The Work: New Campaigns - The World

Project: Back to school
Client: Kirsten Whipple, head of communications, Kmart
Brief: Promote the breadth of Kmart's offerings during the "back to
school" shopping season
Creative agency: DraftFCB Chicago
Writers: Janet Barker Evans, Eric Anderson
Art directors: Janet Barker Evans, Greg Akouris
Planners: Jamie Shuttleworth, Mark Carlson
Media agency: Miare
Media planner: n/s
Production company: Villians
Director: Dewey Nicks
Editor: Jill Bzibziak
Post-production: Rhino FX
Audio Post-production: Rhino FX
Exposure: National TV


DraftFCB has launched its first advertising for Kmart since picking up the US retail giant's $740 million account in April, with a campaign to coincide with the "back to school" shopping season.

The advertising continues to be introduced by Mr Bluelight, an animated character created by Kmart's previous agency, Grey New York.

He has been retained to evoke memories of the "Bluelight specials", which were first introduced in the 60s to help customers locate bargain buys.

In the latest campaign, Mr Bluelight introduces Kmart's range of children's clothing and its variety of school supplies.

The 14 TV spots, supported by radio and online activity, are intended to encourage mothers to "cross the aisle from school supplies to apparel", according to Tom O'Keefe, the DraftFCB Chicago chief creative officer.

Project: Chicken, pig
Client: Marco Garimberti, marketing director, Innovares
Brief: Dramatise the way people feel when they suffer from digestive
Creative agency: Callegari Berville Grey
Writer: Luissandro el Gobbo
Art director: Giovanni Settesoldi
Media agency: Callegari Berville Grey
Media planner: Jean-Yves Mathurin
Photographer: Riccardo Bagnoli
Exposure: National press, magazines


Gastromilk, the indigestion remedy, is attempting to gain ground on its Alka-Seltzer rival in its Italian domestic market with a new print campaign dramatising what it is like to suffer from an upset stomach.

Callegari Berville Grey in Paris created the campaign on behalf of the brand's manufacturer, the Italian pharmaceutical company Innovares.

The two executions feature shots of a man's bare midriff. In one, a chicken appears to be pushing at it from the inside as if it is hatching from an egg. In the other, a pig seems to be trying to burst free.

Project: Girl talk
Client: Lucia Tarbajovska, vice-president of marketing communications,
T-Mobile Czech Republic
Brief: Promote T-Mobile's latest tariff to 16- to 21-year-olds
Creative agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Prague
Writer: Chris Steinmann
Art director: David Suda
Media agency: MediaCom
Media planner: Olga Svacinova
Production company: Dawson Production
Directors: Jam (Jo Tanner and Mark Howard) through Crossroads Films
Post-production: UPP
Audio Post-production: Sound Square, Prague
Exposure: National TV


T-Mobile, the second-largest mobile phone operator in the Czech Republic, is launching new, teen-targeted TV advertising as part of its declared aim to snatch the number-one spot.

The country is one of the few places where people use mobiles more than conventional phones, making it one of the most developed mobile telephony markets in Central and Eastern Europe.

Saatchi & Saatchi in Prague created the ad, which features three situations that spark mobile phone conversations. In one, a sleeping boy gets an unwanted makeover. In another, a pool-playing lothario gets his comeuppance when cold water is poured down his trousers. In the third, a man suffers embarrassment when a swimming pool changing-room door is accidentally opened.

Project: Max your life
Client: Glen Brasington, marketing director, Pepsi Australia
Brief: Bring to life the global "max your life" line
Creative agency: Clemenger BBDO
Writers/art directors: Gary Dawson, Paul Sharp
Media agency: eightyK'f
Media planner: Bellamy Hayden
Production company: Resolution Design
Director: Tim Dryoff
Audio Post-production: Supersonic
Exposure: National TV


The marketing battle between the cola giants in Australia has taken a new twist with TV ads for the sugar-free Pepsi Max under the theme "max your life".

Produced by Clemenger BBDO in Sydney, the spots are intended to turn the brand into a more potent challenger to Coke Zero. Since its launch in Australia, Coke Zero has been winning the sales battle with Pepsi Max.

The ads, created on a limited budget, continue the Pepsi Max strategy of appealing to young, risk-taking men who identify with US pop culture. One extols blowing lottery winnings in Las Vegas. Another advises its audience to tattoo their girlfriend's name on their chest.