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VW - DOBERMAN, PAMPLONA, HARLEY, MONSTER TRUCK - GERMANY Project: Black cat, monster truck, Pamplona, Harley, Doberman Client: Lutz Kothe, director of marketing and communications, Volkswagen Brief: Relax, it's a Polo Creative agency: DDB Berlin Writers: Wolfgang Schneider, Ludwig Berndl Art directors: Mathias Stiller, Kristoffer Heilemann Planner: Wiebke Dreyer TV producer: Marion Lange Media agency: MediaCom Media planner: Tanja Leone Production company:, Berlin Director: Sebastian Strasser Editor: Nils Landmark Post-production: Das Werk, Berlin Photographer: Olaf Hauschulz Exposure: National TV, press, outdoor


DDB Berlin's take on the small-but-tough claim of the VW Polo is a TV and press campaign that puts the car in a series of potentially dangerous situations. Thanks to the car, though, these are no cause for concern for the drivers and passengers.

"Black cat", the TV execution, features an unflappable driver commuting to work while all manner of crashes, prangs and misfortunes occur around him. It's only when he leaves the safety of his car that he's made to jump when a small child cycles past and rings his bell.

The TV spot is backed by a print and poster campaign that reinforces the safety message, putting the car in the path of the Pamplona bull run and in the middle of a group of bikers, surrounding it with snarling Dobermans and parking it behind a reversing monster truck.

ZIPPO - FRIENDSHIP, RELATIONSHIP, WORK - SINGAPORE Project: Friendship, relationship, work Client: Henry Chew, owner/marketing director, Contact Trading Brief: Work on the creative insight that a lighter rarely ever has just one owner. With a Zippo, make sure you think differently Creative agency: Leo Burnett Singapore Writer: Jatinder Sandhu Art director: David Joubert Planner: Seema Miller Media agency: In-house Media planner: n/s Illustrator: Eduardo Berone Exposure: National press, point of sale


Everyone has a friend who's a little light-fingered when it comes to borrowing cigarette lighters - a truth that Leo Burnett Singapore has used in a new print campaign for Zippo lighters.

The campaign consists of three executions which, in a collaged illustrative style, tell the tale of three lighter losses. "Relationships" recounts teen love and loss in the cautionary-tale style of a warning against unprotected sex and the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases. It's only at the end of the copy that the "it" that has been passed on to various boys and girls is revealed to be a Zippo with a scratch on the bottom. Similar tacks are taken on "friendship" and "work".

SPCA - TOYS - HONG KONG Project: Toys Client: Rebecca Ngan, SPCA Brief: Don't abandon your pet when you're tired of playing with it Creative agency: TBWAHong Kong Writer: Sophie Teng Art directors: David Szabo, Sophie Teng Planner: n/s Media agency: TBWAHong Kong Photographers: Getty Images,Chester Ong Retouching: The Hive Exposure: Print, postcards


TBWAHong Kong has created an integrated campaign for the charity the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Hong Kong.

The campaign comprises print ads that will run in Hong Kong magazines until the end of the year and postcards that will be placed in bars and karaoke establishments around the city.

The simple executions feature photos of real-life animals, but with the addition of a small detail to make them appear like a stuffed toy. One ad, "puppy", features a dog with a clockwork key on its back. Another shows a rabbit with a label sewn to its side.

The ads all run with the line: "Don't abandon your pet when you're tired of playing with it." The public are directed to the website,, and a hotline, where they can make a donation and find out about adopting an abandoned pet.

SUNSILK - MONSTERS - FRANCE Project: Monsters Client: Fernando Fernandez, European marketing director, Lever Faberge Brief: Show how great your hair would look if you got rid of your hair monsters Creative agency: JWT Paris Writer: Aaron Stillman Art director: Xavier Beauregard Planner: Diana Coulson Media agency: MindShare Photographer: Vincent Dixon Exposure: Pan-European press


JWT Paris is urging women to rid themselves of their hair monsters with a pan-European press campaign for the Lever Faberge hair styling brand Sunsilk.

The ads, part of a ú10 million brand campaign for Sunsilk, depict three women ridding themselves of small monsters, which suspiciously resemble the hair found in the bath plughole.

Unilever launched a range of hair-styling products under the Sunsilk brand in ten European markets earlier this year, helping the brand to grow by almost 20 per cent.