The Work: New Campaigns - The World

Project: Too late
Clients: Jean Chaval, managing director; Farah Tisseau, communications
director, Charal
Brief: Present Charal products as so irresistible that even vegetarians
break their resolve
Creative agency: Leo Burnett Paris
Writer: Celine Lescure
Art director: Guillaume Quere
Media agency: Starcom
Media planner: Corinne Pessus
Production company: Gang Films
Director: Joachim Back
Editor: Marcel Peragine
Post-production: Sparxx
Audio post-production: Le Labo
Exposure: National TV


Charal, France's leading meat producer, draws humorous inspiration from the films of Alfred Hitchcock in a new TV campaign that suggests even vegetarians would find it hard to resist its products.

Leo Burnett Paris produced the 60-second Hitchcock spoof, which features a man driving down a winding road with a brown paper bag next to him. The bag's contents remain unseen.

The man's destination is a log cabin, inside which he locks himself. Shortly afterwards, his wife arrives. She bangs hysterically on the door and begs her husband to "stay with us".

It turns out that the man is not intending to take his own life, but to tuck into a steak hache.

The endline is: "Every day, because of Charal minced beef, vegetarians vanish."

Project: Explus
Client: Julie Koewler, director of worldwide advertising and promotions,
United Airlines
Brief: Promote the explus service and show how UA regional jets have
been updated to provide an exceptionally comfortable experience
Creative agency: Fallon Minneapolis
Writer: Jen Stocksmith
Art directors: Bob Barrie, James Zucco
Planner: Guy Gould-Davies
Media agency: Mediaedge: cia
Illustrator: Haydn Cornner
Retouching: Michael Waite
Exposure: Chicago newspapers


United Airlines, the second-largest airline in the US, has begun a new round of print advertising as part of its efforts to get itself back on course after emerging from Chapter 11 bankruptcy earlier this year.

A campaign produced by Fallon Minneapolis promotes the Chicago-based carrier's explus service. The launch of the service is part of UA's plans to focus heavily on business travellers paying the highest fares.

Explus, which is being rolled out on the 70-seater United Express regional jets, aims to provide a seamless first-class service on flights out of Chicago, Denver, San Francisco and Washington.

The explus service offers larger seats, first-class meals and more cabin space.

Project: Night surfer
Client: n/s
Brief: Launch Gingered Battery while giving extra support to the
original Battery brand
Creative agency: Lowe Brindfors
Writer: Peter Keranen
Art director Viljami Kukkonen
Media agency: Atte Varsta
Production company: Social Club
Director: Magnus Rosman
Editor: Frederik Nordstedt
Post-production: Sto.pp
Exposure: National TV


Rush Randle, regarded as one of the world's outstanding watersports athletes, showcases his surfing skills in a TV spot for Battery energy drinks.

The spot, created by Lowe Brindfors in Helsinki, backs the launch of a ginger-flavoured version of the drink. Based on the theme "Gingered Battery keeps you going", the ad begins with a man dancing frantically to a fast-paced soundtrack. The action then cuts to Randle going through his repertoire during a night-time surfing session in his native Hawaii.

The Finnish energy drink brand claims to be the third-largest of its kind in Europe.

Project: The spider
Client: Vittorio Galimberti, marketing director, Reckitt Benckiser
Brief: Demonstrate the smoothness of O'Cedar furniture wax
Creative agency: JWT Paris
Writer: Vincent Pedrocchi
Art director: Xavier Beauregard
Media agency: Media Planning Group
Photographer: Laziz Hamani
Retouching: Keep Coul
Exposure: National press


JWT, currently fighting a rearguard action to retain its global Reckitt Beckiser business, is launching new advertising to promote the company's O'Cedar furniture polish to French consumers.

A print execution from JWT Paris uses an accident-prone spider to illustrate the smooth finish that the product gives to furniture.

The ad features the unfortunate arthropod with each of its legs in plaster casts, having slipped and broken them on the shiny surface.

Sales of furniture polishes have declined in recent years with the growing popularity of furniture with laminate surfaces. Electrostatic wipes have also led to consumers polishing less often.

Reckitt Benckiser confirmed in March that it was calling an international review as it looked to reduce its network roster from three to two.