The Work: New Campaigns - The World

CREDITS WONDERBRA - BIG HANDS - FRANCE Project: Big hands Client: Carol Paolucci, general brand manager, Wonderbra Brief: Make young men aware of the benefits Wonderbra offers Creative agency: Publicis Conseil Writer: Olivier Camensuli Art directors: Frederic Royer, Yves Sarhadian Planners: Christophe Lichtenstein, Maylis Pajot Media agency: n/s Photographer: Vincent Dixon Retouching company: Kilato Exposure: French magazines


Wonderbra is putting further distance between the brand and its iconic "hello boys" advertising with new print work in France that shows neither the product nor a glamorous model wearing it.

Instead, the new work targets men with three double-page images. Each one promotes Wonderbra's cleavage-enhancing capabilities by featuring men with unusually large hands. The executions, shown in succession to each other, are appearing in a number of French titles including FHM, where it features in the fashion supplement, and Double magazine.

The initiative complements the "wow effect" campaign, which turned the "hello boys" ad on its head by showing the shocked expressions of people as they stare at someone wearing the bra. The strategy is in line with efforts by the agency to get away from Wonderbra images that were provocative when they first appeared in the 90s but are commonplace now.

CREDITS DAIMLERCHRYSLER - MOON DOG - US Project: Moon dog Client: George Murphy, senior vice-president, global brand marketing, DaimlerChrysler Brief: Present the Caliber as an atypical small car Creative agencies: BBDO Detroit, BBDO New York Writer: Matt Sicko Art director: Dan Councilor Planner: n/s Media agency: PHD Media planner: Lori Collins Production company: Smuggler Director: Brian Beletic Editor: Tom Muldoon Post-production: Nomad Audio post-production: Francois Blaignon, Sound Design Exposure: US network and cable TV


DaimlerChrysler is giving added advertising support to its Dodge Caliber model, launched as a compact car for the global market.

New TV and print work running together with an integrated marketing campaign in the US attempt to banish the usual perceptions of small cars by describing the Caliber as "anything but cute".

BBDO's offices in Detroit and New York created the irreverent TV commercials, one of which features a Caliber driver's puppy "mooning" at small dogs in passing cars.

The approach reflects DaimlerChrysler's strategy of targeting hard-to-reach twenty- and thirtysomething drivers who like brands they perceive as hip and popular, but not too commercial.

CREDITS MASTERFOODS - SQUEEZY SAUCE - AUSTRALIA Project: Squeezy Sauce Client: Nick Foley, senior brand manager, Masterfoods Brief: Make Squeezy Sauces synonymous with the Australian barbecue Creative agency: Clemenger BBDO Writer: Gary Dawson Art director: Paul Sharp Planner: Russ Mitchinson Media agency: Starcom Production company: Good Oil Director: Hamish Rothwell Editor: Stewart Reeves, Guillotine Post-production: The Lab Audio post-production: Song Zu Exposure: Australian TV


Australians, famed for their long-running love affair with the barbecue, are being invited to rediscover Masterfoods' Squeezy Sauce via a Finnish couple called Otto and Mette.

The pair began fronting TV advertising for the product a year ago. Now Clemenger BBDO has produced a new spot, which aims to reinforce the brand's association with charming and humorous characters as they encounter everyday Australians.

Otto and Mette not only yearn for things that remind them of home, they also love all things "saucy" and recount with infectious humour how they particularly enjoy the "squeeziness" of the sauce bottle. To maintain continuity, the new commercial was the work of the same agency team and director who first introduced the characters.

CREDITS CARSTAR - WHITE KNIGHT - CANADA Project: White knight Client: Lisa Mercanti-Ladd, marketing director, Carstar Brief: Position Carstar as the "white knight" of the car collision repair industry Creative agency: Bos Writer: Gary Watson Art director: Chad Borlase Media agency: Bos Media planner: Diane Marcil Production company: UNTITLED Director: Steven Diller Editors: Brian Williams, Panic & Bob Post-production: Notch Audio post-production: CompanyX Audio Exposure: Canadian TV


Carstar, Canada's largest repair franchise for accident-damaged cars, has gone on to national TV to distance itself from the "cowboy" image that has long bedevilled the industry.

The organisation wants to put a barrier between itself and repairers' reputation for shoddy workmanship, dishonest billing and refusal to stand by their service, by casting itself as a "white knight".

Three commercials take a humorous approach, featuring bungled medical operations. In one, a doctor tries to convince his patient that although they did not have "exactly the right part", the surgery turned out "pretty good". In another, a young male patient stares in bewilderment at a newly attached hand - that of an elderly woman with bright red nail polish.

A voiceover asks: "What if hospitals treated you like some collision repair shops?"