The Work: New Campaigns - The world

SAN FRANCISCO ZOO - JOIN ZOOMANITY - US Project: Join Zoomanity Client: Lora lamarca, director of marketing, San Francisco Zoo Brief: Create a buzz around the San Francisco Zoo insect exhibit Creative agency: BBDO West Writer: Neil Levy Art directors: Sakol Mongkolkasetarin, Heward Jue Media agency: Viacom Production agency: Scene Two Exposure: Bus shelters


BBDO West has developed a campaign to encourage more visitors to go to San Francisco Zoo.

Ads are running in bus shelters, which have been transformed into three-dimensional bug displays that invite the viewer to "experience the world of insects".

Entitled "insects", one ad replicates the traditional mounted insect displays found in museums and insectariums. Thirty-five insect corpses, including butterflies, beetles, cicadas and scorpions, are mounted inside a wood-framed panel.

A second ad is entitled "ants" and is a larger-than-life-sized replica of an ant farm. The bus shelter houses a 3-D cut-out of an underground ant colony with super-sized ants made from rubber.

TOTAL - VERY SERIOUS ABOUT SERVICE - SOUTH AFRICA Project: Very serious about service Client: Morakile Shuenyane, deputy chairman, Total South Africa Brief: Build on Total's existing positioning of being serious about service and reinforce Total's image as a great place to stop when you are on the road Creative agency: Net#work BBDO, Johannesburg Writer: John Davenport Art director: Philip Ireland Planner: Clive Evans Media agency: The Media Shop Media planner: Tracey Hyslop Production company: Velocity Africa Director: Greg Gray Producer: Helena Woodfine Editor: Ricky Boyd Exposure: National TV


Net#work BBDO, Johannesburg has developed a fun TV spot for its ú1.9 million campaign to promote Total service stations.

The spot opens as a Formula One car pulls in for a pit-stop. A shambolic group of mechanics swarms around the car and attempts to service it. One sprays water all over the driver, while another accidentally snaps off a part of the car. Another mechanic doesn't even bother to help and leans against a wall, eating. Once they have finished, the driver rejoins the race, but as he pulls away one of the car's wheels falls off. A voice is heard asking: "Where is our normal pit crew?"

It is then revealed that the experienced crew has relocated to a Total service station, where they service a car in record time. The ad ends with the tagline: "Total. Very serious about servicing."

INSURANCE CORPORATION OF BRITISH COLUMBIA - MINIVAN - CANADA Project: Minivan Client: Reg Romero, communications specialist, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia Brief: Reduce the number of alcohol-related vehicle crashes in British Columbia and promote the CounterAttack impaired-driving enforcement programme Creative agency: DDB Canada, Vancouver Writer: Kevin Rathgeber Art director: Daryl Gardiner Production company: Spy Films, Toronto Director: James Brown Editor: JMB Post, Vancouver Special effects: Rainmaker Vancouver Photographer: Hans Sipma Exposure: TV, newspaper and radio in British Columbia, Canada


DDB Canada has developed a spine-tingling TV spot that addresses the realities of drinking and driving. Created for the Broadcasters of British Columbia and the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, the campaign aims to reduce the number of alcohol-related car crashes in British Columbia and promote the CounterAttack impaired-driving enforcement programme.

The 30-second spot features a couple in a minivan. The girl asks her boyfriend when he is going to stop drinking and driving.

"After one of your friends gives you a dirty look?" she asks. "Or are you going to wait until a cop gives you a warning? Or is it going to be when you finally realise that losing your licence could maybe mean losing your job? Or are you going to have to run through a stop sign?"

Her rant is interrupted when a large truck ploughs into the side of the minivan. The ad ends with the line: "When will you stop drinking and driving?"

THE GUARDIAN WEEKLY - THE GUARDIAN WEEKLY IN THE USA - UK Project: The Guardian Weekly in the USA Client: Eva Lake, deputy marketing manager, The Guardian Weekly Brief: Encourage subscriptions in the US to the weekly paper Creative agency: Tribal DDB London Writers: Kathrina Hahn, Stephen Webley Art directors: Kathrina Hahn, Stephen Webley Planner: Abe Dew Media agency: Tribal DDB Media planner: Richard Neish Designer: Pete Williams Exposure: Internet


The Guardian's website, Guardian Unlimited, has a surprisingly high number of US readers. According to Nielsen/NetRatings, 49 per cent of the website's unique users in January this year came from the US.

In an attempt to convert some of this audience into cash-paying subscribers to its overseas paper The Guardian Weekly, the newspaper group is running a digital campaign created by Tribal DDB that plays on the anodyne nature of US news broadcasting. The agency has employed geo-targeting for the ads running on the Guardian Unlimited website, so that only users from American ISP addresses can see them.

A series of banners and skyscrapers feature a number of bland, almost identical animated newsreaders under the line: "Care for a different opinion?" Viewers are invited to click through to get a free four-week trial of the paper.