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La Condoneria - Belem, matrushka - Mexico

Project: Belem, matrushka

Client: Carlos Garcia de Leon, marketing manager, La Condoneria

Brief: n/s

Creative agency: JWT Mexico

Writers: Carlos Teran Pluma, Saul Escobar

Art directors: Adrian Zavala, Francisco Marco

Planner: Francisco Marco

Media agency: In-house

Media planner: Carlos Garcia de Leon

Photographer: Francisco Marco

Exposure: National magazines, posters

THE LOWDOWN JWT Mexico has produced a provocative print and poster campaign for the South American condom manufacturer La Condoneria. The ad plays on a re-interpretation of Christian theology by suggesting what might have happened had the Holy Spirit used a condom when it paid the Virgin Mary a visit.

Entitled "Belem", the ad features models from a nativity scene, with a china Mary and Joseph staring into the space where the swaddled baby Jesus should be. A second execution, "matrushka", is based on the slightly less inflammatory image of an empty Russian doll.


Project: There's always more to the story

Client: Rose-Hannah Gaskin, executive director, First United Mission

Brief: Tell the stories of the homeless, so that we can all have an

understanding of the events that lead to their predicament

Creative agency: DDB Canada

Writer: Jospeh Bonnici

Art director: Cosmo Campbell

Planner: Karen Martin

Media agency: OMD Canada

Media planner: Leonora Kaltenborn

Photographer: Tom Feiler

Retouching company: Fellini Aerographics

Exposure: Viral, buses, national newspapers


With the 14,000 Canadians who live in shelters estimated as representing only a fraction of the true homeless figure in the country, DDB Canada has created a fund-raising campaign for First United Mission, a Vancouver-based shelter and homelessness charity.

Illustrating that each street dweller has a different story, a range of bus-side ads tells the everyday stories of people who have found themselves homeless. The ads run with the tagline: "There's always more to the story."

The campaign is backed with print ads that show how unobtainable even the most basic items - such as toothpaste - are to those who live on the street. Guerilla ads placed on rubbish bins feature a mock menu of a maggot-ridden apple core and stale bread rolls covered in cigarette ash.


Project: Air Games

Winter Tour

Client: Nathalie Dacquin, marketing director, Sony PlayStation

Brief: Launch the Sony PlayStation Air Games Winter Tour 2005

Creative agency: TBWAParis

Writers: Benoit Leroux, Alexandre Roujon

Art directors: Philippe Taroux, Thierry Buriez

Planner: Corinne Malsert

Media agency: MindShare

Media planner: Mathieu Chomel

Photographers: Thomas Mangold, Vincent Dixon

Exposure: National press


Shaking up the cosy, sofa-focused world of video gaming and showing off its brand extensions, Sony PlayStation launches the Air Games Winter Tour 2005 this month.

The event, launched on the back of the ESPN Winter X Games title, features enthusiasts competing at snowboarding, snowmobile snowcross and skiing.

To promote the event, which will tour a selection of French ski resorts, TBWAParis has created a print campaign which aims to capture the spirit of the sports - that the ability to slide will give you the edge.

Typically off-beat executions, the ads feature an octopus shaving the suckers off its tentacles and a man replacing his feet with bananas. Both executions run with the tagline: "Prepare to slide more."


Project: Iconic van

Client: Kevin Keith, international advertising manager, United Parcel


Brief: Show that UPS is the brand that more businesses the world over

trust to deliver

Creative agency: McCann Erickson London

Writer: Rob Brown

Art director: Gary Marjoram

Planner: Dawn Coulter

Media agency: Universal McCann

Media planner: Duncan Pointer

Production company: Pink Films

Director: Michael Geoghegan

Exposure: International TV


United Parcel Service is under increasing threat from FedEx and DHL, with UPS's market share falling a point to 47 per cent last year while FedEx increased its share from 29 per cent to 31 per cent.

In an attempt to stem further inroads, UPS has turned to McCann Erickson London to create a global branding campaign, based around the iconic brown van idea.

Breaking in Japan before rolling out westwards across Asia and Europe, the campaign is based around a TV spot, entitled "iconic van", starring a fleet of the famous brown UPS trucks delivering packages everywhere, from big cities to frozen wastes.