The Work: New Campaigns - The World

Project: Brand campaign
Client: Malcolm Sullivan, vice-president, marketing and communications,
FedEx Asia
Brief: Communicate that FedEx is the team to trust for shipping packages
in and out of China and promote its sponsorship of the China badminton
Creative agency: BBDO Asia-Pacific
Writer: Simon Welsh
Art director: Gary Amante
Planner: Colin Bates
Media agency: OMD
Media planner: Catherine Wu
Production company: Hotdog Production
Director: David Gaddie
Editor: Nigel Mortimer, Oktober
Post-production: Oktober
Audio post-production: Nylon Studio
Exposure: National TV


FedEx is capitalising on its sponsorship of China's national badminton team in new TV advertising aimed at building its business in the emerging global economic powerhouse.

Under an agreement signed earlier this year, the worldwide delivery service will sponsor the team during the run-up to the 2008 Olympic Games. China is the company's fastest-growing international market.

Shot in Shanghai by BBDO Asia-Pacific, the new commercial underlines FedEx's "we live to deliver" promise and is based on the theme of teamwork.

It features a highly energetic badminton game being played across the city by a man and a woman. She hits a long-range shot, which he seems powerless to return until a FedEx courier rushes up with a box containing his racket.

Project: Clio Sport 200
Clients: Angelo Bencivenga, advertising manager; Vittoria Cristfaro,
senior advertising executive, Renault Italia
Brief: Launch the new Clio while increasing awareness of the marque
Creative agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Milan
Writer: Luca Lorenzini
Art director: Luca Pannese
Media agency: Carat
Media planner: Barbara Pasquali
Production company: Mercurio Cinematografica
Director: Joseph Kahn
Editor: Antonio Civilini
Post-production: Sto.pp
Exposure: TV, cinema, internet


A driver trying to outmanoeuvre a speeding bullet features in a new commercial that is launching Renault's Clio Sport 200 into Italy.

The spot is intended to replicate the adrenaline rush said to come from driving the car, and the dynamism of the vehicle itself.

In the film, the driver manages to outwit the bullet by turning left and opening a window to allow it to pass straight through the car. It was directed by Joseph Kahn, an American whose credits include pop promos for U2, Eminem and Britney Spears.

The Clio Sport, which went on sale in Italy last month, competes with rivals such as the VW Golf GTi, the Peugeot 206RC and the Seat Ibiza Cupra. It aims to provide power with the comfort of a car designed for city driving.

Project: 2006 AdoptUsKids public service announcements
Client: Rebecca Jones Gaston,national campaign and fulfilment director,
Brief: Let prospective parents know they do not have to be perfect to be
good parents
Creative agency: Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners
Writers: Aaron Robnett, Susan Young
Art director: Daniela Vojta
Media agency: n/a
Media planner: n/a
Production company: Tool of North America
Director: Sam Cadman
Editor: Colleen Shea, MacKenzie Cutler
Post-production: Schmigital
Audio post-production: MacKenzie Cutler
Exposure: National TV


A US government-backed ad initiative is under way to attract more would-be foster parents by overcoming their fears that they may not be up to the job.

The TV campaign aims to place almost 120,000 children within the US foster care system.

The advertising is in support of AdoptUsKids, a collaboration between the Federal Department of Health and other specialist organisations.

It is the result of an initiative by America's non-profit-making Ad Council, which linked AdoptUsKids with Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners.

The four spots, directed by Sam Cadman, one of the creators of Channel 4's Trigger Happy TV, focus on everyday moments involving children and their parents. In one, a mother's vacuum cleaner swallows the pet hamster. In another, a father stumbles to console his daughter who is having boyfriend problems. A voiceover points out that: "You don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent."

Project: Vodafone live!
Client: Gary McGuire, vice-president for brand and communication,
Vodafone Czech Republic
Brief: Present Vodafone live! as a source of information wherever you
Creative agency: Kaspen
Writer: Emiliano Trierveiler
Art director: Jaime Mandelbaum
Media agency: OMD
Media planner: Jan Ksandr
Production companies: Bistro Films, The Sweet Shop
Director: Michael Wong
Exposure: National TV, cinema


Vodafone is seeking to improve on its position as the third-largest mobile-phone operator in the Czech market with new TV advertising positioning its live! offering as the ultimate information service.

Almost ten million Czechs use mobile phones and rely heavily on them as a source for news, weather forecasts, sports results and details of TV programmes.

The new TV spot tells the story of a man who is catapulted to fame through his ability to answer every question he is asked. As a celebrity, he tires of all the attention focused on him and decides to reveal the secret of his success - the Vodafone live! service.

Spain's Telefonica and Germany's T-Mobile currently lead the market.