The Work: New Campaigns - The World


Project: Beach, divers, golf course

Clients: Caroline Puechoultres, strategic marketing director; Katia

Hersard, brand manager; Amandine Morel, media project manager, Club Med

Brief: Show that the most beautiful travel is not just that which leads

you to marvellous landscapes, but that which leads you to other people

Creative agency: Publicis Conseil

Writer: Eric Helias

Art director: Jorge Carreno

Planner Xavier Charpentier

Media agency: Carat

Media planner: Thierry Joly

Photographer: Michael Lewis

Exposure: International magazines

THE LOWDOWN The French-owned package holiday operator Club Med is abandoning its straw-hut villages in favour of boutique hotels. To publicise the changes, the Club, as it is known to devotees, has charged Publicis Conseil with creating a TV and print campaign which takes potential holiday-makers on a tour of its resorts.

Based on the concept of "a new kind of luxury, designed to be shared with others", the TV and print ads feature scenes of turquoise seas, white beaches and green forests, with faces embedded in the images with varying degrees of subtlety. The ads all carry a luggage label reading: "It's not where you go. It's who you meet."

Following the decision to target the brand at more upmarket customers, Club Med's annual results showed a rise in operating profits to p17 million.


Project: Bull

Client: Larry Flanagan, chief marketing officer, Mastercard

Brief: n/s

Creative agency: McCann Erickson

Writers: Robert Frost, Tim Dillingham

Art directors: Robert Frost, Tim Dillingham

Planner: John Kottmann

Media agency: GDS&M

Production company: Traktor

Director: Traktor

Editors: Jun Diaz, MacKenzie Cutler

Post-production: The Mill

Exposure: National TV


Taking its lead from the Grand Tour of old, McCann Erickson New York's latest spot in the Mastercard "priceless" campaign takes in a string of European highlights. The ad follows a rogue bull that takes a diversion from its intended route chasing Australian tourists through the streets of Pamplona.

A "hero" bull, shot on location in Spain, is superimposed on various shots of Bordeaux, Rome and Vienna before it ends up with a herd of cows in an alpine pasture.

Mastercard has a 29.2 per cent market share in the US, with $503 billion in gross volume, a figure that leaves it some way behind the market leader, Visa, which has $924 billion in volume and a 53.6 per cent share.


Project: Ceremony

Client: Carla Liuni, marketing director; Riccardo Vola, brand manager;

Stephanie Bedei, assistant brand manager, Procter & Gamble Prestige


Brief: Support the global launch of the Valentino V fragrance

Creative agency: Callegari Berville Grey

Writer: Yannick Savioz Fouillet

Art director: Patrice Jean-Baptiste

Media agency: MediaCom

Media planner: Jennifer Gold

Production company: Bandits

Director: Dominique Issermann

Editor: Thierry Hosse

Post-production: La Maison

Audio post-production: Ma Joie

Exposure: International TV


The Paris-based agency Callegari Berville Grey is behind a new television and print campaign for the Italian fashion house Valentino to support the launch of its new perfume line, Valentino V. Valentino plans to invest some p25 million to promote the perfume, created in co-operation with Procter & Gamble.

Entitled "ceremony", the TV ad features a very modern-looking goddess who wears only a red feather mask and is surrounded by hundreds of swarming red letters V. The model scoops a handful of the floating Vs, which then mysteriously morph into a bottle of the Valentino fragrance.

Last year, Valentino generated revenue of more than p70 million, a 13 per cent year-on-year increase.


Project: Kites, swing, cannonball, skateboard

Client: n/s

Brief: Launch the "live richly" campaign

Creative agency: Fallon London

Writers: Greg Hahn, George Manoloudis, Greg Moumouris

Art directors: Steve Driggs, Manolis Kapidis, Chis Toland, Richard

Flintham, Antonis Stavropoulos

Media agency: Mediaedge: cia

Production company:

Director: Errol Morris

Exposure: National TV


Following the launch of the Citibank "live richly" campaign in North America, Japan and Germany, Fallon London has created a new version of the campaign for Greece, the bank's second-largest European market.

The campaign, which includes six TV spots and six press executions, acknowledges the southern European view that there's more to life than money with straplines such as: "The value of friendship isn't dependent on the dollar."

Citibank is the largest foreign bank in Greece. It opened its first office in 1964 and now has a network of 57 branches and more than 600,000 customers.