The Work: New Campaigns - The world

Project: 75th anniversary
Client: Nevada Resort Association
Brief: Mark the 75th anniversary of gaming in Nevada
Creative agency: R&R Partners, Las Vegas
Writer: Matt McKay
Art director: Robin Milgrim
Media agency: R&R Partners, Las Vegas
Media planner: Jeremy Thompson
Photographer: Lyndon Wade
Retouching: RushWade2
Exposure: Newspapers and magazines in Nevada


Nevada's casinos are celebrating the 75th anniversary of legal gaming in Las Vegas with a print campaign to mark the event's importance in sustaining tourism and employment in the state.

Nevada legalised casinos in 1931 to replace the tax base lost when local silver mines ran dry, and to create a tourism boom.

The print executions juxtapose images of people enjoying themselves in the Las Vegas casinos of today with a series of shots of gaming as it was in the past.

The ads are financed by the Nevada Resort Association, which represents casino owners, and carry the line: "Thank you Nevada for 75 years of gaming."

Project: TogetherNES
Clients: Demetrius Giozeulis, brand manager; Rebecca Dobbins, brand
manager; Tanya Marler, marketing manager, Nescafe
Brief: Revitalise Blend 43's value and relevance in a crowded market
Creative agency: Publicis Mojo
Writer: Mike Burdick
Art director: Russell Heubach
Media agency: ZenithOptimedia
Media planner: Paula Walker
Production company: Soma Films
Director: Sean Meehan
Editor: Pete Whitmore
Post-production: FUEL
Audio Post-production: Noise, McCrocodile Audio
Exposure: National TV, online


Nescafe Blend 43, Australia's biggest-selling coffee brand, has launched new advertising to reinforce its value and relevance in the country's drinks market.

Embracing outdoor, TV, radio and online, the Publicis Mojo campaign, under the theme "share a conversation", attempts to transform the mainstream instant coffee into a more emotional experience.

The advertising draws inspiration from the idea that the best way of communicating is face-to-face, and that Blend 43 can be a catalyst for such communication.

In the ads, "lost" words are shown in a variety of places - dangling from a goal post like a forgotten jumper, left on a train like a newspaper, or floating in the wind like a plastic bag.

Project: Samsung Camera NV Series
Client: Seongki Lee, marketing manager, Samsung Techwin
Brief: Capture the NV Series' sophisticated features in a fun and
engaging way
Creative agency: Cheil Communications
Writer: Jihyun Park
Art director: Youkeog Pae
Planners: Hojoon Park, Minpyo Baik
Media agencies: Cheil Communications, MindShare
Media planner: Mike Kim
Production company: Banana Film
Director: Adriano Bruzzese
Editor: Roy Ricci
Post-production: Postism
Audio Post-production: u2works
Exposure: National TV in Russia, Europe and other regions


The story of a bag-snatcher with a twist in its tail is told in a new commercial highlighting the sophisticated features of Samsung's NV series of digital compact cameras.

Produced by South Korea's Cheil Communications and shot in Buenos Aires, the spot aims to reinforce the camera's appeal to its 25- to 35-year-old target market.

The film begins with a robber making off with the handbag of a woman sitting at an outdoor cafe.

A man at a nearby table gives chase, using his Samsung camera to snap shots of the villain's face as he does so. But when the woman flicks through the man's pictures, she discovers photographs of herself taken surreptitiously before the robber's arrival.

Project: Trimmers
Clients: Regis Guimont, general manager; Gilles Olleris, advertising
manager, Stihl
Brief: Promote Stihl's trimmer range
Creative agency: Publicis Conseil
Writer: Olivier Dermaux
Art director: Mathieu Vinciguerra
Media agency: OMD
Photographer: Jean-Yves Lemoigne
Retouching: Jean-Yves Lemoigne
Exposure: National press, magazines


Stihl, the power tool manufacturer, is gearing up for the gardening season with a new print campaign which issues a tongue-in-cheek warning about neglecting to trim and clear shrubbery.

Publicis Conseil has produced the advertising, which shows people wedged against their patio doors by rapidly growing shrubs and plants as they try to retrieve some of the items they need to enjoy the summer.

The new campaign, under the theme "Don't wait too long", supports Stihl's range of trimmers and continues a creative approach that began a year ago.

Founded in Germany 80 years ago, Stihl began as a chainsaw specialist, but produces a wide range of garden power tools that are sold in more than 160 countries.