The Work: New campaigns - The world

Project: Rethink American
Client: Dan Keller, marketing director, Saturn
Brief: Extend Saturn's appeal to a broader range of potential customers
Creative agency: Deutsch, Los Angeles
Writers: Jeff Bossin, Mark Moll
Art directors: Scott Hidinger, Lu Romero
Planner: Matt Jarvis
Media agency: GM Planworks
Production company: Moxie Pictures
Director: Errol Morris
Editor: Steve Prestemon, Cosmo Street
Post-production: Company 3, Riot
Audio Post-production: Ravenswork
Exposure: National TV


Saturn, set up by General Motors to convert buyers who are thinking of purchasing an imported vehicle, pushes its home-made credentials in new advertising under the theme "Rethink American".

The 60-second TV spot is part of an effort to change people's perceptions of Saturn as a maker of affordable small cars. Recently, the company has been broadening its range with more stylish but more expensive models.

Saturn, whose April sales jumped by 50 per cent compared with a similar time last year, said its target had moved on from people intending to buy an import to "progressive-minded import intenders" willing to consider other options.

In the commercial, Saturn, which claims not to have the "baggage" of other US car-makers, urges consumers to "rethink" what it can do.

Project: Rage
Clients: Lorenzo Pacini, Claudie Cennit, marketing directors, Sundek
Brief: Show surfers that Sundek is in tune with their needs
Creative agency: Callegari Berville Grey Paris
Writer: Luissandro Del Gobbo
Art director: Giovanni Settesoldi
Media agency: In-house
Production company: Les Telecreateurs
Director: Edouard Deluc
Editor: Fred Olszak
Post-production: Home Digital Pictures
Exposure: TV in Southern Europe and South-East Asia


Sundek, the surfwear brand, makes its TV debut with advertising aimed at convincing potential customers that the company understands what makes surfers tick.

Callegari Berville Grey Paris has produced the spot, which was shot in South Africa. It attempts to show the wild emotions that surfing can trigger.

The spot features a surfer who uses up so much of his patience waiting for waves that he loses it when he breaks a shoelace. This sends him into such a fury that he trashes his beachside apartment. The endline is: "Surfers use 97 per cent of their patience in the water."

The campaign, which will run across Southern Europe and South-East Asia, is being complemented with double-page print executions.

Project: Jump on the floor
Client: David Foulds, vice-president advertising, PepsiCo International
Brief: Drive traffic to the pepsimore.com website
Creative agency: CLM BBDO
Writer: Leo Berne
Art director: David Bertram
Planners: Richard Swaab, Virginie Sautter
Media agency: n/a
Production company: Stink
Director: Brian Beletic
Editor: France Monnet
Post-production: The Mill
Audio Post-production: Selected by
Exposure: TV worldwide, except US, Canada, Mexico and Japan


Pepsi has signed the hip-hop band The Black Eyed Peas to star in an all-singing, action-packed ad marking the next stage of Pepsi's new international campaign.

The latest TV spot features More, a song specially written by the band for Pepsi. The ad aims to drive fans to the pepsimore.com site, where they can remix a verse from the track.

Created by CLM BBDO in Paris, the film was directed by Brian Beletic, the man behind many of the group's promotional videos. It opens with a man trying in vain to get a can of Pepsi from a vending machine, and climaxes with the band smashing through floorboards in time with their song until they end up in a basement gym club where people are working out.

Project: The day before
Client: Mike Vale, marketing manager, Cape Times
Brief: Reposition the Cape Times as an enlightening read
Creative agency: Lowe Bull Cape Town
Writer: Simon Lotze
Art director: Brian Bainbridge
Media agency: n/s
Exposure: Outdoor and Cape Times


South Africa's Cape Times newspaper is responding to the arrival of new technologies that can deliver news quickly by launching a campaign emphasising its skill at delivering quality information.

The aim of the work is to reposition the paper for a more informed and intellectual readership.

The print campaign underscores the paper's strategy by showing how the course of history can change in a day.

All of the ads are based on archive photographs. One carries the date Saturday 10 February 1990. It features a group of press photographers gathered around the gates of a prison, unaware that its most famous inmate, Nelson Mandela, would be released the following day. Another shows schoolchildren the day before the Soweto riots in 1976.