The Work: New Campaigns - The World



Project: Aids

Client: Ellen Dietrich, Die Zeit

Brief: Raise awareness that Aids is more dangerous than ever

Creative agency: Shanghai, Berlin

Writer: Stefan Karl

Art director: Heiner Rogge

Planner: Armin Speer

Media agency: Die Posterfabrik

Media planner: Tina Huschenbeth

Exposure: National poster sites

UNAIDS estimates that more than two million people were living with HIV in Europe at the end of 2004, with 58 per cent of people newly diagnosed with the virus contracting it through heterosexual contact. The German daily newspaper Die Zeit commissioned the Berlin-based agency Shanghai to create a poster campaign to coincide with a series of features about the continued presence of Aids in Germany.

Eschewing the careworn images from the social and health campaigns of the past, Shanghai has opted to grab attention by styling the campaign along the lines of a bland relaunch for a washing powder or similar FMCG.

The copy reads: "Now super effective, more powerful than ever. Available everywhere from unprotected sex."


Project: Skil X-Drive drill

Clients: Barbara Warwick, communication and event marketing manager;

Greg Ferguson, Skil brand manager, Robert Bosch Inc

Brief: n/s

Creative agency: Taxi, Toronto

Writer: Pete Breton

Art director: Dave Douglass

Media agency: Media Experts

Media planner: Richard Ivey

Production company: Reginald Pike

Directors: The Pelorian Brothers

Editor: Brian Wells, Third Floor Editing

Post-production: The Other Side

Audio post-production: The Eggplant

Exposure: National TV


With a hint of M Night Shyamalan 's The Village and a strong dash of central-European weirdness, Taxi's new campaign for the Skil X-Drive cordless drill ignores all of the feature-packed conventions of most US home improvement advertising.

Two spots, "project" and "harvest moon", star a wizened wood-dwelling old woman who gives a fascinating insight into her superstition-filled life as she prepares for the coming harvest moon and its accompanying onslaught of werewolves and vampires. Luckily, her drill comes with everything she needs to get her hovel ready: spare batteries, a laser spirit level, cloves of garlic and chickens' feet.


Project: Orbit for Kids

Client: n/s

Brief: Produce a campaign for Orbit for Kids which will appeal to both

mothers and children

Creative agency: BBDO Guerrero Ortega, Manila

Writers: Raoul Panes, Tin Sanchez

Art directors: Dave Ferrer, Carl Urgino

Media agency: Media Direction Philippines

Media planner: Hermie de Leon

Photographer: Ivanho, Groovy Singapore

Exposure: Nationals, mothers' magazines, comics


With dental studies putting child tooth decay at an astonishing 98 per cent in the Philippines, Wrigley is targeting its Orbit for Kids brand directly at mothers and their children.

Orbit for Kids' "clean mouth, strong teeth" message aims to promote the gum as a preventative measure against tooth decay and cavities. BBDO Guerrero Ortega's print campaign for the gum aims the "strong teeth" message squarely at mums, but also attempts to make the idea of chewing to avoid the dentist's drill fun for children too.



Project: Chateau Ksara

Client: Charles Ghostine, managing director, Ksara

Brief: Promote the warming properties of red wine

Creative agency: Leo Burnett Production House

Writer: Omar Boustany

Art directors: Roula Ghalayini, Celine Khoury

Planners: Roula Ghalayina, Celine Khoury

Media agency: Starcom

Media planners: Nada Daccathe, Ghayath Fiou

Photographer: Nadim Asfar

Exposure: National poster sites


"Warmth and wine", a new campaign for the 150-year-old Lebanese wine producer Chateau Ksara, attempts to highlight the warming properties of red wine as the Lebanese winter bites.

Two print executions, created by Leo Burnett Production House, feature two Ksara corks as toggles on a duffle coat, and another as a stopper in a hot water bottle. The ads will be displayed along the coastal road from Beirut to Jounieh, and in downtown Beirut and other Lebanese cities.