art director: Alex Shapowal
Planner: Amandine Greiner
Media agency: n/a
Designer: Anna Charity
Exposure: iPhone


Lean Mean Fighting Machine has launched the first iPhone app for Emirates in a bid to reinforce the airline's position within the travel industry.

The app turns the iPhone into a portable translating mouth, which, when held up to the person's face, can translate their questions into a foreign language to make conversing while travelling easier.

It also enables users to select seat preferences, request an upgrade or preferred meal and find out other details about their flight, including schedules and duration.

A film documenting a young man's trip to Paris testing the app can be viewed on YouTube.

Project: - The last place you want to go
Client: Niall O'Keefe, UK marketing director, DSG International
Brief: Raise brand awareness of as an online retailer as
opposed to its former high-street presence
Creative agency: M&C Saatchi
Writer: Simon Dicketts
Art director: Graham Fink
Planner: Neil Godber
Media agency: Walker Media
Media planner: Richard Evans
Photographer/illustrator: Gareth Davies
Exposure: Outdoor


M&C Saatchi is sticking to the long-copy format in its latest outdoor campaign for Dixons, which takes a critical look at London's department stores.

Following its series of ads deriding the likes of Harrods and John Lewis, this latest festive long-copy extravaganza takes another pop at a "long-established department store" on Oxford Street.

It tells the story of Cedric Prattletwerp, who takes a trip to Oxford Street for a spot of Christmas shopping.

After perusing the TVs on offer for 53 minutes, Prattletwerp decides on his favourite and "goes to and buys it".

Project: Bobo
Client: Aart Veenstra, European marketing manager, Go-Cat
Brief: Go-Cat, with quality meat and high-quality protein, delivers
Creative agency: DDB London
Writer: Steve Hall
Art director: Daniel Seager
Planner: Dom Boyd
Media agency: Mindshare
Media planner: John Carolan
Production company: Rattling Stick
Director: Steve Cope
Post-production: Ben Cronin, Framestore
Exposure: TV


Bobo, a free-running cat, is the star of a new campaign promoting the nutritional benefits of Go-Cat, created by DDB London.

The 30-second spot documents Bobo's skills as he demonstrates the art of "parkour" along with his crew. It is through careful observation of his talent that the narrator discovers that Go-Cat, made with quality meat, may have a role to play in his extraordinary skill.

The spot aims to show that Go-Cat delivers high-quality protein to give cats the vitality to make the most out of life; in Bobo's case, turning the neighbourhood cat fraternity's stroll into a rooftop adventure.

The TV ad is supported by cinema and online work.

Client: Paul Goold, senior brand manager, Weetabix
Brief: Communicate the performance-enhancing effect of eating Weetabix
Creative agency: WCRS
Writer/art director: Alistair Campbell
Planner: Amy Whittaker
Media agency: Walker Media
Media planner: Becky Towns
Production company: Stink Digital
Director: Fogg
Exposure: Online


Following its steeplechase TV spot, Weetabix is continuing its "someone's had their Weetabix" strapline online. WCRS has created a digital campaign that reveals the mechanics behind the search engine giant Google to be the work of one very speedy woman.

Users visiting see the librarian hard at work behind Google; as each search term is inputted she can be seen rushing about at lightning speed, seeking out the required information from books, maps and globes and posting up the links.

People can interact by typing a search term of their choice for her to return.

In addition to delivering the standard search responses, she even has time for a bit of recreation (she's partial to a bit of dancing and martial arts).