The Work: New Campaigns - The World

Project: Grandmother
Clients: Sophie Dubois, manager; Isabelle Taillandier, marketing
manager; Delphine Delacour, product manager, NestlePurina Pet Care
Brief: Demonstrate the superiority of Friskies by emphasising its
perfect balance of fats and proteins
Creative agency: DDB Paris
Writer: Celine Landa
Art director: Benjamin Marchal
Media agency: Universal Comcord
Media planner: Estelle Nezot
Production company: Les Telecreateurs
Director: Raphael Fernandez
Post-production: Les Telecreateurs
Audio post-production: Tranquille le Chat
Exposure: National TV, internet


A fat cat pins its elderly owner to her rocking chair in a new French TV spot. The ad turns out to be a light-hearted warning from the Nestle-owned Friskies brand about the dangers of overweight pets.

In the commercial, from DDB Paris, an old lady is seen trapped in her chair for an entire day. She is unable either to answer the phone or reach for her TV remote. And all because of the large cat sleeping on her lap. The endline is: "Don't let your cat get too fat."

Friskies, which is part of the NestlePurina Pet Care stable, is a major part of Nestle's ongoing effort to exploit the expanding petcare market. NestlePurina vies with Mars' Pedigree, the world's other leading producer of cat and dog food.

Project: Bad word
Clients: Jill Denison, brand development director; Stephanie Cox, brand
manager, Knorr Frozen Entrees
Brief: Overcome consumer prejudice against frozen food
Creative agency: DDB Canada
Writer: David Ross
Art director: Paul Wallace
Media agency: PHD Canada
Production company: McGuffin Film
Director: n/s
Editor: Brian Williams, Panic & Bob Editing
Post-production: Panic & Bob Editing
Audio post-production: Ari Posner, Pirate Radio & Television
Exposure: National TV


Unilever is setting out to convince Canadians that frozen food does not have to be bland and unappetising in new TV advertising to support its Knorr brand.

The initiative promotes the Knorr Frozen Entrees range and is based on the premise that consumers recoil at the mere mention of the word "frozen".

The result is a commercial created by DDB Canada that appears to be a classic food demonstration with the offending "F" word bleeped out of the soundtrack. At the end of it, a voiceover points out that: "Frozen doesn't have to be a bad word."

Unilever claims the Frozen Entrees range matches restaurant quality and standards and contains premium ingredients used by chefs or skilled home cooks.

Project: Battlefield
Client: Maggie Huang, marketing manager, Nikon
Brief: Position the lenses as perfect for capturing everything in one
Creative agency: David Singapore
Writer: Angie Featherstone
Art director: Kris Ng
Media agency: In-house
Photographer: Sebastian Siah, Shooting Gallery
Retouching: Sally Liu, Reina, Wishing Well
Exposure: National outdoor, magazines


Nikon, the photographic equipment manufacturer, has been criticised for being too inwardly focused on its technology, rather than running well-targeted advertising. A new poster campaign for the brand takes an offbeat approach to promoting its products in the Far East.

Produced by David Singapore, the advertising aims to position Nikon's range of Ultra Wide Angle lenses as the perfect tool for capturing everything in one shot.

The three executions carry the line: "It's all in the shot." In one, a soldier on a battlefield is confronted by another jumping up from a foxhole to take his picture.

"We think these ads will stand out in an oversaturated camera market because of their wry humour," Andrew Lok, David's executive creative director, said. "Most other ads for cameras or lenses are either serious or warm and emotional."

Project: Together
Client: n/s
Brief: Highlight the fact that Buenos Aires Zoo allows people to see
animals from all parts of the world
Creative agency: Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi
Writer: Hernan Rebalderia
Art director: Santiago Dulce
Media agency: Starcom
Media planner: n/s
Production company: Lobo
Director: Mateus de Paula Santos
Exposure: National TV


A TV campaign that tugs shamelessly at the heartstrings aims to lure more visitors to Buenos Aires Zoo.

The ad, by Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, features a polar bear and a monkey whose friendship is brought to an abrupt end. A small child sings a song as the animals are separated by the land mass on which they stand splitting to form new continents.

The spot extends the agency's print campaign under the theme "together, only at the zoo", highlighting the fact that visitors have the opportunity to see animals from all over the world.