The Work: New Campaigns - The World

Project: HarvesTED
Client: Dean Grice, marketing manager Toohey's Extra Dry, Lion Nathan
Brief: Demonstrate to TED's core audience of 18- to 29-year-olds the
care that goes into its creation
Creative agency: BMF
Writer: Kim Neidhardt
Art director: Jed De Pyper
Planner: Fabio Buresti
Media agency: ZenithOptimedia
Production company: The Sweet Shop
Director: Steve Ayson
Editor: Jack Hutchins
Post-production: Animal Logic
Audio post-production: Sound Reservoir
Exposure: National and cable TV, internet


A fantasy farm with bizarre machinery and men with rockabilly quiffs feature in a surreal commercial promoting Toohey's Extra Dry - known as TED - to its core audience of younger drinkers in Australia.

The new commercial follows the efforts of a young farmer as he plants his seeds and tends them carefully as they grow into giant pods.

After all that TLC, the pods split open to reveal hundreds of young men, all sporting quiffs and grasping a bottle of Toohey's Extra Dry. The farmer sprays each of them with his "freezing" machine, before prising the Toohey's from their hands.

The ad, created by BMF in Sydney, is an attempt to underline the care and attention that goes into producing TED, Australia's sixth-largest beer brand by value.

Project: The Differences
Client: Claude Herail, communications manager, Le Petit Bateau
Brief: Reassert Le Petit Bateau's status as the emblematic brand of
childhood values
Creative agency: BETC Euro RSCG
Writer: Olivier Couradjut
Art director: Remy Tricot
Media agency: Vizeum
Media planner: Nathalie Barataud
Photographer: Stephan Ruiz
Exposure: National press and outdoor in France and Italy


Le Petit Bateau, the children's clothing manufacturer, takes the game of "spot the difference" to extremes in a new print campaign. It aims to show that the company, whose slogan is "Kidproof clothes", understands that children thrive on energy and lively imagination.

In each of the three executions, a picture of tidy, well-behaved children is juxtaposed with a similar scene showing the chaos after a high-octane game.

Each ad asks "Can you spot the difference?", and invites people to identify the offbeat variances scattered throughout the pictures.

BETC Euro RSCG, which created the campaign, drafted in the US photographer Stephan Ruiz to create some of the unusual images, including a crocodile playing draughts with a robot and a teddy bear tanning on a sunbed.

Project: Surgery
Clients: Jack Gold, director of brand communications Americas; Marianne
Pizzi, senior communications manager, Nike
Brief: Launch the Nike Dance collection in Latin America
Creative agency: Madre
Writer: Madre
Art director: Madre
Planner: Madre
Production company: Rebolucion
Director: Luciano Podcaminsky
Editor: Diego Panich
Post-production: Cinecolor
Audio post-production: La Casa Post Sound
Exposure: National and regional TV, cinema


Nike, launching its new Dance range, is taking advantage of the bad publicity around the trend among Latin American women to turn to plastic surgery.

Madre, Mother's Buenos Aires operation, has created a commercial that suggests the collection beats liposuction as a way of getting into shape.

Its appearance follows the controversy surrounding plastic surgery's popularity among women in major South American cities such as Buenos Aires and Mexico City. A number of women, including an Argentinian model, have suffered comas after botched operations.

The spot starts with a woman changing her mind about plastic surgery as she is about to be given an anaesthetic. It climaxes in an energetic dance sequence.

Project: LR2 New Land
Client: Land Rover
Brief: Launch the LR2 in the US
Creative agency: Young & Rubicam Brands, Irvine, California
Writers/art directors: Anthony di Biae, Miles Turpin, Marco Cremona,
Jeff Heath, Brian Morgan
Media agency: Mediaedge:cia
Media planner: Courtney Kasey
Production company: Crossroads Films
Director: Nico Beyer
Editor: Richard Learoyd, Whitehouse Post
Post-production: Mac Guff
Audio post-production: Machine Head
Exposure: National TV, cinema


The LR2, Land Rover's new compact utility vehicle, is launching in the US with TV advertising that uses dramatic images of an erupting volcano to emphasise how the model is taking the marque into new territory.

Unveiled at the Los Angeles Motor Show as the successor to the Freelander, the LR2 aims to combine the comfort and all-terrain capability found in a conventional Land Rover with a compact package more suitable for driving around town.

The commercial features the LR2 skirting a volcano's spurting lava, and scaling a rocky terrain towards a promontory that overlooks the sea. A voiceover says: "Where there's new land, there's a new Land Rover."