The Work: New Campaigns - The World

Project: xA "shadow", xB "swarm", tC "shark"
Clients: Mark Templin, vice-president; Steve Haag, corporate manager;
Deborah Senior, national marketing and communications manager; Andrea
Lim, advertising/media manager, Scion
Brief: Creatively illustrate the notion of "inspiration from anywhere"
Creative agency: Attik
Writer: Ariel Lustig
Art director: Stan Zienka
Media agency: Zenith Media Services
Media planner: Mike Delaney
Production company: Hazel Films
Director: Simon Needham
Editors: Nathan Caswell, Erik Buth, Adam Lisagor
Post-production: Shilo, Blind, Stardust, Hydraulix
Audio post-production: Face the Music, Ravenswork
Exposure: National TV, cinema


Scion, the brand used by Toyota to draw in young US car buyers, is using a fast-moving combination of live action and animation in a trio of new commercials under the theme: "What moves you?"

The spots, which were created by Attik, promote Scion's three models: the xA, the xB and the tC. All demonstrate the scope for Scion owners to personalise their vehicles and underscore the fact that Scion offers about 40 different accessories.

The commercials are all set in a modern urban landscape embellished with colourful animation. In each ad, one of the Scion vehicles cutomises itself using elements from its surroundings.

Scion's long-term goal is to appeal to the so-called "Generation Y", the last generation of Americans born in the 20th century, who are heavy internet users.

Project: SMS
Client: PepsiCo Europe
Brief: Relaunch Lay's in Europe
Creative agency: Tiempo BBDO
Writers: Tomas Ferrandiz, Siscu Molina
Art director: Jordi Comas
Planner: Garret Cummings
Media agency: OMD
Production company: Puente Aereo
Director: Sebastian Alfie
Post-production: Infinia
Audio post-production BSO
Exposure: European TV


PepsiCo is targeting young consumers across Europe with the relaunch of its Lay's potato chip brand.

Tiempo BBDO in Barcelona has produced the new TV spot, which is spearheading the campaign that promotes Lay's as "the taste you just can't keep to yourself" and asks: "Want some?"

The commercial features the extraordinary lengths to which a young man goes while stuck in a traffic jam to get a packet of Lay's to his peckish girlfriend.

BBDO appointed its Spanish shop last year to develop and co-ordinate pan-European advertising for PepsiCo's range of snack products. Its recent work for Lay's has focused on the Russian and Polish markets.

Siscu Molina, Tiempo BBDO's executive creative director, said: "The new campaign is built around a universal and fresh humour to attract a young target."

Project: United Nations International Year of Deserts and
Client: Christine Kalb, president, United Nations German branch
Brief: Draw attention to the environmental degradation caused by
advancing deserts
Creative agency: Shanghai Berlin
Writer: Stefan Karl
Art director: Heiner Rogge
Planner: Armin Speer
Media agency: MediaFabrik Berlin
Photographer: Reinhard Hunger
Exposure: National outdoor, internet


A print campaign showing sand pouring through a letterbox is being used by the United Nations to reinforce the threat to the global environment posed by the relentless expansion of desert areas across the world.

The Shanghai agency in Berlin has created the campaign, which will run nationally in Germany and aims to show that the threat is not just confined to faraway developing countries.

The UN, which has declared 2006 the International Year of Deserts and Desertification, says advancing deserts have the potential to cause devastating social and economic consequences. The problem is being fuelled by climate change, the overuse of land and the destruction of forests.

Project: Ice-skating
Client: Andrea Agostini, managing director, Bolton Manitoba
Brief: Position Omino Bianco as the best solution to "impossible"
stains, even in cold water
Creative agency: Publicis
Writer: Pietro Grossi
Art director: Cinzia Massara
Media agency: Equinox
Production companies: Justeleven, Center Studios
Director: Luca Tavoletti
Exposure: National TV


Omino Bianco is looking to sustain and build on its long-time leadership of Italy's laundry additives market, with new advertising that positions the brand as the unbeatable answer to "impossible" stains.

In the animated spot created by Publicis Italy, the stains - including grass, wine, coffee and sugar - come to life as judges in an ice-skating competition.

Omino Bianco is owned by the Holland-based Bolton Group. The company operates across Europe, although almost half of its sales come from Italy.