The Work: New Campaigns - The World



Project: Elephant, Bear, Seal, Lion

Client: Ullrich Schnapauff, head of PR, IFAW Germany

Brief: n/s

Creative agency: Springer & Jacoby 2, Hamburg

Planner: Josefine Harle

Writer: Christiane Rein

Art director: Birgit Hogrefe

Art assistance: Simone Grun

Media agency: Springer & Jacoby

Media planner: Josefine Harle

Photographer: Nadav Kander

Retouching: Springer & Jacoby Digital

Exposure: National consumer titles

THE LOWDOWN The International Fund for Animal Welfare started life three decades ago as a small band of Canadian activists determined to stop a seal cull on the Canadian east coast. Thirty years on, the IFAW has two million supporters worldwide. The charity lobbies both for animal welfare and for a ban on the trade in endangered species - an international market valued at billions of dollars annually and one which ranks third behind the illegal drugs trade and arms in value.

A new campaign for the charity from Springer & Jacoby, Hamburg, aims to highlight this illegal trade, showing a series of at-risk animals cleverly locked behind a bar-code cage. The ad was created by Christiane Rein and Birgit Hogrefe and runs across a series of German consumer titles this month.



Project: The build, The deal

Client: Mark Schweitzer, senior vice-president of marketing, Nextel

Brief: Nextel's unique wireless product is used by America's most

valuable wireless subscribers

Creative agency: TBWAChiatDay, New York

Writers: Scott Kaplan, John Patroulis

Art director: Joel Rodriguez

Planner: Rick Martinez

Media agency: MindShare

Production company: Smuggler

Director: Stylewar

Editor: Jun Diaz, Mackenzie Cutter

Post-production: The Mill

Audio post-production: Sound Lounge

Exposure: National TV


Nextel is positioning itself away from the scrum in mobile telephone marketing in the US by avoiding all mention of free minutes and upgrades, instead showing the range of services and products it offers.

Two ads show workers accomplishing tasks using Nextel technology in ways subscribers might not expect.

"The deal" is set in an office that has been turned into a hive of cubicles and executives flying around like bees and working tirelessly to close a real estate deal. "The build" takes a similar six-legged tack, this time depicting construction workers on a building site as ants swarming over a half-built office block. In both ads, the workers employ a range of Nextel devices - walkie-talkies, GPS solutions and mobile credit-card swipers.



Project: Leaf blowers

Clients: Gilles Olleris, marketing manager; Wolfgang Ebbecke, head

manager, Stihl

Brief: Demonstrate the high power of Stihl leaf blowers

Creative agency: DDB Paris

Writer: Edouard Perarnaud

Art director: Martin Darfeuille

Planner: Sebastien Genty

Media agency: OMD

Media planner: Virgine Pezerat

Photographer: Corbis stock images

Retouching company: Marie-Louise

Exposure: National press


According to that gnomic source of horticultural facts and figures, (a website devoted to weapons of mass herbicide), Stihl manufactures the quietest hand-held leaf blowers on the market.

A new campaign from DDB Paris aims to show that they're not just quiet leaf blowers, but powerful too, with a series of print ads showing a solitary leaf which has been blown to all four corners of the world: from Saharan sand dunes to the wilderness of the Arctic.

With 11 million gardens in France and a market which, according to UK government trade figures, is growing by 4 per cent annually, Stihl is keen to crack the French back garden. The French, it appears, love their power tools - lawnmowers, cultivators and leaf blowers account for 31 per cent of the six billion euros they spend on the garden each year.



Project: Surprise

Client: Iris Black, vice-president marketing and content, Orange

Brief: Experience you've never known - Orange 3G

Creative agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R, Tel Aviv

Writers: Gideon Amichay, Tzur Golan

Art director: Yariv Twig

Planners: Tali Kashtan, Hilla Tamir

Media agency: United Media

Production company: Paradiso, Tel Aviv

Director: Ohav Flantz

Exposure: National TV


Cleaning up New York's streets took Mayor Giuliani the best part of four years and Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R, Orange's agency in Israel, just half-an-hour.

"Surprise", the new spot from the Tel Aviv-based shop encouraging subscribers to join the Orange 3G throng, finds a New Yorker making his usual journey to work. He grows increasingly concerned as it dawns on him that he's the only person around in the city. The ad was shot at 6.30am on a Sunday morning with the help of the NYPD, which allowed the production team just 30 minutes to get the shots it needed.