The Work: New Campaigns - The world

Project: Pimp my portfolio
Clients: Jussi Seppala, marketing director; Sarianna Visuri, marketing
manager, FIM
Brief: Update FIM's message to target a younger audience
Creative agency: Publicis Helsinki
Writers: Tomi Winberg, Mikko Pekkala
Art directors: Sami Anttila, Roy Haapakoski
Planner: Satu Taipola
Media agency: ZenithOptimedia
Production company: Woodpecker Films
Director: Jalmari Helander
Editor: Anssi Puisto
Post-production: Generator Post
Audio Post-production: Vapor Music Group, Toronto
Exposure: National TV, online


FIM, Finland's biggest asset management company, draws inspiration from the TV show Pimp My Ride in new advertising to raise its profile with younger would-be customers.

While Pimp My Ride features worn-out cars being tuned up to meet their owners' dreams, the FIN campaign applies the idea to investments.

Created by Publicis Helsinki, and shot in Bangkok, the national TV spot tells the story of a young man down on his luck and living in a clapped-out camper van.

His fortunes change when an old friend introduces him and his shabby portfolio to FIM's fund managers, who transform it for him.

Project: Dreaming, parking
Client: John Pranger, national marketing manager, Honda Australia
Brief: Reinforce the fact that the Jazz is a cut above the competition
Creative agency: DraftFCB, Melbourne
Writer/art director: Scott Lambert
Planner: Chris Ivanov
Media agency: ZenithOptimedia
Media planner: Lindy Tan
Production company: Anifex
Director: Michael Cusack
Editor: John Holmes, Tide
Post-production: Oasis Post
Audio Post-production: Risk Sound
Exposure: National TV


The British actor and presenter Tony Robinson - better known as Blackadder's clueless sidekick Baldrick - provides the voiceover for a new TV campaign to drive Australian sales of the Jazz, Honda's five-door hatchback.

Produced by DraftFCB Melbourne, the pair of animated films are an extension of the "ever-so-nice Jazz" campaign that began a year ago.

Although the films carry Honda's familiar "The power of dreams" line, they are shot in Thomas The Tank Engine style, with the cars talking to each other around a village green.

Introduced in June 2001, the Jazz is Japan's best-selling car. It has been acclaimed for its design, which maximises the amount of interior space, and for its fuel economy.

Project: Story tale, cat
Client: Tricia Conahan, senior vice-president brand marketing, ING US
Brief: Show how ING strives to help consumers find easier solutions for
their financial goals
Creative agency: BBDO Atlanta
Writer: Eric Van Fossen
Art director: Kyle Lewis
Media agency: OMD New York
Media planner: Mark Mirsky
Production company: National Television
Director: Brumby Boylston
Editor: Steve Prestemon, Cosmo Street
Exposure: National TV, cinema


ING, the banking, insurance and asset management specialist, has launched a fresh burst of advertising in support of its contention that managing money has become unnecessarily complicated.

The initiative is spearheaded by two 30-second spots that underline the point, using the theme: "Your future. Made easier."

In one spot, a small girl asks her father to tell her a story. He responds with a long-winded tale of how a prince rescued a princess. In the other, firefighters and rescue workers try in vain to lure a cat from the top of a tree. A woman sitting on a nearby bench solves the problem by opening a tin of tuna to tempt it down.

Project: Welcome to the Hi society
Clients: Yvonne Prins, communications manager; Ana Henriques, Marijke
Riemersma, marketing communications advisers; Bas Vroonland, online
marketing communications adviser, Hi Mobile
Brief: Present Hi Mobile as the leading messaging brand for young adults
Creative agency: FHV BBDO
Writer: Mark Muller
Art director: Peter Hamelinck
Planner: Anja Froeling
Media agency: MindShare
Production company: Dr Film
Director: Richard Raaphorst
Exposure: National TV


Hi, the Dutch mobile telecom provider, is unashamedly fuelling mobile phone addiction among young people with advertising featuring characters who couldn't imagine life without their handsets.

Each new campaign, under the theme "Welcome to the Hi society", introduces somebody new. The latest stars a man who has become so adept at text messaging that he can no longer control his thumbs and ends up in hospital.

But instead of being cured, he manages to "infect" his nurse, who is overwhelmed by the X-rays of his enormous thumbs.

The campaign, through FHV BBDO, targets 18- to 30-year-olds for whom mobile communication has become second nature. The campaign offers six months of free text messaging to every new subscriber.