The Work: New Campaigns - The world

Project: Curved stick
Clients: Michael Shekter, brand director; Stephanie Rasminsky, brand
manager, Molson Canadian
Brief: Reinforce Molson's association with watching ice hockey
Creative agency: Zig, Toronto
Writer: Michael Clowater
Art director: Mark Puchala
Planner: Mark Aronson
Media agency: Mediaedge:cia, Toronto
Media planner: Travis St Denis
Production company: Untitled
Director: Aleysa Young
Editor: Brian Wells, School Editing
Post-production: School Editing
Audio Post-production: Ted Rosnick, RMW
Exposure: National TV


Molson, Canada's oldest brewer, is reinforcing its long association with ice hockey in new advertising, which is also designed to highlight the brand's lighthearted personality.

The commercial features a group of young men watching the sport on TV and using a specially curved hockey stick to retrieve their Molson bottles from the fridge without having to leave their seats.

A voiceover says: "Thirty-six per cent of Canadian hockey fans think players should be allowed more curves on their sticks. We agree with them."

Molson has enjoyed associations and sponsorship deals with all six of Canada's NHL teams, the Canadian Olympic men's and women's ice hockey teams, and junior ice hockey clubs throughout the country.

Project: Start a party
Client: Nik Keane, global brand director, J&B
Brief: Reaffirm J&B's status as the world's leading party whisky
Creative agency: KesselsKramer
Writer: Tyler Whisnand
Art director: Ewoudt Boonstra
Planners: Olaf Kampman, Matthijis de Jongh
Media agency: n/a
Exposure: Press, magazines, outdoor

THE LOWDOWN J&B, the "non-traditional" whisky brand, is bidding to boost its popularity among younger drinkers with a print campaign under the theme: "Start a party."

Diageo is putting £10 million behind a print campaign to run in more than 20 markets during the coming year.

Each of the executions features a mirror ball, which crashes into social gatherings to mark the moment when they become parties. Nik Keane, J&B's global brand director, said: "For us, 'Start a party' is about attitude - optimism, sociability, enjoying life and having fun."

The print work is being supported by radio advertising and digital activity, as well as events and promotions in bars and clubs.

Project: Nose
Client: Israel Yellow Pages
Brief: Launch the redesigned Yellow Pages website
Creative agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Young & Rubicam
Writer: Amit Gal
Art director: Uri Dagan
Planner: Hilla Tamir
Media agency: United
Media planner: Sarit Friedman
Production company: POV
Director: Shahar Segal
Editor: Shay Appelberg
Post-production: Gravity
Audio Post-production: Sound House
Exposure: National TV


Yellow Pages' familiar tactic of demonstrating the access it provides to a wide range of services in an offbeat way is given an unexpected and humorous twist in a new campaign for Israel.

Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Young & Rubicam has produced the campaign, which launches a newly designed Yellow Pages website.

The story revolves around a pair of young lovers, whose kissing is spoiled by the girl's Pinocchio-like nose.

Her boyfriend visits the Yellow Pages site to find a plastic surgeon, and he is later seen explaining the problem to the white-coated expert he has found.

However, it emerges that he has not gone to see the surgeon about getting his girlfriend's nose made shorter, but his own made longer.

Project: Smoke less, New York
Clients: Axel Soyez, marketing manager; Marc Donner, advertising
manager, Volkswagen Belgium
Brief: Promote the Polo BlueMotion as a less polluting car and
communicate the comfort of Volkswagen utility vehicles
Creative agency: DDB Belgium
Writer: Bill Bilquin
Art director: Paul-Henri Guilmin
Media agency: OMD
Media planner: Tom Lemaitre
Photographers: Christophe Gilbert, Frank Uyttenhove
Retouching: Living Room, Yannick Le Coq
Exposure: National magazines, posters


Volkswagen has drawn inspiration from the famous Marlboro cowboy ads to promote its new fuel-efficient supermini, the Polo BlueMotion, in Belgium.

Set in what appears to be Marlboro Country, the print ad shows a cowboy, minus his cigarette, leaning against the car. The ad carries the caption: "Smoke less."

Launched last year, the BlueMotion is claimed to be the most economical car of its class in Europe. It is targeted at drivers wanting hybrid-like efficiency at a reasonable price. VW claims the car has an average fuel consumption of 72.4 miles to the gallon.

Meanwhile, the company is promoting the comfort of its commercial vehicle range with a print ad appearing to show New York steeplejacks seated on a sofa, which is perched on a girder.