The Work: New Campaigns - The World


Project: Heinz real soup

Client: Suzanne Douglas, general manager marketing, Heinz Australia

Brief: Launch an innovative range of "wet concentrate" instant soups

Creative agency: DDB Melbourne

Writers: Andy Lish, Anna Rogers

Art director: Sam McCarron

Creative director: Michael Faudet

Planner: Philip Booth

Media agency: Mitchell's

Media planner: Jodie Munro

Production company: Prodigy Films

Director: Brendan Donovan

Editor: Nigel KariKari

Post-production: AAV-Digital Pictures

Audio post-production: Good Audio Sense

Exposure: National TV

Heinz has launched a TV campaign through DDB Melbourne to tout its new line of premium soups across Australia. Unlike the old-style dehydrated powdered soups, Heinz Real Soup is made from rich, concentrated puree, which means moisture and nutrients provide better freshness and taste. The product is available in six flavours and will compete at the premium end of the market

With the line "Take a break from fake", the ad promotes real soup by encouraging people to tell the truth.

The 30-second spot opens on a group of employees who are gathered round their boss to sing him a chorus of "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow". Obviously feeling the effects of her instant-but-natural cup of Heinz Real Soup, one woman continues the song with a verse detailing her boss' sleazy nature and bad wig.

Heinz's sales in Asia-Pacific increased by 7.3 per cent last year, with global sales reaching $13.3 million after tax, a 2.2 per cent increase year on year.


Project: Honeymoon

Clients: Li Sheng, vice-president; Mi Mi Yu, marketing manager, Visa

International China

Brief: Visa, all it takes to fulfil your dream

Creative agency: BBDO CNUAC

Writer: Rocky Hao

Art director: Kit Koh

Planner: Harjot Singh

Media agency: OMD

Media planner: Mentor Zou

Production company: Moviola

Director: David Tsui

Editor: Adrian Brady

Post-production: Touches

Audio post-production: Touches

Exposure: National TV

For those Chinese in need of a bit of retail therapy, BBDO China has created a TV campaign for Visa China.

Shot in Paris and entitled "honeymoon", the 30-second spot follows a newlywed couple's romantic trip to the French capital.

They arrive at their hotel and the bride discovers she has left the entire contents of her suitcase in China. But, armed with their Visa card, the couple embark on an epic shopping trip. The ad ends with the line: "Visa, all it takes to fulfil your dream."

Visa Asia-Pacific announced a 12 per cent growth in retail sales volume for the nine months to September 2004, totalling $233 billion. Nearly 3.5 billion transactions were conducted during this period using Visa cards issued in Asia-Pacific, a 14.9 per cent increase over the first three quarters of 2003.


Project: Times Square

Client: n/s

Brief: n/s

Creative agency: BBDO New York

Writer: Kevin Tenglin

Art director: Melinda Ward

Media agency: OMD

Media planner: Gail Stein

Photographer: Chris Collins

Exposure: Poster sites in Times Square, New York

BBDO New York has launched a Times Square guerrilla marketing effort for the soft drink Mountain Dew, with an interactive poster campaign designed to get passers-by to have their photos taken in front of billboards.

The campaign features posters with silhouettes of Mountain Dew drinkers, and markers on the pavements opposite explaining to pedestrians where to stand and what stance to take. When viewed from the right angle, the passers-by appear to be on the billboard, drinking from the can.

Mountain Dew, owned by PepsiCo, is the number-four soft drink in the US and was the only full-calorie brand to grow its share last year, with an increase of 1.5 per cent. The category leader, Coca-Cola classic, saw volume drop by 3 per cent for the same period.


Project: The night is ours

Client: Sergio Fava, marketing director, Bacardi-Martini Group

Brief: Strengthen Bacardi's position in the dark rum market with Bacardi


Creative agency: Armando Testa

Writer: German Silva

Art director: German Silva

Planner: Giacomo Boggetto

Media agency: Universal McCann

Media planner: Marco Fontana

Production company: (H) Films

Director: Luca Maroni

Editor: Marco Perez

Exposure: National TV, cinema

Bacardi is attempting to strengthen its presence in the dark rum market with a new TV and cinema campaign for its Bacardi Reserva brand from Armando Testa in Italy.

Entitled "the night is ours", the spot focuses on a night in Los Angeles, with all the variety, excitement and passion that entails. Curiously, it features a voiceover from the sun, who laments his inability to join in with the evening's festivities as they always take place when he's gone to bed. "Have you ever wondered if I had a wish?," he asks. " I long to experience one night ... just one."