The Work: New Campaigns - The world

Project: Fishes
Clients: Pablo Gazzera, Latin America deodorants development director;
Florencia Pena, Latin America Axe marketing director, Unilever
Brief: Differentiate Axe antiperspirant from Axe bodyspray
Creative agency: VegaOlmosPonce
Writer: Jose Pereira
Art director: Pedro Losada
Media agency: Initiative
Media planner: Patricio Busso
Production companies: Traktor, Pioneer Productions
Director: Traktor
Post-production: Cinecolor
Audio post-production: Wing Audio Post
Expoure: TV in Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Bolivia


A fisherman famous for his sweaty armpits is the unlikely star of a new television commercial being used by Unilever to drive sales of its Axe antiperspirant brand throughout Latin America.

Argentina's VegaOlmosPonce produced the spot, which aims to differentiate the product from Axe bodyspray.

Shot in the Uruguayan fishing village of Punta Del Diablo, the commercial tells the story of a fisherman who sweats so much he can keep two fish alive under his armpits. But while the villagers hail him as a hero, the girl he loves rejects him.

However, everything changes when his armpits are sprayed with Axe in preparation for a television appearance. It means he can no longer perform his trick, but he wins the girl.

Project: Plunge & Play
Client: Wallace Leung, brand manager, Coca-Cola
Brief: Put Nestea consumers at the centre of the brand experience
Creative agency: Lowe Roche
Writer: Rob Sturch
Art director: Basil Cowieson
Planner: Kristin Burnham
Media agency: Cossette Media
Media planner: Michael Marcy
Production company: Untitled
Director: Michael Downing
Editor: Alison Gordon, Relish
Post-production: Notch
Expoure: National TV, out-of-home, online


Coca-Cola's Nestea Iced Tea brand is using new TV advertising in Canada to draw consumers on to a website, where they can play a game that picks up where the commercial leaves off.

Nestea is already well known for its Canadian commercials, which show people falling backwards into a pool of water. The latest spot, created by Lowe Roche in Toronto, features a man's futile attempts to refresh himself with snowballs fired from a tennis ball launcher. He is finally rescued by a parachuting bottle of Nestea.

The commercial contains a web address where people can access a game in which they can control the man as he dives deeper and deeper into an underwater world.

Christina Yu, Lowe Roche's creative director, said: "This campaign isn't just blurring the lines between the TV and web experiences. It's eliminating them altogether."

Project: Machines
Client: Luca Sani, marketing director, Calizaturificio Buttero
Brief: Highlight the total handmade process of producing Buttero boots
Creative agency: JWT Paris
Writer: Luissandro Del Gobbo
Art director: Giovanni Settesoldi
Media agency: In-house
Photographer: Riccardo Bagnoli
Retouching: Claudio Luparelli
Expoure: International magazines

THE LOWDOWN Buttero, the Italian footwear manufacturer, is emphasising the craftsmanship behind its products in new print advertising produced by JWT Paris.

The work features some of the machines normally used in footwear production. However, each one has a craftsman's hand attached to it. The tagline is: "101 per cent handcrafted."

Buttero has traded on the quality of its workmanship since it began making boots in the 70s. It claims to be one of the few boot producers still using leather craftsmen, as opposed to mechanised processes.

Italy has a long tradition of footwear manufacturing but, in common with the UK, Spain and Portugal, has been losing market share to Asian countries.

Project: Master
Clients: Frank Cooper, vice-president, CSD Flavors; Lauren Hobart,
director, Mountain Dew, PepsiCo North America
Brief: Promote the unique drinking experience of Mountain Dew
Creative agency: BBDO New York
Writer: Dulcidio Caldeira
Art director: Cesar Finamori
Media agency: OMD
Media planner: Gail Stein
Production company: Partizan
Director: Traktor
Editor: John Murray, Nomad
Post-production: Chris Staves, Mass Market
Audio post-production Franaois Blaignan, Nomad
Expoure: National TV, internet


Mountain Dew, a citrus-flavoured soft drink long associated with the hillbilly culture, pokes fun at martial arts movies in a new spot by BBDO New York.

In the film, a young Westerner arrives at a remote Far Eastern monastery to learn how to play the playground game of "slaps". After much painful training, he thinks he has perfected the art of split-second timing, but he is put in his place by the Master, who manages to drink a can of Mountain Dew faster than the speed of light.

Mountain Dew, which was named after illegal stills, was first developed in the 40s in Tennessee as a whisky chaser. Since its acquisition by PepsiCo in the 60s, it has been marketed mainly at twentysomethings under the theme "Do the Dew".