The Work: New Campaigns - The World

JOHNNIE WALKER - PERFORMANCE - INTERNATIONAL Project: Performance Client: Ben Anderson, global brand director, Diageo Brief: Generate engagement around a responsible drinking message by using Johnnie Walker's sponsorship of McLaren Mercedes Creative: agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty Writers: Stephen Rutterford, David Chalu Art directors: Stephen Rutterford, David Chalu Planner: Orlando Hooper-Greenhill Media agency: Varies by territory Media planner: n/a Production company: The Pink Film Company Director: Michael Geoghegan Post-production: Framestore CFC Audio post-production: Wave Exposure: International TV


Bartle Bogle Hegarty has developed a global campaign to promote sensible drinking and Johnnie Walker's sponsorship of the McLaren Mercedes Formula One team.

One of the two 30-second spots, "performance", celebrates the pioneering spirit of Formula One. It features cars from the start of the last century racing against those from subsequent decades. The spot closes with a shot of the 2005 McLaren Mercedes driven by Juan Pablo Montoya and the line: "Never stand still ... keep walking."

A second spot, called "control", promotes responsible drinking. The ad features a series of tyre marks on various corners around a deserted Formula One track. The spot ends with the line: "858 corners: 858 chances to win or lose the race. Winners always stay in control."

BMW - BMW 3 TOURING SERIES - ITALY Project: BMW 3 Touring Series Client: Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, head of marketing communications, BMW Group Brief: Can you still enjoy yourself? The new BMW 3 Series Touring - as agile as your mind Creative agency: D'Adda, Lorenzini, Vigorelli BBDO Writer: Gianpietro Vigorelli Art director: Velia Mastropietro Planner: Paolo Cattaneo Producer: Cecilia Mazza Media agency: Carat Media planner: Cinzia Sant'Ambrogio Production: company: Mercurio Cinematografica Director: Spike Lee Editor: Guido Notari, You Are Post-production: You Are Audio post-production: Green Movie Exposure: National TV


The Milan agency D'Adda, Lorenzini, Vigorelli BBDO has created a TV spot to promote the BMW 3 Touring Series.

Directed by Spike Lee, the 30-second ad features a series of sentences, which have been broken up and written on everyday objects such as a steamed-up taxi window or a shopping bag. As the car travels through town, the sentences read: "You are reachable everywhere. You always know where to go. You can communicate with everyone. You have the answers. You have total control of your life." Then the word "BUT" flashes on a road-works sign and asks: "Can you still enjoy yourself?"

The spot closes on a shot of the BMW 3 Series driving along a tree-lined road and the line: "As agile as your mind."

BERGENBIER - DRIVING SCHOOL - ROMANIA Project: Driving school Client: Mihai Ghyka, marketing director, Bergenbier Brief: n/s Creative: agency: Leo Burnett & Target Writer: Carmen Tiderle Art director: Petru Cuciuc Planners: Razvan Matazel, Laurentiu Semeniuc Media agency: Universal McCann Media planner: Victor Stroe Production company: Multimedia Est Director: n/s Editor: Alexandru Radu, Multimedia Est Post-production: Multimedia Est Audio post-production: Yama Exposure: National TV


Leo Burnett & Target, Romania, has produced a spot called "driving school" as part of Interbrew's attempt to rebrand Bergenbier as a beer for the lads.

The ad opens on a car containing a man, his girlfriend and her driving instructor. Ignoring the appalling driving and imploring the instructor to go easy in his criticism, the driver's boyfriend turns a blind eye to all her near-misses in his attempt to get her to pass her test. His motive? He wants someone to drive him home after he's had a few Bergenbiers with the boys on a Friday night.

The ad ends with the line: "Friends know why."

PONTIAC - WORLDS - US Project: Worlds Client: Mark-Hans Richer, marketing manager, Pontiac Brief: Drive sales of the Pontiac G6, Torrent and Solstice models Creative agency: Leo Burnett Detroit Writers: Jon Cymbal, Brian Cusac Art directors: Jon Cymbal, Brian Cusac Planner: n/s Media agency: GM Planworks Media planner: n/s Production companies: Furlined, Blink Director: Pleix Editor: Neil Smith, The Whitehouse Post-production: The Mill Exposure: National TV


Leo Burnett Detroit's new campaign for the iconic General Motors car brand Pontiac features incredible journeys through cities constructed out of light and glass.

"Worlds", the first 60-second spot in the series, features the Pontiac G6 following neon trails of light. The car morphs into the Pontiac Torrent, which enters a city made of glass. In the final seconds of the spot, the Torrent drives through a shower of drops of light and turns into the Solstice sports car.

Two additional 30-second ads, "EQ" and "storm", are due to air later in the year.

The ads were directed by the animation collective Pleix, with visual effects created by The Mill.

Despite big sales increases across a number of GM brands this summer, Pontiac's sales were down 13 per cent on the first six months of 2004, with automotive insiders blaming poor brand image for the decline.