The Work: New Campaigns - The World


Project: Made to perfection

Client: Uli Becker, head of global brand communications, Adidas

Brief: Impossible is nothing

Creative agency: TBWAChiatDay

Writers: Scott Duchon, John Patroulis

Art director: Geoff Edwards

Planner: Mike Harris

Media agency: Carat

Media planners: Peter Evans, Fidel Parente

Production company: Omaha Pictures

Director: Rupert Sanders

Editor: Neil Smith, The Whitehouse

Post-production: Method

Exposure: National TV, cinema

THE LOWDOWN Adidas continues its "impossible is nothing" brand campaign with a new spot, this time based on basketball.

"Made to perfection", from TBWAChiatDay, features a model-maker putting the final touches to three scale figures of the NBA All-Stars Kevin Garnett, Tracy McGrady and Tim Duncan.

Once finished, the creator's hand reaches down from the heavens through a trap door in the floor of his workshop, pulls the roof off a basketball stadium below and lovingly places his figures inside, where they come to life and start a game.

Strong sales in the US pushed Adidas up 38 per cent, to $52.9 million, last year, and sales of shoes and sports gear in general prompted the company to predict 5 per cent growth again in 2005.


Project: Jeans, skirt, shorts

Client: Ricky Rivera, marketing director, Janssen Pharma

Brief: Present Imodium as the fast-acting diarrhoea cure

Creative agency: BBDO Guerrero Ortega

Writers: Subun Khow, David Guerrero, Tin Sanchez

Art directors: Marvin Chan, Brandie Tan

Planners: Golda Aguilar, Karen Go

Media agency: MediaWise

Media planners: Jojo Olegario, Ann Martha Sibayan

Photographer: Giampiero Gastaldi

Exposure: National print


There's a refreshing honesty to advertising in Asia. Take your standard diarrhoea remedy spot; in the UK, the usual treatment finds a female vicar who needs something to stop the trots spoiling her big sermon. In the Philippines, however, three executions from BBDO Guerrero Ortega to promote Imodium take an altogether more visceral - if decorative - approach.

The idea and its tagline, "because the real thing is much uglier", were born out of a regional creative workshop comprising BBDO creatives from South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines.


Project: Keep it on all fours

Client: The executive committee of the Ford multi-state working group

Brief: Educate men aged 18 to 39 about the risks of driving their SUVs

Creative agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty New York

Writers: John Hobbs, Peter Rosch

Art directors: John Hobbs, Peter Rosch

Planner: Kelly Galligan

Media planning: Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Media buying: Horizon

Production company: Kleinman Productions

Director: Daniel Kleinman

Editor: Steve Gandolfi, Cut & Run

Post-production: Framestore CFC

Audio post-production: C5 Studios

Exposure: National TV, cinema


The safety record of the ever-popular sports utility vehicle has come under scrutiny in the US recently - the cars' higher centre of gravity makes them more liable to roll.

As part of the settlement of a lawsuit against the Ford Motor Company, Bartle Bogle Hegarty New York has created a $27 million public information campaign aimed at reducing the high incidence of accidents involving SUVs.

"Keep it on all fours", directed by Daniel Kleinman, features a rodeo in which cowboys attempt to ride huge, hairy creatures - a cross between a four-wheel-drive car and a buffalo - with varying degrees of success. Those who take the corners a little slower tend to stay on their mounts. The creatures in the effects-heavy 60-second spot were created by Framestore CFC.


Project: DVD world

Client: Mathew Mathai, senior marketing manager, Sony Electronics


Brief: Shoot. Burn. Share

Creative agency: TBWASingapore

Writer: Robert Kleman

Art director: Marcus Rebeschini

Planners: Justin Barry, Robin Nayak

Media agency: Zenith

Media planner: Wee Ching Lan

Production company: Play Films, Singapore

Director: Arni Thor Jonsson

Editor: David Clarke, DC Post

Post-production: Black Magic Design, Singapore

Audio post-production: Song Zu

Exposure: Asia-Pacific and Middle-East TV and cinema


TBWASingapore has created a campaign for Sony to communicate the ease with which its products can be used to create and share DVDs.

"Ice walking" finds a couple bringing a salmon home and preparing it for dinner. Cutting the fish open to clean it, they find a DVD. When they put it in their machine, it is revealed to be the work of a pair of Eskimos, who video their famous dance, the "Ice Walk", burn it on to DVD and then feed the discs to fish in an attempt to distribute their film by unorthodox means. Other executions show the film-makers sharing their attempts at polar bear-wrestling and penguin ten-pin bowling.