The Work: New campaigns - The world

Project: Cokreation
Client: Alessandro Andolina, director of creative development, Coca-Cola
Brief: Promote Coca-Cola's association with music-related activities
across Europe
Creative agency: Senora Rushmore United
Writer: Carlos Alija
Art director: Jesus Morilla
Planner: n/s
Media agency: n/a
Media planner: n/s
Production company: Tesauro
Director: Raquel Perez-Tato
Editor: Enrique Garcia
Post-production: Infinia
Audio Post-production: Sirena
Exposure: TV in 23 European countries


Coca-Cola is reinforcing its links with music-related activity across Europe with an ad that promotes the importance music can play in adopting a positive attitude towards life.

The 60-second spot is the work of Senora Rushmore United in Madrid, and it builds on the "Coke side of life" theme that was developed for the brand.

The film opens with a young man's spontaneous burst of song captured on a shop's video camera. Very soon, musicians and music lovers are exchanging remixes of his performance. The man is amazed when the final result gets broadcast on a huge high-street screen.

Coca-Cola's music programme includes a partnership with Apple's iTunes across a range of European markets.

Project: Hereditary hair loss
Clients: Michael Blinkhorn, product manager; Vanessa Gattellari,
category manager, Johnson & Johnson
Brief: Inform women aged between 30 and 49 who suffer from hair loss
that it could be hereditary
Creative agency: Clemenger BBDO
Writers/art directors: Gary Dawson, Paul Sharp
Planner: John Schonegeval
Media agency: MediaCom
Typographer: Alison Carmichael
Retouching: Giles Davies
Exposure: National press, women's magazines


Regaine, the Johnson & Johnson product that is traditionally associated with stopping premature baldness in men, is turning its attention to woman in a new print campaign breaking in Australia.

Clemenger BBDO in Sydney has created the work, which features a drawing of a woman's face and hair in the form of flowing writing. It reads: "There are some places a woman does not want to be thinner."

Gary Dawson, one of the agency creatives who helped produce the ad, said: "To any woman, hair loss is devastating. While conscious that they may be losing their hair with some regularity, they tend to live in a state of denial, and attribute it to other factors such as diet, stress or menopause. However, for a third of all women, it's an hereditary condition."

Project: Baywatch
Client: Paul Guyardo, chief marketing officer, DirecTV
Brief: Promote DirecTV's ability to offer better picture quality than
Creative agency: Deutsch Los Angeles
Writer/art director: Michael Kadin
Planner: Laura Janness
Media agency: DeutschMedia
Media planner: Kyle Aquistapsace
Production company: Tool of NA
Director: Erich Joiner
Exposure: Network and national cable TV


Pamela Anderson sends up her Baywatch role in a spot to boost subscriptions for DirecTV, News Corporation's California-based direct broadcast satellite service.

The curvaceous star's appearance marks the latest stage of a campaign through Deutsch Los Angeles, in which a famous movie moment or a TV show is recreated using revised dialogue.

In this new spot, Anderson ignores a man thrashing about in the surf while she applies her suntan oil and asks viewers why they are watching her on cable when they could be enjoying DirecTV's superior picture quality.

Project: Life gets easier
Client: Chantal Cahan, communication marketing manager, Moulinex
Brief: Show how easy it is to use Moulinex food-preparation products
Creative agency: Publicis Conseil
Writer: Sebastien Aime
Art director: Estelle Pinet
Planner: n/s
Media agency: KR Media
Media planner: n/s
Production company: La PAC
Director: Lieven Van Baelen
Editor: La PAC
Post-production: BUF
Audio Post-production: WAM
Exposure: National and cable TV in 25 countries


Having kept a low advertising profile in recent years, Moulinex, the French small household appliance-maker, is returning to TV with advertising promoting how easy it is to use its food-preparation products.

Publicis Conseil in Paris has created the campaign, which will run across 25 countries and will target people who enjoy good food but do not want to spend all their time in the kitchen.

The campaign shows how Moulinex can ease the burden of cooking under the theme: "Life gets easier." This point is made through a series of characters who seem to have fabulous culinary skills. In one spot, a woman has only to turn a pumpkin upside down to serve soup straight into a dish. In another, a woman tips a piece of fruit up and juice flows freely from it.