The Work: New Campaigns - The World



Project: Hector

Client: Lapo Brogi, advertising manager for France, Renault Espace

Brief: Rework the "luxury = space" equation with a more psychological

exploration of the benefits of space

Creative agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris

Writer: Thierry Lebec

Art director: Benedicte Potel

Planner: n/s

Media agency: Carat, Paris

Media planner: n/s

Production company: Bandits, Paris

Directors: Dom & Nic

Editor: Struan Clay, Final Cut

Post-production: Framestore CFC, London

Audio post-production: WAM, Paris

Exposure: National TV

THE LOWDOWN A small, two-dimensional cartoon character is the star of Publicis Conseil's new TV ad for the Renault Espace.

Hector, a Woody Allen lookalike who is made of paper and normally resides in a newspaper comic strip, escapes to the hills in a poetic take on the concept of freedom and space. After braving giant obstacles he finds freedom at the top of a mountain. "Isn't space the ultimate luxury?" the endline reads.

The ad aims to position the Espace as an alternative luxury car within the premium car market. In France, the brand has been the leader in its sector since its launch in 1984. Despite the introduction of a fleet of competitors over the past 20 years, in 2004 it still has control of the people-carrier category, with a 46 per cent market share.


Project: Job counsellor

Client: n/s

Brief: Position FedEx as an easy-to-use service

Creative agency: BBDO New York

Writer: Jim Lemaitre

Art director: Jonathan Mackler

Media agency: OMD

Media planner: Fran Pessagno

Production company: Hungry Man

Director: Hank Perlman

Editors: Ian Mackenzie, Mackenzie Cutler

Post-production: Company3/schmigital

Audio post-production: Sound Lounge

Exposure: National TV


The world economy is rosy, if you listen to the US delivery giant FedEx, which announced a healthy increase in profits for the second half of 2004.

A strong flow of Chinese-made electronic products to Western destinations was a major factor in the growth, and the company generated $354 million net profit.

Nevertheless, FedEx is still looking to boost its regional clout and stave off competition from UPS and DHL.

In the US, it is opening branded chain stores while unveiling a new campaign from BBDO USA to emphasise the brand identity of FedEx as a simple-to-use service.

In one of the executions, a former pirate with no formal training, who can only say "aarrhh!", is given a job with a distribution company that uses FedEx for its deliveries, while another features a helpless office worker getting to grips with the FedEx system.


Project: BMW M5 launch teaser

Brief: n/s

Client: n/s

Creative agency: Fallon Minneapolis

Executive creative director: Bruce Bildsten

Writer: James Bray

Art director: DJ Pierce

Writer: James Bray

Planner: Lachlan Badenoch

Art buyer: Kim Witczak

Photographer: Igor Panitz

Media agency: Optimedia

Exposure: Detroit Auto Show programme guide


Fallon USA has created a business suit fit for the Formula One seven-time world champion, Michael Schumacher, in its latest execution for BMW.

The press ad, which is a teaser for the new M5 series campaign due to break later this year, attempts to bolster the model's red-blooded driving credentials, while also playing on its gentlemanly characteristics.

It features a smart pinstripe suit jacket bedecked with sponsors' logos, as typically found on the jumpsuit worn by a racing car driver, and carries the endline: "The ultimate driving machine."

The ad will initially be aimed at the trade audience.

BMW is currently the second-largest luxury car maker in the world. Sales in the US rose by 22 per cent in December of last year, 3 per cent more than those of its closest rival, Volkswagen.



Project: Accident

Client: Melda Saya, PR and marketing director, Koc Allianz

Brief: Position Koc Allianz as the quality insurance company in Turkey

Creative agency: Markon Leo Burnett Istanbul

Writer: Idil Akoglu

Art director: Asl Aytac

Planner: Emel Goker

Media agency: OMD Turkey

Media planner: Nihan Yapici

Production company: POP Production

Director: Martin Werner

Post-production: Bacon, Denmark

Audio post-production: Sinefekt

Exposure: National TV and radio


Car crashes and unsafe driving are major problems in Turkey, where accident rates are between three and six times those of European Union countries.

They are also the subject of a new TV and radio campaign from the insurance company Koc Allianz.

The ads aim to position Koc Allianz as the insurance company that delivers the best quality service. In one execution, a woman is involved in an accident, with what turns out to be a toy-size lorry. She is oblivious to the fact the crash has taken place, as highlighted in the endline: "Feels like it never happened."