The Work: New Campaigns - The World

AXE - LAUNCH AXE UNDERWEAR - SCANDINAVIA Project: Launch Axe underwear in Scandinavia Client: Dan Burdett, brand manager, Lamote/Unilever Brief: Promote Axe underwear as being able to withstand the rigours of the mating game Creative agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty Writer: Dave Monk Art director: Matt Waller Planner: Jonathan Bottomley Media agency: OMD Norway Media planner: Hilde Sollien Production company: Independent Films Director: Jake Nava Editor: Tristian Glassworks Post-production: Glassworks Audio post-production: Wave Exposure: TV and print in Norway and Sweden


The sexual innuendo synonymous with the promotion of Unilever's Axe deodorant is literally being taken to new lengths in the latest TV ads for Norway and Sweden.

The new burst of activity is to launch a range of Axe men's underwear by emphasising the confidence it gives teens and twentysomethings in the mating game.

The range is looking to steal share from textile chains such as H&M and Dressman, and to take advantage of a fragmented market sector, whose products are often seen as cheap and unfashionable. Bartle Bogle Hegarty has produced the commercial, which sets out to lampoon the pretentious advertising that characterises the sector.

In the film, the camera pans down the body of a young man to reveal a large bulge in his pants. This is not what it seems, though, and it is revealed that a woman's hand is pulling at his underwear to show off its elasticity.

HONDA JAZZ - VILLAGE GREEN - AUSTRALIA Project: Village green Client: John Pranger, marketing manager, Honda Australia Brief: Promote the quality of the Jazz, its key features and surprising new price Creative agency: FCB Melbourne Writer: Mark Ringer Art director: Scott Lambert Planner: Simon Rich Media agency: Optimedia Media planner: Sarah Thom Production company: Anifex Director: Michael Cusack Editor: John Holmes, Tide Post-production: Oasis Post Audio post-production: Risk Sound Exposure: National TV, cinema


Honda is launching the 2006 version of its supermini, the Jazz, in Australia with an animated TV campaign that aims to give it a distinctive personality in a crowded market.

The production team hired 22 model-makers to recreate an English village, complete with centimetre-high tulips, for the film. With a voiceover by Blackadder's Tony Robinson, the 60-second spot from FCB in Melbourne uses animation to tell the story of "the ever-so-nice Honda Jazz".

Launched four years ago, the Jazz, created by a team of Japanese and European designers, rapidly became Japan's best-selling car. However, it faces stiff competition from the Seat Ibiza, the Toyota Yaris and the Volkswagen Polo.

HOSPITAL ALEMAN - ANOTHER WAY TO LOOK AT CANCER - ARGENTINA Project: Another way to look at cancer Client: Hospital Aleman Brief: Encourage people to be better informed about cancer Creative agency: Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi Writer: Jorge Ponce Betti Art director: Hernan Tomassini Media agency: Starcom Photographer: Gabriel Casas Retouching: Pablo Romanos Exposure: National newspapers, magazines


Cancer cells are transformed into works of art in a national campaign by one of South America's leading cancer hospitals.

Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi in Buenos Aires has produced the newspaper campaign on behalf of the city's Hospital Aleman, which is a major cancer treatment centre. Its aim is to encourage people to look at cancer in a different way and to find out more about what can be done to prevent it.

Each execution shows ovarian, lung and skin cancer cells that have been adapted from photographs to become paintings. Each one carries the line: "The way you look at cancer may help you overcome it."

The advertising coincides with an exhibition of the paintings at a Buenos Aires art gallery.

UBS - YOU AND US - GLOBAL Project: You and us Client: Mark Roeder, global head of advertising, UBS Brief: Encapsulate the relationship between UBS and its clients Creative agency: Publicis Writers: Paul Quarry, Paul Wolfe Art directors: Jamie Colonna, Lee St James Planners: Andy Bateman, Jonathan Gadd Media agency: Starcom MediaVest Media planners: Sam DeVoil, Sevim Olgun Production company: Nice Shirt Director: Stuart Douglas Post-production: Glassworks Audio post-production: 750 mph Exposure: Global TV


Publicis creatives from Europe, the US and the Far East have come together to produce a new global television campaign for UBS, emphasising the bespoke financial advice it gives to clients.

Under the theme "You and us", the advertising underlines the UBS premise that it can offer the right solution wherever clients are and whatever their needs.

The ad aims to eschew corporate-speak to communicate a no-nonsense message. It features shots of streets, landscapes and cityscapes. The voiceover says: "UBS operates in only two places - everywhere and right next to you." The end of each ad is tailored differently for each region with different closing shots and local actors.

The TV campaign, comprising 30- and 15-second spots, is being supported by three global print executions and online activity.