The Work: New campaigns - The world

Project: Anycall
Client: Chang-Joon Kim, marketing manager, Anycall marketing group,
Samsung Electronics
Brief: Contrast the styles and moods of the actress Lee Hyori and the
singer Ji-Hyun Jun through comparison with the new Anycall mobiles
Creative agency: Cheil Communications
Writer: Won-Me Hwang
Art directors: Joo-Yeon Shin, Se-Ho Kwon
Planner: Dong-Jin Kim
Media agency: Cheil Communications
Media planner: Jun Lee
Production company: Africa
Director: Eun-Taek Cha
Editor: Eun-Taek Cha
Post-production: Eliot
Exposure: National TV, cinema, online


Samsung exploits the rivalry between the two stars vying for the title of South Korea's sexiest woman in TV advertising launching two new mobile phones in its Anycall range.

The singer Lee Hyori and the actress Ji-Hyun Jun, one-time rivals for the title "Best Butt in Asia", are featured in a pair of commercials promoting two Anycall phones, which have been named after them - Slim&J and Slim&H.

Samsung launched Anycall into the Korean market last year in response to the demand for mobiles with strong communication capabilities because of the country's mountainous terrain.

The ads, which were shot in San Francisco, were the subject of much advance hype. Images appeared on the internet before their release and there was much discussion of them on blogs.

Project: Noa Perle launch
Client: Marie-Paule Thauzies, managing director, Cacharel
Brief: Launch Noa Perle as a premium fragrance
Creative agency: BETC Luxe
Art directors: Marithe Florean, Cedric Murac
Planner: Andre Mazal
Media agency: L'Oreal Media
Production company: Plein Soleil
Director: Ellen von Unwerth
Post-production: Plein Soleil
Exposure: Worldwide TV (except US)


L'Oreal's Cacherel brand turns to eroticism in new advertising to establish its new Noa Perle perfume as a serious competitor in the premium fragrance market.

The launch ad features an almost-naked woman bathing in a rock pool in an effort to stand out in a crowded category. The spot was devised by the Paris-based BETC Luxe, the luxury division of BETC Euro RSCG, which produced the creative work for Cacharel's last global launch, for Promesse, in September last year.

Cacharel is best known as the fashion house that launched Anais Anais in 1978.

Project: Jealous animals
Clients: Shanna Young, executive director; Lynda Keith, marketing
manager; Cynthia Shipley, PR manager, Toronto Zoo
Brief: Remind people that the real animals at the zoo are more exciting
than the ordinary ones they see every day
Creative agency: Lowe Roche, Toronto
Writer: Ryan Spelliscy
Art director: Patrick Shing
Planner: Janet McNally
Media agency: Initiative
Media planner: Meaghan Stafford
Production company: Reginald Pike
Director: Brian Lee Hughes
Post-production: Notch
Audio post-production: Pirate Radio & TV
Exposure: Regional TV, viral


Toronto Zoo, the largest zoo in Canada, is looking to increase visitor numbers with a new TV campaign featuring ordinary animals retaliating over the love and attention lavished on their zoo-dwelling counterparts.

Each of the three spots shows somebody paying the price for praising the zoo. The avengers include a pigeon relentlessly messing over a car and a nut-throwing squirrel.

Christina Yu, the creative director of Lowe Roche, which produced the campaign, said: "As soon as we came up with it, we knew we had something that could carry through to a lot of different media in an entertaining, integrated way."

The zoo, which has more than 5,000 animals representing more than 460 species, already attracts around 1.2 million visitors a year.

Project: Meteor
Client: Kevin Waters, chief executive, Henricks
Brief: Position Henricks as the dominant jeweller on Florida's West
Creative agency: Parr Media Group
Writer: David Grant
Art director: Brad Bleich
Media agency: Parr Media Group
Media planner: Dana Parr
Production company: Parr Media Group
Director: Brad Bleich
Editor: Marc Reinzo
Audio post-production: Sky Audio
Exposure: TV in Florida


Science-fiction disaster movies have inspired new TV advertising for Henricks, one of the largest independent jewellers in the US.

The ad, which uses computer-generated 3D animation, features a meteor - a giant diamond - hurtling in from space. Scientists tracking it can only look on helplessly as it crashes spectacularly to Earth.

Henricks, which has three outlets in Florida, is using the film to support large sales events.

The company, set up 24 years ago in Bonita Springs, Florida, by a father-and-son team, aims to offer a wide selection of products, together with good value and a high level of customer service, and to position itself as the dominant jeweller on Florida's West Coast.