The Work: New Campaigns - The World

Project: Cliche
Client: Tim Klein, vice-president of public relations, Cingular Wireless
Brief: Remind movie-goers to switch off their mobile phones
Creative agencies: BBDO New York, Atlanta
Writer: Charlie Miesmer
Art director: Rick Midler
Planner: Mike Teasdale
Media agency: Mediaedge:cia
Media planner: Lee Doyle
Production company: Independent Media
Director: Sydney Pollack
Post-production: White House
Exposure: Cinema


The Oscar-winning film-maker Sydney Pollack both directs and stars in a new commercial that reminds Americans to switch off their mobile phones when they go to the cinema.

Pollack, whose movie credits include Out of Africa, The Firm and The Way We Were, was drafted in by Cingular, the country's largest mobile-phone operator, as part of its "be sensible" public education campaign.

Almost one-third of people questioned in research commissioned by Cingular admitted they had suffered the embarrassment of their mobile ringing in the cinema.

The commercial features a man in the middle of a personal phone call who gets annoyed when Pollack starts giving him stage directions.

"Oh, I'm sorry, is my directing interfering with your phone call?" Pollack asks him sarcastically. "How rude of me." The spot ends with the message: "We won't interrupt your phone calls. Please don't interrupt our movies. Silence your cell phones."

Project: Real juicy stories
Client: Libby Bromage, brand manager, Nestle Australia
Brief: Launch Allen's Naturals ice-lollies
Creative agency: Lowe Hunt, Sydney
Writer: Howard Collinge
Art director: Dejan Rasic
Planner: Andrew Moss
Media agency: Optimedia
Media planner: Sean Richardson
Production company: Anifex, Adelaide
Director: Michael Cusack
Exposure: National TV, cinema, outdoor


Nestle Australia is responding to parents' concerns about food additives with the launch of Allen's Naturals, a range of ice-lollies made with real fruit juice. It claims the lollies have no artificial colourings or flavours.

Lowe Hunt in Sydney has created two 30-second spots using stop-motion animation. The ads are set in the jungle and feature the banter between a snake and a family of bats.

The Allen's range is intended to make Nestle a more potent competitor to Cadbury, which launched the Natural Confectionery Company six years ago in Australia in response to calls for healthier diets among children.

Project: Jaywalking
Client: Shivinder Kalra, senior vice-president, Omni United
Brief: Highlight the serious consequences of jaywalking
Creative agency: Leo Burnett Singapore
Writer: Ram Kapoor
Art director: Gregory Yeo
Media agency: n/s
Media planner: n/s
Photographer: Eric Seow
Retouching: Eric Seow
Exposure: Press, posters


People living in Singapore, a country infamous for harshly punishing people for offences deemed trivial in most other parts of the world, are the targets of a new campaign warning them against jaywalking.

Along with spitting and dropping litter, jaywalking is subject to tough rules, with first offenders facing fines of £160. Repeat offenders can be jailed for six months.

The print campaign, produced by Leo Burnett Singapore on behalf of the tyre manufacturer Omni United, deliberately avoids harrowing road-accident scenes. Instead, it features people lying in the road, seemingly killed by an arrow painted on the road surface. Each ad carries the message: "Respect the road."

Project: The beach
Client: Ulrike Hasslocher, senior advertising manager, Coca-Cola
Brief: Build on "live life light" strategy, encouraging consumers to
stay positive
Creative agency: StrawberryFrog, Amsterdam
Writer: Hannes Winkler
Art director: Corinna Falusi
Planner: Richard Monturo
Media agency: MediaCom
Media planner: Stefanie Lukoschek
Production company: First Factory, Barcelona
Director: Jamie Lane
Editor: Jaume Garcia
Post-production: Molinare, Barcelona
Exposure: National TV


Young Germans are being encouraged to take charge of their own fate and focus on the positive side of life in a new TV spot for Coca-Cola Light.

The latest spot builds on the "live life light" strategy launched last autumn. It aims to re-energise the Coke Light brand in Germany (its biggest European market) by establishing stronger ties with the young urbanites who are its core consumers.

The film shows two girls apparently relaxing on a sun-drenched beach. As a pneumatic drill starts up, the camera pulls back to show that the girls are actually lying in a children's sand pit in the middle of a city. The endline is: "Paradise is where you make it."