The Work: New Campaigns - The World

Project: Daydream
Clients: Chris Hamilton, franchise director; Sandra Manolescu, group
franchise manager, Effem
Brief: Provide a visual demonstration of Skittles' "every handful is a
unique experience" strategy
Creative agency: TBWA\Toronto
Writer: Allen Oke
Art director: Scott Couture
Media agency: Omnicom Broadcast Services
Media planner: Ryan Crewson
Production company: OPC Toronto
Director: Jim Hosking
Editor: Mark Morton, School Editing
Post-production: Crush
Audio Post-production: Grayson Matthews
Exposure: National TV


The offbeat campaigns that are a familiar feature of Skittles advertising in the US are being exported across the border to Canada with new TV work under the theme: "No two handfuls are ever the same."

The two spots feature a bored student, who pops a mouthful of Skittles while in class and vanishes into a daydream in which he finds himself standing beside a female angel.

In the first commercial, both the student and the angel develop muscle-bound bodies. In another, the student becomes so expert at martial arts that he manages to chop the Earth in half.

The films, which aim to promote Skittles as a "unique, explosive experience", were commissioned by Effem, the Canadian manufacturer of Mars and Snickers.

Project: Zhu Feng launch
Client: William Wu, vice-president, brand marketing, Li Ning
Brief: Launch Zhu Feng lightweight running shoes
Creative agency: Leo Burnett Beijing
Writer: Jerry Zhou
Art director: Babby Zhou
Planner: Delia Liu
Media agency: Starcom Beijing
Media planner: Athena Dong
Production company: Motion Logix
Director: Zhang Xian Feng
Editor: Johnny, Ping Pong
Post-production: Ping Pong, Motion Logix
Audio Post-production: Left Ear
Exposure: National TV, online


Ambesse Tolossa, the Ethiopian long-distance runner, has joined the stable of international athletes signed by Li Ning, the Chinese sportswear manufacturer, to promote its products.

Tolossa, who recently won marathons in Tokyo, Honolulu and San Diego, has been recruited to boost sales of the company's Zhu Feng (Chasing Wind) shoes.

He joins the US basketball stars Damon Jones and Shaquille O'Neal in reinforcing Li Ning's efforts to build its brand in its home market and its credibility as a global brand in the run-up to next year's Beijing Olympics.

Shot in Beijing, Shanghai and Lijiang, the 60-second TV spot features Tolossa running in his Zhu Feng shoes across the country's sweeping plains and its buzzing inner cities at different times of the day.

Project: Paradise wallpaper
Client: Gunnar Nystrom, chief executive, Langley Travel
Brief: Promote Guadalupe as Langley Travel's latest destination
Creative agency: Goss
Writers: Michael Schultz, Elisabeth Berlander, Ulrika Good
Art directors: Emil Jonsson, Jan Eneroth, Mattias Fendberg, Gunnar
Skarland, Mimmi Andersson
Media agency: In-house
Retouching: Fredrik Persson, Persons Pixlar
Exposure: National press


Langley Travel, which sees itself as an underdog in the huge Scandinavian travel market, is trying to set itself apart from rivals with advertising promoting its latest destination, the West Indian island of Guadalupe.

The campaign features the island's beachside palm trees as wallpaper. They appear to be bending to soak up the warmth from a room's central heating.

The national print campaign is targeting couples aged between 40 and 55 who are looking for an alternative to the larger charter operators.

It appears at a time of economic boom in Sweden, which has resulted in households having more disposable income and an increased desire to travel.

Langley's core business is ski holidays, but lack of snow last winter saw its seasonal turnover drop by about 10 per cent.

Project: Ninja
Clients: Brian Sullivan, marketing communications manager; Carole Bono,
assistant director of marketing, Oregon State Lottery
Brief: Show how easy the Sudoku Scratch-it game is to play
Creative agency: Borders Perrin Norrander
Writer: Eric Terchila
Art director: Jeremy Boland
Media agency: In-house
Media planner: Karen Lulay
Production company: Food Chain Films
Director: Creature
Editors: Chris Jones, Michael Nicholas
Post-production: Downstream
Audio Post-production: Eric Stolberg, Digital One
Exposure: TV in Oregon


Organisers of the Oregon State Lottery have drawn on the Sudoku craze with advertising designed to show how easy it is to play its Sudoku Scratch-it game.

The action takes place in a secluded Japanese pavilion where a ninja is playing Sudoku. His brow becomes more furrowed as he fails to solve the puzzle. Eventually he takes out his frustration on the nearest piece of furniture, which he slashes in half with his ceremonial sword. A voiceover tells the audience: "Sudoku - difficult. Sudoku Scratch-it - easy."

The Oregon Lottery began in 1984 to strengthen the state's economy and create jobs. Since then, players have won more than $12.2 billion, and the state's economy has benefited to the tune of more than $1.57 billion.