The Work: New Campaigns - The world

Project: Gibberish
Clients: Patrick Van Der Loo, team leader; Marc Charbonneau, product
manager, Pfizer Canada
Brief: Promote Viagra without contravening Canada's drug ad regulations
Creative agency: Taxi Canada
Writer: Michael Murray
Art director: Jason Hill
Planner: Maxine Thomas
Media agency: Le Group TMC
Media planner: Richard Giguere
Production companies: Radke Films, Partizan, LA
Director: Eric Lynne
Editor: Brian Wells
Post-production: School Editing
Audio Post-production: Pirate Radio & TV
Exposure: National TV


Pfizer Canada is negotiating the country's controversial and confusing drug ad restrictions with a series of commercials in which the actors talk gobbledegook.

The ads come in the wake of stinging criticism of the Canadian government by agencies, media companies and drug manufacturers, who claim Canada's laws are outdated and in need of a major overhaul.

Drugs ads on Canadian TV can mention either the brand name or the condition for which it is prescribed - but not both in the same ad. However, many Canadian viewers can see US TV commercials that name Viagra and mention the fact that it treats erectile dysfunction.

In the new commercials, men and women talk the so-called "international language of Viagra" with nudges and knowing smiles.

Project: No comment
Client: EuroNews
Brief: Remind people how comments can influence their opinion
Creative agency: Fred Farid Lambert
Writers: Feng Huang, Julien Boulard, Michael Zonnenberg, Joseph Dubruque
Art directors: Feng Huang, Julien Boulard, Jerome Laan
Media agency: Media Planning Group
Media planner: Pascal Crifo
Exposure: National and professional press


EuroNews, the pan-European news channel, is launching a fresh burst of advertising designed to appeal to viewers who prefer to make up their own minds about world events based on the images they see.

The print campaign, built around the theme "No comment", was created by Fred Farid Lambert. The agency was formed at the end of last year by the creatives Frederic Raillard and Farid Mokart and the former Publicis Conseil chairman, Christophe Lambert. They are backed by the Havas chairman, Vincent Bollore.

EuroNews hired the agency in February to head its global communications programme following its expansion into Asia, Africa and North America.

Launched in 1993 and backed by the European Commission, EuroNews covers world news from a European perspective. However, it has been criticised as boring and repetitive and for not carrying enough breaking news.

Project: Everyday luxury
Client: Jose Antonio Prats, regional marketing director, PZ Cussons
Brief: Bring Imperial Leather's "luxury" associations up to date
Creative agency: McCann Worldgroup Indonesia
Writer/art director John Baily
Media agency: Universal McCann
Media planner: Ressy Salim
Production company: Axis Films
Director: Paul Loosley
Editor: Azrin Justin Izmee
Post-production: Asia Pacific Videolab
Audio Post-production: Arizona Productions
Exposure: National TV and cable in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and


Imperial Leather, said once to have been the favoured fragrance at the court of Russia's Catherine the Great, brings its "luxury" label up to date in a new round of global TV advertising.

McCann Worldgroup Indonesia produced the new commercial, which attempts to move the brand forward from its associations with "old luxury" as personified by wealth and status, to "new luxury" as epitomised by personal pleasure.

Under the theme "One of life's little luxuries", the spot features a bar of soap being tossed from one personal pleasure seeker to another. They include a girl in a bath, a man in a shower and some children in a hot tub.

Project: Legendary moments
Client: Nick Sadler, marketing manager passenger vehicles, Toyota
Brief: Highlight Toyota's continued sponsorship of the Australian
Football League
Creative agency: Publicis Mojo
Writer: Justin Ruben
Art director: Simon Cox
Planner: Amanda Wheeler
Media agency: The Media Store
Media planner: Natalie Liaromatis
Production company: The Sweet Shop
Director: Michael Wong
Editor: Stewart Reeve, Guillotine
Post-production: Fin Design
Audio Post-production: Nylon
Exposure: National TV, online


Tony "Plugger" Lockett, one of the most famous players in the history of Australian rules football, makes a rare return to the country's TV screens as part of Toyota's "legendary moments" advertising.

The campaign highlights the company's ongoing sponsorship of the Australian Football League.

Lockett has shunned the spotlight since his retirement from the Sydney Swans eight years ago. However, the new ad by Publicis Mojo sees him re-enacting the moment in June 1999 when he kicked his 1,300th goal to become the most prolific goal-kicker in the game's history.

In the film, the actors lure a reluctant Lockett on to a suburban football field to demonstrate his record-breaking kick, before hoards of fans appear from nowhere to congratulate him.