The Work: New Campaigns - The world

Project: Redd's Phola
Client: Mosidi Seretlo, manager, alternative beverages, SAB Miller
Brief: Promote Redd's to women in the lower-income bracket
Creative agency: Lowe Bull Cape Town
Writer: Alistair Morgan
Art director: Kirk Gainsford
Planner: Sarah Matthams
Media agency: MindShare
Media planner: Mokgade Rapholo
Production company: Plank
Director: Peter Pohorsky
Editor: Ricky Boyd, Deliverance
Post-production: Black Ginger
Audio Post-production: BNS Studios
Exposure: National TV


Cape Town's Lowe Bull has created a mini "sitcom" series for South African Breweries' Redd's Premium Cider to reach its prime target market - young women in the lower-income bracket.

A series of ads features a group of young women talking and laughing together during their "phola" time (the word is South African slang for "chilling out").

The first films introduce viewers to CJ, Phumzile, Cindy and Linfiwe, who like to get together at the end of the day. CJ explains her new "savings plan" - revealed as her latest boyfriend. There is also a group discussion about men who vanish at the most inopportune moments.

Kirk Gainsford, the agency's creative director, said: "We've created a foundation for a brand platform that really connects with consumers."

Project: Chameleon
Clients: Michele Klein, marketing director; Genevieve Latouche, group
officer, ICI Paints-Dulux Valentin
Brief: Communicate the wide choice of Dulux colours
Creative agency: Callegari Berville Grey
Writer: Laurent Gagniere
Art director: Eric Diratzouyan
Planner: Alexandre Gaudin
Media agency: Callegari Berville Grey
Media planner: Carole Poncet
Photography: Corbis, Getty
Exposure: Magazines


A chameleon in a straitjacket is the unlikely star of a new print campaign by ICI Paints to illustrate the wide choice of colours offered in its Dulux range.

The new work, running nationally in France through Callegari Berville Grey in Paris, underlines the point by portraying the unfortunate lizard as being driven insane by its attempts to match the different Dulux colours.

A long-time brand leader with Dulux in the UK, ICI has been building the Dulux name in France since the early 90s, when few people had heard of it.

The company's tactic has been to buy up local brands and gradually increase the Dulux name on labels. Dulux has been a longstanding name on the Callegari Berville client list, and followed it when the agency was acquired by Grey seven years ago.

Project: Hardee's Patty Melt Thickburger
Clients: Andy Puzder, chief executive; Brad Haley, executive
vice-president marketing, CKE Restaurants
Brief: Promote the arrival of the Patty Melt Thickburger in Hardee's
Creative agency: Mendelsohn Zien
Writer: Haris Orkin
Art director: Stan Toyama
Planner: Jordin Mendelsohn
Media agency: Initiative
Production company: Argyle Brothers
Director: John Mastromonaco
Editor: Nabil Mechi
Post-production: Murex Films
Audio Post-production: ON Music and Sound
Exposure: Regional TV


Eroticism and fast food come together in an unlikely combination to announce the arrival of the Patty Melt Thickburger at the Hardee's restaurant chain in the US.

The company claims the product mirrors the way hamburgers were made when they first became famous as a staple on diner menus in the Midwest during the 50s and 60s.

The Patty Melt is made in what is claimed to be the old-fashioned way, using an Angus beef patty topped with grilled onions and melting Swiss cheese.

The raunchy spot features Patty (aka the Swedish model Helena Mattsson) devouring a burger in seductive style under the theme "Patty melts for you".

Hardee's, a subsidiary of CKE Restaurants, has more than 3,100 restaurants in 43 US states and 13 countries.

Project: Climate change campaign
Client: MTV
Brief: Show how simple behavioural changes can have a profound impact on
conserving energy
Creative agency: Lowe Mexico
Writer: Flavio Pantigoso
Art director: Agustin Esteban
Media agency: In-house
Production company: Milagrito Films, Montevideo
Director: Pablo Gutierrez
Exposure: Global TV


Christ returns to Earth to chastise its inhabitants for what they are doing to the planet as part of MTV's global campaign to highlight global warming. Lowe Mexico, one of six agencies producing work for the initiative, has created ads featuring Christ wearing a white suit.

The MTV Switch initiative offers to help young people realise that small actions taken by individuals can make an enormous difference.

The campaign runs on 55 channels in 162 countries, as well as MTV's 44 online and 16 mobile offerings.